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The cemetery mapping system is a web application which allows users to find and locate deceased records on the cemetery map.

Searching for Deceased

To start searching for deceased, make sure the Deceased Search panel is visible on the Side Pane. If it is not, then click the Deceased Search option from the Shortcut Menu

Fill in as much information as you can in the search parameters and click Search. The search results will be displayed in the Main Pane.

Click the Show Map link beside the matching result. The cemetery map will load with a crosshair symbol over the deceased's grave, the deceased details will be displayed in the Side Pane with options to do the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't view the cemetery map or do any searches.

A: Please make sure you web browser supports frames and javascript. We recommend use either one of the following web browsers:

Q: The map viewer does not function properly, and Internet Explorer gives me security warnings about MSXML

A: Your web browser's security settings may interfere with the functionality of the map viewer. Try adding the web domain that this site is under to the list of Trusted Sites. This issue only happens on Internet Explorer.

Q: When I bring up the Deceased Information page, I get "Unable to locate deceased on the map" and "Print out not available"

A: The deceased record does not have a grave location specified either because of a data entry error or for historical reasons.