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Register Number Facility Surname First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Service Location
C00239 Nudgee Crematorium 19/06/2015 24/06/2015 Contact Office
C00068 Nudgee Crematorium Contact Office
I000009863 Nudgee Cemetery Mary J-A-11 Show on Map
I000013331 Nudgee Cemetery Abbondanza Beniamino 03/04/1974 V-0438 Show on Map
565 Nudgee Cemetery Abbott Anne 23/06/1955 A3-03-14 Show on Map
I000012351 Nudgee Cemetery Abbott Baby 30/09/1955 SB-013 Show on Map
I000001702 Nudgee Cemetery Abbott Eileen Monica 07/09/1973 7A-789 Show on Map
I000001701 Nudgee Cemetery Abbott John William 29/08/1967 7A-789 Show on Map
I000005677 Nudgee Cemetery Abbott Kathleen Maud 21/10/1940 B2-02-29 Show on Map
3445 Nudgee Cemetery Abbott Rodney Leonard 09/07/1943 23/08/2007 27/08/2007 E-09-06 Show on Map
I000009829 Nudgee Cemetery Abbs Robert J-10-24 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Abel Cheryl 25/02/1948 06/05/2017 09/05/2017 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Abell Marjory Phyllis 18/11/1924 30/08/2017 04/09/2017 Contact Office
C00455 Nudgee Crematorium Abeltins Peter Ivan 27/08/1958 26/10/2015 03/11/2015 Contact Office
10840 Nudgee Cemetery Abraham Anthony 08/05/1951 C1-04-01 Show on Map
434 Nudgee Cemetery Abraham Baby 19/10/1976 A4-K-737 Show on Map
6569 Nudgee Cemetery Abraham Harry 25/08/1944 09/06/2018 14/06/2018 10A-584 Show on Map
C00953 Nudgee Crematorium Abraham John Hayne 05/08/1927 17/09/2016 21/09/2016 Contact Office
C00289 Nudgee Crematorium Abraham Sydney Bodily 17/08/1932 21/07/2015 31/07/2015 Contact Office
1954 Nudgee Cemetery Abreu Carlos Adelino 17/02/1933 04/04/2002 09/04/2002 CHAP-163-A2 Show on Map
6420 Nudgee Cemetery Abreu Eduardo Gilberto 23/01/1932 09/12/2017 19/12/2017 LA-3047 Show on Map
4726 Nudgee Cemetery Abreu Idalina 21/09/1935 30/03/2012 04/04/2012 LA-0527 Show on Map
I000006904 Nudgee Cemetery Abreu Virginia Carrieu 13/09/1993 CHAP-163-A1 Show on Map
5543 Nudgee Cemetery Absolon Baby Leanne Margaret 20/05/1959 A4-03-28 Show on Map
4203 Nudgee Cemetery Absolon Baby Lynda Joan 05/04/1963 A4-03-28 Show on Map
5731 Nudgee Cemetery Absolon Baby William Charles 06/06/1964 A4-03-28 Show on Map
5467 Nudgee Cemetery Absolon John Thomas 15/08/1934 29/09/2014 07/10/2014 A4-03-28 Show on Map
1362 Nudgee Cemetery ABSOLON MARGARET 05/01/2000 8A-161 Show on Map
4910 Nudgee Cemetery ABSOLON MARY MARGARET 05/10/1963 6A-133 Show on Map
I000000734 Nudgee Cemetery ABSOLON THOMAS GEORGE 09/08/1973 6A-133 Show on Map
6-98 Nudgee Cemetery ABUSSI ENRICO 23/01/1998 CHAP-180-A2 Show on Map
2733 Nudgee Cemetery Abussi Giuseppa 28/06/1925 02/01/2005 25/01/2005 CHAP-187-C3 Show on Map
1477 Nudgee Cemetery ABUSSI LUIGI 13/06/2000 CHAP-187-C4 Show on Map
223-97 Nudgee Cemetery ABUSSI MARIANNA 19/09/1997 CHAP-180-A1 Show on Map
5132 Nudgee Cemetery Accornero Paolo 14/10/1980 CHAP-055-L3 Show on Map
4408 Nudgee Cemetery Accornero Renzo 08/07/1939 18/03/2011 25/03/2011 5ACHP-943/45-C4 Show on Map
6684 Nudgee Cemetery Accornero Sinforosa 06/02/1917 23/10/2018 26/10/2018 CHAP-055-L4 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Ace Terence David 11/07/1941 02/06/2017 06/06/2017 Contact Office
C00225 Nudgee Crematorium Ackerie Lucia Johanna 05/01/1939 14/06/2015 16/06/2015 Contact Office
I000013044 Nudgee Cemetery Ackman Mth Mary Giovanni RSC 23/08/1966 23/08/1966 SIS-RSC-02-15 Show on Map
C00002 Nudgee Crematorium Acosta Maria Raque 13/05/1940 07/08/2014 14/08/2014 Contact Office
3324 Nudgee Cemetery Acquafermata Camillo 13/11/1924 16/03/2007 22/03/2007 V-0971 Show on Map
3649 Nudgee Cemetery Acquafermata Fillippina 18/05/1925 12/05/2008 16/05/2008 V-0970 Show on Map
C00829 Nudgee Crematorium Acreman Cameron Ryan 10/06/1989 15/06/2016 08/07/2016 Contact Office
762 Nudgee Cemetery ACTON BABY 16/08/1955 SB-005 Show on Map
I000000285 Nudgee Cemetery ACTON BABY ANTHONY HAROLD 27/02/1961 5A-280 Show on Map
I000000286 Nudgee Cemetery ACTON CECIL FRANCIS 28/02/1967 5A-280 Show on Map
3387 Nudgee Cemetery Acton Gloria Mary 29/11/1922 17/05/2007 25/06/2007 5A-280 Show on Map
I000000287 Nudgee Cemetery ACTON MARK FRANCIS 25/02/1994 5A-280 Show on Map
I000000281 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS ANN 31/05/1995 5A-268 Show on Map
I000003720 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS ANN ELIZABETH 11/04/1928 A-16-16 Show on Map
2-98 Nudgee Cemetery Adams Br Oswald Stanislaus CFC 01/12/1908 31/12/1997 05/01/1998 BR-CFC-05-19 Show on Map
5373 Nudgee Cemetery Adams Constance 22/02/1923 23/06/2014 30/06/2014 OL-0394 Show on Map
4420 Nudgee Cemetery Adams Edgar George 21/05/1921 30/03/2011 05/04/2011 LA-2527 Show on Map
6069 Nudgee Cemetery Adams Edna Frances 16/05/1926 19/10/2016 25/10/2016 LA-2419 Show on Map
I000006101 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS ELLEN 08/04/1974 C-30-03 Show on Map
I000010989 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS LUKE BARCLAY 21/12/1992 LA-1445 Show on Map
C01053 Nudgee Crematorium Adams Lynette 25/04/1942 21/11/2016 01/12/2016 Contact Office
I000000832 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS MARK WILLIAM 28/01/1964 6A-247 Show on Map
3997 Nudgee Cemetery Adams Mary 13/08/1917 20/09/2009 25/09/2009 LA-2527 Show on Map
I000011577 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS MARY FRANCES 10/01/1974 OL-0601 Show on Map
538 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS MAUD 31/05/1960 5A-158 Show on Map
I000000280 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS NOEL KEITH 26/05/1961 5A-268 Show on Map
4109 Nudgee Cemetery Adams Noreen May 25/04/1923 01/01/2010 17/02/2010 A3-09-51 Show on Map
C00983 Nudgee Crematorium Adams Olive 03/06/1928 01/10/2016 06/10/2016 Contact Office
I000011579 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS ROBERT JOHN 03/09/1990 OL-0601 Show on Map
5349 Nudgee Cemetery Adams Sr Mary Inigo 16/05/1913 16/05/2014 23/05/2014 SIS-SGS-04-05 Show on Map
I000011578 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMS WILLIAM RICHARD 03/09/1990 OL-0601 Show on Map
865 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMSKI BABY 02/09/1955 SB-008 Show on Map
3748 Nudgee Cemetery Adamski Katherine 22/12/1914 02/10/2008 09/10/2008 9A-155 Show on Map
I000009985 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMSON BABY 31/03/1965 K-2-362 Show on Map
40-95 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMSON BABY TARA LOUISE 18/08/1995 A4-K-852 Show on Map
234-97 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMSON BABY TAYLOR LOUISE 03/10/1997 A4-K-874 Show on Map
I000010117 Nudgee Cemetery ADAMSON URSULA MARY 29/11/1990 LA-0138 Show on Map
8871 Nudgee Cemetery Adamus Teresa 14/02/1928 08/05/1984 11/05/1984 LA-0632 Show on Map
4005 Nudgee Cemetery Adamus Waclaw 02/01/1923 05/10/2009 08/10/2009 LA-0631 Show on Map
C00982 Nudgee Crematorium Adcock George 11/08/1920 01/10/2016 06/10/2016 Contact Office
C00277 Nudgee Crematorium Adelholm Sven-Erik 05/11/1929 15/07/2015 22/07/2015 Contact Office
C01157 Nudgee Crematorium Adermann Craig Alexander 12/05/1959 22/03/2017 28/03/2017 Contact Office
I000013245 Nudgee Cemetery ADORNATO ANTONIO 01/02/1969 V-0234 Show on Map
93-99 Nudgee Cemetery Adornato Domenico Antonio Francesco 28/05/1999 V-0831 Show on Map
I000013246 Nudgee Cemetery ADORNATO ROSA MARIA 08/07/1983 V-0235 Show on Map
5240 Nudgee Cemetery Adornato Rosalina 07/04/1921 28/12/2013 06/01/2014 V-0830 Show on Map
I000002681 Nudgee Cemetery AEMMER HENRY 22/05/1975 9A-595 Show on Map
3774 Nudgee Cemetery Aftanas Ivan John 18/05/1923 10/11/2008 21/11/2008 CHAP-249-D1 Show on Map
C01165 Nudgee Crematorium Aftanas Stephen Victoria 26/12/1961 23/03/2017 30/03/2017 Contact Office
137-98 Nudgee Cemetery Aganon Patricia De Guzman 21/07/1998 V-1252 Show on Map
I000001910 Nudgee Cemetery AGIUS VICTOR 26/08/1968 8A-193 Show on Map
53-97 Nudgee Cemetery Agli George 22/06/1931 09/03/1997 12/03/1997 LA-1845 Show on Map
5803 Nudgee Cemetery Agli Lorna Margaret Victoria 24/05/1931 22/11/2015 30/11/2015 LA-1845 Show on Map
3469 Nudgee Cemetery Agliozzo Antonina 20/07/1947 01/10/2007 04/10/2007 LA-2448 Show on Map
2928 Nudgee Cemetery AGNELLO BABY ARORA 02/04/1962 K-2-209 Show on Map
I000009492 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW ELIZA 20/11/1907 J-02-26 Show on Map
I000009493 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW HUGH 20/01/1923 J-02-26 Show on Map
I000007617 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW HUGH 04/07/1890 F-07-09 Show on Map
I000012007 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW HUGH 20/01/1923 F-07-10 Show on Map
I000007618 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW HUGH (A I F) 19/01/1922 F-07-09 Show on Map
I000007619 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW HUGH FRANCIS BEDE 06/05/1884 F-07-10 Show on Map
I000007616 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW HUGH STUART 15/06/1887 F-07-09 Show on Map
I000007620 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW KATE 18/03/1931 F-07-10 Show on Map
I000009494 Nudgee Cemetery AGNEW MARY ELIZA 15/06/1940 J-02-26 Show on Map
5165 Nudgee Cemetery Agosta Giuseppina 14/02/1923 06/10/2013 10/10/2013 10A-425 Show on Map
3506 Nudgee Cemetery Agosta Salvatore 11/02/1921 08/11/2007 12/11/2007 10A-425 Show on Map
I000010958 Nudgee Cemetery AGOSTINELLI EDITH 30/06/1993 LA-1413 Show on Map
I000010957 Nudgee Cemetery AGOSTINELLI JAMES VINCENT 19/09/1992 LA-1413 Show on Map
9415 Nudgee Cemetery Ahearn Sr Mary Dympna OSF 16/10/1984 18/10/1984 SIS-FRA-01-10 Show on Map
I000004760 Nudgee Cemetery AHEARNE FLORENCE CATHERINE 22/04/1965 A4-03-45 Show on Map
I000004759 Nudgee Cemetery AHEARNE JOHN FREDERICK 09/09/1958 A4-03-45 Show on Map
7491 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN ALICE MURIEL 04/09/1965 A3-10-02 Show on Map
5196 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN BABY 03/01/1964 K-2-298 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Ahern Brian Roger 30/09/1932 17/08/2017 24/08/2017 Contact Office
I000003458 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN CATHERINE (KATE) 04/05/1931 A-11-37C Show on Map
3646 Nudgee Cemetery Ahern Cecily Margaret 25/07/1930 08/05/2008 15/05/2008 LA-2433 Show on Map
I000008517 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN DANIEL JOSEPH 23/04/1937 G-02-32 Show on Map
I000004351 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN ELLEN 30/07/1974 A3-01-47 Show on Map
4656 Nudgee Cemetery Ahern Garry Francis 02/04/1936 10/01/2012 13/01/2012 LA-2653 Show on Map
I000011869 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN GEORGE JOSEPH 20/01/1977 OL-0955 Show on Map
3676 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN GWENDOLINE MAY 01/11/1962 5A-585 Show on Map
5425 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN JEAN (JANE) 29/03/1945 A1-04-46C Show on Map
6156 Nudgee Cemetery Ahern John Waymouth 30/07/1924 07/02/2017 10/02/2017 LA-2433 Show on Map
4366 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN JOHN 03/02/1989 OL-0097 Show on Map
I000000449 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN JOHN JAMES 26/08/1994 5A-586 Show on Map
6195 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN JOHN RICHARD 09/11/1959 A3-10-03 Show on Map
I000009801 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN JOSEPH J-10-02 Show on Map
17768 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN KATHLEEN MONICA 15/08/1973 G-02-32 Show on Map
11761 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN LYRA 30/12/1968 OL-0097 Show on Map
14642 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN MARGARET 23/08/1954 A1-04-46C Show on Map
3464 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN MARGARET MARY 04/09/1962 G-02-32 Show on Map
I000002940 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN MARGARET THERESA 25/07/1938 A-03-03 Show on Map
I000008516 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN MARY WINIFRED 29/03/1933 G-02-31C Show on Map
I000007551 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN PATRICK 18/05/1889 F-06-01 Show on Map
I000012071 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN PATRICK 07/09/1922 OLD CEM-060 Show on Map
14221 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN PATRICK DANIEL 12/05/1954 A3-01-47 Show on Map
16162 Nudgee Cemetery Ahern Rev Fr Denis 17/09/1890 15/06/1972 19/06/1972 PR-NEW-04-03 Show on Map
I000012313 Nudgee Cemetery Ahern Rev Fr John Joseph 01/02/1881 02/02/1881 PR-OLD-04-05 Show on Map
17073 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN SARAH MARGARET 05/02/1973 J-10-01 Show on Map
I000013068 Nudgee Cemetery Ahern Sr Mary Cordelia SGS 09/03/1943 09/03/1943 SIS-SGS-02-10 Show on Map
5423 Nudgee Cemetery Ahern Sr Rita RSM 31/08/1921 22/08/2014 27/08/2014 SIS-MER-25-17 Show on Map
2797 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN THOMAS 06/03/1957 A3-07-51 Show on Map
I000011381 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN THOMAS JOHN 11/01/1972 OL-0329 Show on Map
I000001237 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN THOMAS WILLIAM 24/10/1964 7A-124 Show on Map
I000005656 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN TIMOTHY JOSEPH 06/08/1940 B2-02-08 Show on Map
1445 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN VALMAI FRANCES 19/04/2000 OL-0329 Show on Map
I000008468 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN VERONICA MARY 26/04/1937 G-02-07 Show on Map
4078 Nudgee Cemetery AHERN VINCENT JAMES 03/11/1988 LA-1082 Show on Map
I000012859 Nudgee Cemetery Ahlberg Sr Mary Concepta RSM 04/01/1894 29/07/1980 31/07/1980 SIS-MER-34-16 Show on Map
I000001084 Nudgee Cemetery AH-QUAY CASEY KENNETH JOHN 14/09/1992 6A-450 Show on Map
I000001547 Nudgee Cemetery AHQUEE LEOPOLD BERTIE 27/09/1966 7A-545 Show on Map
I000010290 Nudgee Cemetery AHQUEE MARIE ELEANOR 30/04/1982 LA-0401 Show on Map
I000001567 Nudgee Cemetery AHQUEE ROSE MARY 12/09/1977 7A-578 Show on Map
18815 Nudgee Cemetery AIKEN CATHERINE ELLEN 25/06/1974 C1-06-10 Show on Map
232-99 Nudgee Cemetery Ainslie Rev Fr George 13/09/1912 21/10/1999 27/10/1999 PR-NEW-08-06 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Aird Lola Myrtle 12/07/1938 18/11/2017 22/11/2017 Contact Office
C00778 Nudgee Crematorium Aird Naomi 08/03/1926 10/06/2016 15/06/2016 Contact Office
I000000806 Nudgee Cemetery AISTHORPE JOSEPH HENRY 11/05/1964 6A-229 Show on Map
7711 Nudgee Cemetery Aita Sr Giovanna FdCC 02/03/1983 03/03/1983 SIS-CAN-01-16 Show on Map
4493 Nudgee Cemetery Aitkenhead Betty 22/03/1924 26/06/2011 01/07/2011 OL-0699 Show on Map
I000011667 Nudgee Cemetery Aitkenhead James Benedict 31/12/1914 17/11/1974 19/11/1974 OL-0699 Show on Map
I000005169 Nudgee Cemetery AKBERY BABY 05/11/1993 A4-K-834 Show on Map
I000001610 Nudgee Cemetery AKENSON CHARLES NICHOLAS 24/01/1967 7A-651 Show on Map
128-97 Nudgee Cemetery ALATI NICOLA 07/06/1997 V-1250 Show on Map
4457 Nudgee Cemetery Alba Francesco 25/10/1928 11/05/2011 19/05/2011 CHAP-076-R3A Show on Map
4236 Nudgee Cemetery Alba Isidoro 12/05/1934 22/07/2010 30/07/2010 V-1420 Show on Map
I000006740 Nudgee Cemetery Alba Sebastiana 06/04/1971 CHAP-076-L1B Show on Map
1008 Nudgee Cemetery ALBANESE BABY JILL 29/09/1960 K-2-150 Show on Map
3318 Nudgee Cemetery ALBERS HENRICA MARIA JOSEPHA 05/08/1957 A3-08-17 Show on Map
11818 Nudgee Cemetery ALBERT NORMAN JAMES 13/01/1969 OL-0101 Show on Map
3403 Nudgee Cemetery Alberti Devi John 08/05/1965 03/07/2007 09/07/2007 CHAP-212-R3 Show on Map
4093 Nudgee Cemetery Alberti Quirindo 06/08/1928 20/01/2010 25/01/2010 A3CHP15-22/24-L4 Show on Map
10908 Nudgee Cemetery ALBIEZ ADOLPH THEODORE JOHN 30/05/1951 A2-03-13 Show on Map
I000004212 Nudgee Cemetery ALBIEZ CLARE ELLEN P 06/09/1991 A2-03-13 Show on Map
805 Nudgee Cemetery ALBIEZ ELIZABETH MARY 05/05/1945 17/02/1977 A2-03-13 Show on Map
12276 Nudgee Cemetery ALBURY BABY 11/09/1952 SB-009 Show on Map
I000001430 Nudgee Cemetery ALBURY EDNA MARY 07/12/1965 7A-380 Show on Map
1712 Nudgee Cemetery ALBURY ELLEN 03/05/1961 6A-455 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Alder Johanna Anna 20/02/1938 17/02/2018 26/02/2018 Contact Office
I000004820 Nudgee Cemetery Alderton Ernest Richard 24/06/1957 A4-05-16 Show on Map
7685 Nudgee Cemetery ALECHNOWICZ JOSEPH 23/10/1965 A3-11-24 Show on Map
14727 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER ALICE 01/05/1971 5A-719 Show on Map
2626 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER ARTHUR EDWARD 02/01/1957 A3-06-37 Show on Map
I000009991 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER BABY 27/01/1966 K-2-394 Show on Map
I000010435 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER DOREEN MARY 24/06/1992 LA-0604 Show on Map
8867 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER EILEEN ANGELA 09/05/1984 LA-0604 Show on Map
I000011339 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER ELLEN BRIGID 28/04/1980 OL-0274 Show on Map
I000010438 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER GEORGE 11/04/1984 LA-0608 Show on Map
I000010094 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER JAMES KEVIN 07/08/1979 LA-0111 Show on Map
I000011710 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER JANE MARY 17/05/1975 OL-0748 Show on Map
I0000000004 St Therese & St Anthony – Kedron Alexander Keith 14/01/2005 01/03/2005 STCLARE-6-07 Show on Map
I000004460 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER MARION 28/04/1993 A3-06-37 Show on Map
I000011711 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER REGINALD EDGAR 02/01/1979 OL-0748 Show on Map
I000012943 Nudgee Cemetery Alexander Sr Mary Eswin RSM 02/06/1900 17/09/1992 21/09/1992 SIS-MER-40-12 Show on Map
4320 Nudgee Cemetery ALEXANDER WILLIAM 10/05/1963 5A-719 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Alford Lorna Elizabeth Bates 14/03/1928 18/08/2018 24/08/2018 Contact Office
2026 Nudgee Cemetery Alford Norma 31/12/2018 05/07/2002 10/07/2002 LA-1701 Show on Map
22-96 Nudgee Cemetery Alford Vincent Reginald 09/11/1912 24/01/1996 29/01/1996 LA-1701 Show on Map
7896 Nudgee Cemetery ALIBERTO ANTONIO 30/12/1965 V-0191 Show on Map
3157 Nudgee Cemetery ALIZZI BABY PATRICK MICHAEL 15/06/1962 K-2-212 Show on Map
I000005224 Nudgee Cemetery ALLAN ELLEN 27/06/1933 B-43-18 Show on Map
6251 Nudgee Cemetery Allan John Bernard 11/12/1922 15/05/2017 01/06/2017 OL-0587 Show on Map
13731 Nudgee Cemetery ALLAN WILLIAM ELLIOTT 02/12/1953 A4-11-57 Show on Map
I000002517 Nudgee Cemetery ALLANSON ADIA HELENA 05/05/1976 9A-395 Show on Map
4968 Nudgee Cemetery ALLARA AUGUSTO 25/08/1980 CHAP-066-A4 Show on Map
5993 Nudgee Cemetery Allara Maria 26/09/1924 27/07/2016 03/08/2016 CHAP-247-B2 Show on Map
3582 Nudgee Cemetery Allara Peter 19/03/1927 14/02/2008 20/02/2008 CHAP-247-B1 Show on Map
2284 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Agnes Mary 27/12/1914 03/07/2003 08/07/2003 7A-263 Show on Map
C00174 Nudgee Crematorium Allen Amelia Louise 05/10/1923 02/05/2015 06/05/2015 Contact Office
12894 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN BABY 25/03/1953 SB-035 Show on Map
I000009990 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN BABY KATHRINE MARIE 25/01/1966 K-2-393 Show on Map
I000001011 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN BABY TREVOR NEIL 09/09/1962 6A-388 Show on Map
C00724 Nudgee Crematorium Allen Bruce Ronald 23/07/1940 09/05/2016 12/05/2016 Contact Office
4640 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Carmel Bridgid 20/07/1929 21/12/2011 28/12/2011 A3-11-44 Show on Map
2316 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN CATHERINE 26/05/1978 5A-383 Show on Map
I000004443 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Charles Guildford 14/05/1977 A3-05-49 Show on Map
2242 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN CHRISTINA 15/09/1961 A2-07-67 Show on Map
7241 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN DANIEL BERNARD 18/03/1947 J-A-24 Show on Map
11419 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN DELIA AGNES 17/09/1968 7A-262 Show on Map
2751 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Douglas Lindsay Dunn 25/07/1925 11/09/2004 15/02/2005 CHAP-237-D4 Show on Map
I000001261 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN DULCIE CORALINE 14/04/1988 7A-148 Show on Map
12315 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN EILEEN MAY 24/09/1952 J-A-23 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Allen Elaine Therese 11/04/1929 23/03/2018 04/04/2018 Contact Office
I000000653 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN ELIZABETH 28/03/1964 5A-902 Show on Map
14766 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN EMILY MARION 13/05/1971 9A-245 Show on Map
7036 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Francis William 21/05/1965 7A-263 Show on Map
20613 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN FREDERICK 07/11/1975 A2-07-67 Show on Map
2470 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN HANNAH 27/06/1941 J-A-23C Show on Map
I000009879 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN HANNAH DOREEN 09/08/1943 J-A-23 Show on Map
3538 Nudgee Cemetery Allen James Joseph 18/04/1918 18/12/2007 21/12/2007 LA-2453 Show on Map
2422 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN JAMES DANIEL 03/11/1956 A3-06-50 Show on Map
3594 Nudgee Cemetery Allen John 16/08/1923 08/03/2008 13/03/2008 LA-2457 Show on Map
C00916 Nudgee Crematorium Allen John William 05/06/1935 20/08/2016 29/08/2016 Contact Office
17260 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN JOHN PATRICK 03/04/1973 J-A-24 Show on Map
I000009880 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN JOHN PATRICK J-A-23 Show on Map
I000009881 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN JOHN PATRICK 22/10/1938 J-A-23C Show on Map
73-98 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN JOSEPHINE 29/04/1998 LA-1871 Show on Map
I000002992 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN KATE 15/04/1937 A-03-38 Show on Map
I000006009 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN KATE 15/09/1934 C-26-01 Show on Map
131-96 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Lady Josephine Agnes 14/06/1996 A3-05-47 Show on Map
1200 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN LESLIE 23/10/1960 A4-10-08 Show on Map
I000010577 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN LESLIE ARTHUR 27/03/1986 LA-0814 Show on Map
6631 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN MABEL MARY 24/07/1946 A1-05-33 Show on Map
I000004579 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Mary 27/09/1890 23/10/1975 27/10/1975 A3-11-44 Show on Map
3652 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN MARY 04/07/1979 5A-902 Show on Map
6931 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN MICHAEL WILLIAM 13/11/1946 C1-06-36 Show on Map
1988 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Mona Marie 17/07/1956 A3-05-49 Show on Map
5258 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Peter Joseph 01/06/1892 21/02/1959 24/02/1959 A3-11-43 Show on Map
I000009882 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN PETER LESLIE 06/04/1972 J-A-24 Show on Map
4932 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Phyllis Irene 17/01/1925 05/12/2012 12/12/2012 LA-2457 Show on Map
2397 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Rev Fr Roch Thomas OFM 22/12/1913 23/11/2003 26/11/2003 PR-FRAN-01-05 Show on Map
I000006010 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN ROBERT JOHN 01/02/1952 C-26-01 Show on Map
16951 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN ROBERT MCINTYRE 03/01/1973 5A-900 Show on Map
I000004442 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Sir William Guildford 26/04/1897 03/01/1977 04/01/1977 A3-05-48 Show on Map
5617 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Sr Mary Anne RSJ 28/05/1922 25/04/2015 29/04/2015 SIS-STJO-04-03 Show on Map
I000012872 Nudgee Cemetery Allen Sr Mary Anacleta RSM 22/10/1893 30/06/1982 02/07/1982 SIS-MER-36-01 Show on Map
I000004068 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN THEOBOLD GLADSTONE 01/06/1994 A1-07-02 Show on Map
I000006399 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN THOMAS CHRISTOPHER 05/06/1961 C1-06-36 Show on Map
6151 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN THOMAS JOSEPH 02/09/1964 J-A-23 Show on Map
2491 Nudgee Cemetery ALLEN WILLIAM KENNEDY ABBOTT 25/11/1961 5A-382 Show on Map
4783 Nudgee Cemetery Allen William Trezise 18/10/1923 17/06/2012 29/06/2012 CHAP-237-D3 Show on Map
6096 Nudgee Cemetery ALLINGHAM BABY PATRICIA 13/10/1959 K-2-115 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Allinson Roger Ivor 18/03/1923 26/06/2017 29/06/2017 Contact Office
C00803 Nudgee Crematorium Allison Joyce Alison 03/07/1928 24/06/2016 28/06/2016 Contact Office
12538 Nudgee Cemetery ALLISON WILLIAM 28/11/1952 C1-15-03 Show on Map
I000005263 Nudgee Cemetery ALLKIN CATHERINE 07/01/1931 B-44-20 Show on Map
I000005264 Nudgee Cemetery ALLKIN NICHOLAS 15/03/1965 B-44-20 Show on Map
I000004427 Nudgee Cemetery ALLKIN PHILLIP 02/02/1970 A3-05-10 Show on Map
I000006092 Nudgee Cemetery ALLMAN DANIEL FRANCIS 28/07/1936 C-29-11 Show on Map
I000011601 Nudgee Cemetery ALLMAN JEREMIAH 26/02/1975 OL-0623 Show on Map
9463 Nudgee Cemetery ALLMAN MARIE FRANCES 16/03/1967 C-29-11 Show on Map
I000006278 Nudgee Cemetery ALLMAN MICHAEL 08/08/1944 C1-03-03 Show on Map
I000011600 Nudgee Cemetery ALLMAN STELLA MARGARET 16/07/1974 OL-0623 Show on Map
3636 Nudgee Cemetery Allport Sr Beryl Margaret RPA 20/04/1928 03/05/2008 07/05/2008 SIS-RPA-01-11 Show on Map
281-97 Nudgee Cemetery Allport Sr Mary Osmund RSJ 23/11/1997 26/11/1997 SIS-JO-OLD-13 Show on Map
1172 Nudgee Cemetery ALLSOPP BABY 02/12/1955 SB-018 Show on Map
I000000405 Nudgee Cemetery ALROE ANNIE FAUSTA 25/04/1978 5A-505 Show on Map
I000000404 Nudgee Cemetery ALROE MONTAGUE PERCIVAL 08/06/1962 5A-505 Show on Map
I000013601 Nudgee Cemetery ALSOP FLORENCE ETHEL 27/03/1967 Y-09 Show on Map
6297 Nudgee Cemetery ALSOP SPENCE JOSEPH 09/12/1959 A4-11-31 Show on Map
5519 Nudgee Cemetery ALSTERIS BABY 13/05/1959 SB-141 Show on Map
I000008731 Nudgee Cemetery ALVEY EILEEN MARY 04/08/1964 G-04-22 Show on Map
2651 Nudgee Cemetery Alvisio Baby Jackson Brian 17/10/2004 17/10/2004 22/10/2004 A4-K-924 Show on Map
12284 Nudgee Cemetery ALVISIO BABY WAYNE MICHAEL 18/09/1952 OLD K-2-37-43 Show on Map
I000009747 Nudgee Cemetery ALWARD KATE 03/08/1912 J-08-26 Show on Map
1354 Nudgee Cemetery AMABILE BABY MARIA 26/01/1956 K-2-014 Show on Map
5750 Nudgee Cemetery Amabile Giuseppa 12/02/1949 20/09/2015 25/09/2015 CHAP-265-C2 Show on Map
2641 Nudgee Cemetery Amaraddio Pietro 02/03/1939 10/10/2004 15/10/2004 CHAP-249-C4 Show on Map
5379 Nudgee Cemetery AMATO ANTONIO 10/04/1995 V-1128 Show on Map
I000013540 Nudgee Cemetery AMATO CATERINA 09/11/1994 V-0985 Show on Map
3626 Nudgee Cemetery Amato Lucia 16/01/1921 16/04/2008 21/04/2008 V-1129 Show on Map
4446 Nudgee Cemetery AMATO RAFFAELLO 08/03/1989 V-0984 Show on Map
C00560 Nudgee Crematorium Ambrose Brian William 29/01/1935 31/12/2015 11/01/2016 Contact Office
6623 Nudgee Cemetery AMBROSE CHARLES 11/01/1965 5A-443 Show on Map
I000000367 Nudgee Cemetery AMBROSE ELIZABETH ALICE 12/06/1991 5A-443 Show on Map
I000002477 Nudgee Cemetery AMBROSE MARGARET RAYMOND 09/05/1972 9A-350 Show on Map
5928 Nudgee Cemetery Ambrosi Gianfranco 22/03/1940 14/04/2016 26/04/2016 CHAP-324-B4 Show on Map
6437 Nudgee Cemetery Ambrosini Maria Ines 07/09/1922 02/01/2018 09/01/2018 CHAP-044-R1 Show on Map
8643 Nudgee Cemetery Ambrosini Nicola 08/02/1984 CHAP-044-R2 Show on Map
2239 Nudgee Cemetery Ambrosini Rodrigo 10/01/1929 02/05/2003 08/05/2003 CHAP-044-R4 Show on Map
5843 Nudgee Cemetery Ambrosini Sonia 11/09/1952 01/01/2016 08/01/2016 CHAP-323-D2 Show on Map
4122 Nudgee Cemetery Ambrosio Antonio 11/04/1925 26/02/2010 04/03/2010 CHAP-117-D2 Show on Map
9764 Nudgee Cemetery AMBROSIO MARIO NICOLA 21/06/1967 V-0139 Show on Map
5945 Nudgee Cemetery Ambrosio Santina 17/02/1926 20/05/2016 25/05/2016 CHAP-117-D1 Show on Map
2385 Nudgee Cemetery Ambruosi Giuseppe Antonio 09/10/1919 04/11/2003 07/11/2003 CHAP-135-B4 Show on Map
13-00 Nudgee Cemetery AMBRUOSI MARIA 15/01/2000 CHAP-135-B3 Show on Map
3570 Nudgee Cemetery AMIES BABY THERESE MARY 01/10/1962 K-2-227 Show on Map
12978 Nudgee Cemetery AMIES FREDERICK CYRIL 15/12/1969 OL-0126 Show on Map
3243 Nudgee Cemetery Amies Gerarda Mary 06/04/1935 14/11/2006 17/11/2006 9A-498 Show on Map
5128 Nudgee Cemetery Amies Jillane Mary 27/02/1956 22/07/2013 23/08/2013 9A-498 Show on Map
148-97 Nudgee Cemetery AMIES JOHN LOWELL 07/07/1997 LA-1828 Show on Map
221-96 Nudgee Cemetery AMIES KATHLEEN 04/09/1996 OL-0126 Show on Map
2345 Nudgee Cemetery AMISANO ENRICO 12/10/1956 V-0293 Show on Map
13466 Nudgee Cemetery AMISANO MARIA DELFINA 12/05/1970 V-0292 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Ammerman Leila Jean 29/03/1924 19/03/2018 23/03/2018 Contact Office
2584 Nudgee Cemetery Amor Francis John 04/08/2004 09/08/2004 LA-2240 Show on Map
6333 Nudgee Cemetery Amor Una Cecilia 07/10/1920 23/08/2017 29/08/2017 LA-2240 Show on Map
C00989 Nudgee Crematorium Amos Lois Fredericka 24/10/1923 10/10/2016 13/10/2016 Contact Office
3577 Nudgee Cemetery AMSTAD BABY 02/10/1962 K-2-228 Show on Map
10067 Nudgee Cemetery AMSTAD BABY ELEANOR 05/09/1967 K-2-228 Show on Map
I000006764 Nudgee Cemetery Andaloro Agata 18/03/1923 17/12/1992 23/12/1992 CHAP-088-B3 Show on Map
1460 Nudgee Cemetery Andaloro Francesco 21/04/1944 25/03/2000 17/05/2000 CHAP-088-B3 Show on Map
I000013247 Nudgee Cemetery Andaloro Salvatore 14/10/1913 11/08/1968 13/08/1968 V-0238 Show on Map
12261 Nudgee Cemetery ANDAZEJEWSKI BABY 29/05/1969 A4-K-553 Show on Map
1544 Nudgee Cemetery Andelt Antoni 01/06/1918 28/08/2000 01/09/2000 LA-1992 Show on Map
5986 Nudgee Cemetery Andersen Anthony John 27/06/1947 24/06/1999 28/06/1990 LA-0920 Show on Map
59-99 Nudgee Cemetery Andersen Grace 24/07/1918 07/04/1999 09/04/1999 LA-0920 Show on Map
279-99 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSEN MOIRA YVONNE 22/12/1999 LA-1642 Show on Map
4272 Nudgee Cemetery Andersen Norman Andrew 02/08/1915 30/08/2010 13/09/2010 LA-0920 Show on Map
I000011141 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSEN THOMAS PHILIP 12/04/1995 LA-1642 Show on Map
I000001526 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON AGNES 30/06/1966 7A-512 Show on Map
C00072 Nudgee Crematorium Anderson Albert George 26/11/1939 22/02/2015 27/02/2015 Contact Office
I000007224 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON ALEXANDER JOSEPH 11/03/1917 E-06-03C Show on Map
I000010120 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Alfred Michael 20/11/1910 22/11/1979 26/11/1979 LA-0144 Show on Map
5634 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON ALFRED 23/06/1945 A1-04-56C Show on Map
I000000547 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON ANGUS ALFRED 28/08/1980 5A-735 Show on Map
2719 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Ann Veda 22/11/1947 31/12/2004 06/01/2005 LA-1210 Show on Map
133 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON BABY 05/02/1960 SB-151 Show on Map
3334 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON BABY DONNA MAREE 07/08/1962 K-2-218 Show on Map
130 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON BABY PETER ALEXANDER 05/02/1960 K-2-130 Show on Map
289 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON BABY ROBERT 25/03/1960 K-2-136 Show on Map
I000004764 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON BRIDGET ANNIE 22/12/1978 A4-03-55 Show on Map
I000007225 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON CATHERINE 09/02/1944 E-06-03C Show on Map
6330 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON DONALD JOHN 01/04/1946 A1-02-60 Show on Map
4645 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON EASTER MARY 30/07/1963 5A-692 Show on Map
I000008725 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON EDWARD JOHN 02/12/1948 G-04-19 Show on Map
I000007068 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON EDWIN JAMES 31/01/1936 D-40-06 Show on Map
5904 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Eileen Patricia 07/02/1923 27/03/2016 04/04/2016 LA-0687 Show on Map
I000008728 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON ELLEN AGNES 18/02/1941 G-04-21 Show on Map
I000010658 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON ETHEL NORA 01/08/1994 LA-0949 Show on Map
I000004454 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON GORDON IVOR 19/11/1956 A3-06-12 Show on Map
C00048 Nudgee Crematorium Anderson Heather Maxwell 20/11/1924 07/01/2015 12/01/2015 Contact Office
I000008730 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON HENRY 08/12/1945 G-04-22 Show on Map
I000008727 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON HENRY MICHAEL 26/07/1929 G-04-21 Show on Map
6479 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON JOHN 03/06/1946 A1-02-25 Show on Map
2976 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON JOHN J 21/02/1942 A1-02-60 Show on Map
3914 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON JOSEPH DAVID 22/01/1958 A3-08-13 Show on Map
I000000546 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARGARET 28/07/1966 5A-735 Show on Map
4575 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Margaret Mary 16/02/1926 16/09/2011 21/09/2011 5A-712 Show on Map
15116 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARGARET VICTORIA 13/08/1971 9A-290 Show on Map
4963 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Marjory 18/11/1914 04/12/2012 31/01/2013 LA-0144 Show on Map
2612 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Mary Valerie 23/03/1926 08/09/2004 13/09/2004 LA-2244 Show on Map
I000004896 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARY 16/10/1962 A4-07-01 Show on Map
2431 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARY ANN 09/06/1941 A1-02-25 Show on Map
I000008729 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARY FLORENCE 21/02/1941 G-04-21 Show on Map
I000003619 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARY JANE 08/12/1928 A-14-30 Show on Map
I000011264 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARY JOSEPHA 14/12/1968 OL-0141 Show on Map
I000007069 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MARY WINIFRED 16/12/1958 D-40-06 Show on Map
I000004364 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON MAUDE 19/05/1962 A3-02-22 Show on Map
I000000532 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Mervyn Gerard 15/05/1978 5A-712 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Anderson Mimi Patricia 07/11/1921 12/09/2017 20/09/2017 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Anderson Nafeesa Shareef 03/10/1951 12/08/2017 18/08/2017 Contact Office
I000004497 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON NORMA ALMADEEN 07/05/1982 A3-08-13 Show on Map
13356 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON OLGA MARY 11/04/1970 A1-04-57 Show on Map
I000010297 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON OTTO 14/05/1982 LA-0410 Show on Map
2503 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Patricia 28/02/1915 25/04/2004 28/04/2004 7A-207 Show on Map
I000004551 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Peter 30/05/1958 A3-10-43 Show on Map
I000002430 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON ROBERT 17/06/1981 9A-290 Show on Map
C01006 Nudgee Crematorium Anderson Roderic 09/08/1925 13/10/2016 28/10/2016 Contact Office
3164 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Sr Eileen RSM 01/12/1923 10/08/2006 17/08/2006 SIS-MER-14-03 Show on Map
3225 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Sr Magdalene RSJ 23/01/1920 25/10/2006 27/10/2006 SIS-STJO-01-07 Show on Map
1631 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Sr Mary Callastus RSJ 07/04/1961 08/04/1961 SIS-JO-OLD-16 Show on Map
3887 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Sr Veronica Lucy OSU 02/04/1914 16/05/2009 25/05/2009 SIS-URS-03-01 Show on Map
10838 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON SUSAN 07/05/1951 A1-04-56C Show on Map
5078 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Vicki Ann 05/08/1952 11/01/2013 05/07/2013 LA-2591 Show on Map
6968 Nudgee Cemetery Anderson Vincent Paul 04/05/1965 7A-207 Show on Map
I000010657 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON WALTER MARTIN 02/11/1987 LA-0949 Show on Map
15039 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON WILLIAM ALFRED 23/12/1954 A3-02-22 Show on Map
I000010488 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON WILLIAM CLAYTON 14/12/1984 LA-0687 Show on Map
I000004763 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERSON WILLIAM OUTRAM 11/11/1958 A4-03-55 Show on Map
I000000618 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERTON AGNES MARIA 07/05/1980 5A-847 Show on Map
5238 Nudgee Cemetery ANDERTON WILLIAM JOHN 14/01/1964 5A-847 Show on Map
I000012361 Nudgee Cemetery ANDOROLLI BABY SB-091 Show on Map
I000005108 Nudgee Cemetery ANDRE BABY ROBERT JOHN 21/11/1979 A4-K-757 Show on Map
54-98 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREATTA ANTONIO 15/04/1998 CHAP-056-D1 Show on Map
I000013520 Nudgee Cemetery ANDRESCO GIUSEPPA ORAZIA 24/12/1987 V-0910 Show on Map
I000001662 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREW ALEXANDER 11/10/1971 7A-736 Show on Map
I000001661 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREW ALEXINA 14/09/1967 7A-736 Show on Map
5506 Nudgee Cemetery Andrew Ronald 21/12/1924 28/08/2014 24/11/2014 SOTC-09-01 Show on Map
8448 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWATHA SAMUEL SAMSON 15/06/1966 7A-485 Show on Map
I000001210 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS ADA LOUISA 11/11/1964 7A-085 Show on Map
150-97 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS ADELINE CATHERINE ELIZABETH 11/07/1997 7A-180 Show on Map
I000000097 Nudgee Cemetery Andrews Ashley John Beresford 04/11/1933 15/11/1990 21/11/1990 10A-168 Show on Map
4020 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS BABY MARK LESLIE 09/02/1963 6A-122 Show on Map
I000000293 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS BERREL AGNES 21/12/1987 5A-285 Show on Map
6767 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS CHARLES WILLIAM 27/02/1965 7A-180 Show on Map
4035 Nudgee Cemetery Andrews David Ernest 05/01/1930 14/11/2009 19/11/2009 LA-2528 Show on Map
4664 Nudgee Cemetery Andrews Dawn Gladys 22/11/1939 18/01/2012 23/01/2012 10A-574 Show on Map
I000012005 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS ERIC ALFRED 23/09/1981 OL-1129 Show on Map
4358 Nudgee Cemetery Andrews Francis John 10/11/1912 12/01/2011 18/01/2011 LA-2576 Show on Map
5436 Nudgee Cemetery Andrews Gladys Vera 12/08/1921 29/09/2014 04/09/2014 LA-2576 Show on Map
I000001948 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS HERBERT FRANK 26/06/1967 8A-230 Show on Map
7974 Nudgee Cemetery Andrews Horace White 21/01/1948 A1-07-07C Show on Map
I000000167 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS MARGARET MARY 10/09/1959 5A-014 Show on Map
5099 Nudgee Cemetery Andrews Maureen (Deceased) Mary 30/05/1935 20/07/2013 27/07/2013 10A-168 Show on Map
C00589 Nudgee Crematorium Andrews Norman William 10/06/1934 22/01/2016 28/01/2016 Contact Office
I000002709 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS NORMAN LINDSAY 21/04/1976 9A-635 Show on Map
I000000292 Nudgee Cemetery ANDREWS SHIRLEY JOY 28/03/1961 5A-285 Show on Map
3987 Nudgee Cemetery Andriani Salvatore 12/10/1930 10/09/2009 15/09/2009 V-0332 Show on Map
4563 Nudgee Cemetery Andriolo Pietro 05/02/1935 06/09/2011 13/09/2011 CHAP-267-B2 Show on Map
3968 Nudgee Cemetery Anello Filipppo 25/01/1932 22/08/2009 26/08/2009 CHAP-292-C2 Show on Map
48-96 Nudgee Cemetery Angelino Angela 15/02/1996 9A-936 Show on Map
I000002838 Nudgee Cemetery Angelino Giuseppe 26/07/1982 9A-935 Show on Map
15986 Nudgee Cemetery ANGELUCCI CRISTINA 03/05/1972 CHAP-123-CR Show on Map
I000006830 Nudgee Cemetery ANGELUCCI GIUSEPPE 09/05/1983 CHAP-123-CL Show on Map
I000006831 Nudgee Cemetery ANGELUCCI PANTALEONE 16/12/1992 CHAP-123-L3 Show on Map
3453 Nudgee Cemetery Angelucci Vincenzo 24/04/1917 27/08/2007 03/09/2007 CHAP-123-R4 Show on Map
16379 Nudgee Cemetery ANGI BABY ADRIANA RITA 07/08/1972 V-0374 Show on Map
6409 Nudgee Cemetery Angi Carmelo 14/08/1928 04/12/2017 12/12/2017 CHAP-178-D1 Show on Map
I000003362 Nudgee Cemetery ANGLIM FRANCIS MICHAEL 05/06/1931 A-10-12 Show on Map
3296 Nudgee Cemetery Anie Baby Nasib 02/02/2007 02/02/2007 08/02/2007 A4-K-932 Show on Map
6151 Nudgee Cemetery Aniseto Temaleti Heuifanga 03/07/1949 29/01/2017 04/02/2017 10A-536 Show on Map
I000005166 Nudgee Cemetery ANNESLEY BABY DAMIEN MARIO EDWARD 30/07/1993 A4-K-831 Show on Map
4231 Nudgee Cemetery Ansaldo Sr Mary Cornelia RSM 30/07/1920 17/07/2010 21/07/2010 SIS-MER-17-09 Show on Map
4874 Nudgee Cemetery Ansaldo Sr Mary Rosarii RPA 18/07/1989 21/07/1989 SIS-RPA-02-18 Show on Map
2781 Nudgee Cemetery ANSELL BABY 05/03/1957 SB-071 Show on Map
3293 Nudgee Cemetery Ansell Br Leo Jeremiah CFC 13/08/1925 31/01/2007 05/02/2007 BR-CFC-01-19 Show on Map
C00445 Nudgee Crematorium Anstis Anthony James 06/01/1955 24/10/2015 28/10/2015 Contact Office
I000001788 Nudgee Cemetery ANTHONY CATHERINE 17/09/1968 7A-905 Show on Map
I000001789 Nudgee Cemetery ANTHONY EDWIN MARK 14/07/1972 7A-905 Show on Map
6249 Nudgee Cemetery Anthony Matrona 10/05/1925 18/05/2017 26/05/2017 8A-158 Show on Map
I000006675 Nudgee Cemetery Antolini Elsa Nicoletta 21/10/1927 26/01/2002 30/01/2002 CHAP-040-L4 Show on Map
2384 Nudgee Cemetery Antolini Saverio 04/04/1921 03/11/2003 07/11/2003 CHAP-040-L3 Show on Map
4368 Nudgee Cemetery Antonaglia Domenico Antonio 13/01/1929 20/01/2011 25/01/2011 CHAP-271-L3 Show on Map
4891 Nudgee Cemetery Antonaglia Francesca 01/02/1932 17/10/2012 23/10/2012 CHAP-271-L4 Show on Map
2990 Nudgee Cemetery Antonaglia Francesco 20/07/1941 11/12/2005 14/12/2005 CHAP-271-L2 Show on Map
6598 Nudgee Cemetery Antonelli Ada Maria 04/07/1922 14/07/2018 24/07/2018 V-1324 Show on Map
15248 Nudgee Cemetery Antonelli Baby Fernando 15/09/1971 15/09/1971 17/09/1971 A4-K-634 Show on Map
4548 Nudgee Cemetery Antonelli Fernando 09/02/1932 21/08/2011 26/08/2011 V-1323 Show on Map
178-99 Nudgee Cemetery Antonelli Irene Elizabeth Jarvis 25/08/1999 A4-02-08 Show on Map
259 Nudgee Cemetery Antonelli John Peter 10/03/1960 A4-02-08 Show on Map
6244 Nudgee Cemetery Antonelli Pasquale 28/05/1922 15/05/2017 23/05/2017 V-1325 Show on Map
5598 Nudgee Cemetery Antonini Giuseppina 16/10/1930 24/03/2015 01/04/2015 CHAP-090A-A1 Show on Map
I000006773 Nudgee Cemetery Antonini Loreto 28/11/1925 26/08/1984 30/08/1984 CHAP-090A-A2 Show on Map
C00667 Nudgee Crematorium Antonio Margaret 19/05/1944 02/04/2016 06/04/2016 Contact Office
C00881 Nudgee Crematorium Antonio Vaivao John Elcombe 10/12/1932 01/08/2016 11/08/2016 Contact Office
6668 Nudgee Cemetery Antony Dorothy Heather 18/11/1929 02/10/2018 08/10/2018 LA-1813 Show on Map
I000001868 Nudgee Cemetery ANTONY JAMES 28/09/1967 8A-134 Show on Map
85-97 Nudgee Cemetery Antony Stanley Hensel 17/07/1919 21/04/1997 23/04/1997 LA-1813 Show on Map
I000001869 Nudgee Cemetery ANTONY VERONICA 28/02/1983 8A-134 Show on Map
6512 Nudgee Cemetery Anvi Baby Rajput 29/03/2018 29/03/2018 03/04/2018 A4-K-967 Show on Map
2078 Nudgee Cemetery Anwar Baby Donia 04/09/2002 04/09/2002 06/09/2002 A4-K-912 Show on Map
11119 Nudgee Cemetery APELT ARTHUR 10/07/1968 A1-07-29 Show on Map
8246 Nudgee Cemetery APELT OLIVE GWENDOLINE MONA 27/05/1948 A1-07-29 Show on Map
10501 Nudgee Cemetery APPELMAN BABY 12/01/1968 A4-K-488 Show on Map
9801 Nudgee Cemetery APPELMAN BABY MICHAEL 29/06/1967 K-2-455 Show on Map
I000011200 Nudgee Cemetery APPLEGARTH WALLACE MCLEOD 03/06/1968 OL-0029 Show on Map
2133 Nudgee Cemetery Appleton Agnes Angela 01/10/1920 25/11/2002 28/11/2002 LA-2155 Show on Map
3205 Nudgee Cemetery APRILE BABY 12/07/1957 SB-089 Show on Map
5110 Nudgee Cemetery Aprile Isidoro 01/11/1927 29/07/2013 06/08/2013 V-0782 Show on Map
4948 Nudgee Cemetery Aprile Salvina 26/04/1935 28/12/2012 04/01/2013 V-0783 Show on Map
1722 Nudgee Cemetery AQUILINA BABY 11/05/1956 SB-041 Show on Map
2668 Nudgee Cemetery Aquino Domenico 04/11/1930 01/11/2004 05/11/2004 CHAP-178-A2 Show on Map
6079 Nudgee Cemetery Aquino Luigina 25/08/1929 30/10/2016 04/11/2016 CHAP-178-A1 Show on Map
6554 Nudgee Cemetery Archer Edith Cavell 21/09/1918 21/05/2018 24/05/2018 LA-1906 Show on Map
197-98 Nudgee Cemetery Archer Kenneth Alfred Kemp 19/03/1911 12/09/1998 16/09/1998 LA-1906 Show on Map
12039 Nudgee Cemetery ARCHER PATRICIA KATHLEEN 21/03/1969 8A-456 Show on Map
5723 Nudgee Cemetery ARCIDIACONO BABY GUISEPPE 02/06/1964 04/06/1964 K-2-321 Show on Map
20591 Nudgee Cemetery ARCIDIACONO GIOVANNI 04/11/1975 V-0462 Show on Map
14618 Nudgee Cemetery ARCIDIACONO GIOVANNI 30/03/1971 V-0325 Show on Map
3374 Nudgee Cemetery Arcidiacono Orazio Salvatore 02/07/1916 30/05/2007 04/06/2007 CHAP-158-B2 Show on Map
139-97 Nudgee Cemetery ARCIDIACONO VENERA 19/06/1997 V-0461 Show on Map
I000006896 Nudgee Cemetery ARCIDIACONO VENERA VITA 14/01/1993 CHAP-158-C2 Show on Map
5994 Nudgee Cemetery ARCODIA GIUSEPPE 29/06/1990 V-0533 Show on Map
I000013374 Nudgee Cemetery ARCODIA GUISEPPA 31/12/1992 V-0534 Show on Map
1899 Nudgee Cemetery Arcodia Maria 17/05/1920 22/01/2002 26/01/2002 V-1014 Show on Map
4012 Nudgee Cemetery Arcodia Vincenzo 10/12/1915 21/10/2009 26/10/2009 V-1015 Show on Map
6655 Nudgee Cemetery Arena Angelina 22/01/1925 18/09/2018 26/09/2018 V-1028 Show on Map
2004 Nudgee Cemetery Arena Clemente 15/07/1929 13/06/2002 17/06/2002 V-1338 Show on Map
I000007598 Nudgee Cemetery Arena Ellen 07/06/1928 F-06-34 Show on Map
I000006615 Nudgee Cemetery ARENA JOSEPHINE 17/11/1975 CHAP-001/2-L1B Show on Map
4840 Nudgee Cemetery Arena Mario Salvatore 07/03/1937 18/08/2012 24/08/2012 V-1456 Show on Map
236-99 Nudgee Cemetery Arena Rocco 12/10/1924 29/10/1999 01/11/1999 V-1029 Show on Map
I000006616 Nudgee Cemetery ARENA VINCENT 17/11/1975 CHAP-001/2-L1C Show on Map
2273 Nudgee Cemetery ARENTZ MARGARET AGNES 19/09/1956 OLD CEM-181 Show on Map
I000000145 Nudgee Cemetery Arico Angelo 26/02/1934 11/12/2000 15/12/2000 10A-333 Show on Map
I000006835 Nudgee Cemetery ARIENI ANGELINA 24/09/1994 CHAP-125-D4 Show on Map
604 Nudgee Cemetery ARIENI EMILIO 30/10/1985 CHAP-125-D3 Show on Map
2968 Nudgee Cemetery ARIOTTI CATHERINA 02/12/1987 LA-0953 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Arkley Alexandra Mary 02/03/1917 20/10/2017 27/10/2017 Contact Office
3447 Nudgee Cemetery Arlotta Anna 20/07/1903 13/05/1988 18/05/1988 CHAP-005-L2 Show on Map
I000006621 Nudgee Cemetery Arlotta Giovanni 26/03/1902 14/08/1971 17/11/1971 CHAP-005-L1 Show on Map
6575 Nudgee Cemetery Armanelli Beatrice 22/11/1926 19/06/2018 26/06/2018 CHAP-108-D4 Show on Map
2872 Nudgee Cemetery Armanelli Frida 12/06/1952 22/07/2005 27/07/2005 LA-2080 Show on Map
1654 Nudgee Cemetery Armanelli Giuseppe 19/02/2001 22/02/2001 CHAP-108-D3 Show on Map
3754 Nudgee Cemetery Armanno Angelina 20/04/1933 09/10/2008 15/10/2008 V-0719 Show on Map
5788 Nudgee Cemetery Armanno Mario 26/04/1926 31/10/2015 06/11/2015 CHAP-215-C1 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Armitage Boyd Robert 07/12/1941 24/07/2017 01/08/2017 Contact Office
I000003312 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG ANNE 25/01/1979 A-09-10 Show on Map
I000003129 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG ANNIE 07/07/1924 A-06-11 Show on Map
7753 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG BABY 12/11/1965 K-2-384 Show on Map
8 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG BABY JOHN 04/01/1960 K-2-126 Show on Map
I000001770 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG ELIZABETH 21/08/1986 7A-877 Show on Map
I000006363 Nudgee Cemetery Armstrong Ethel May 05/01/1987 C1-05-24 Show on Map
7361 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG FRANCIS KEVIN 07/05/1947 A1-06-19 Show on Map
9022 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG FREDERICK 05/04/1949 A1-06-18 Show on Map
10348 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG FREDERICK WILLIAM 13/08/1985 A1-06-18C Show on Map
C00685 Nudgee Crematorium Armstrong Louise Marie 02/11/1960 23/03/2016 15/04/2016 Contact Office
14309 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG MARY ANNIE 04/06/1954 A1-06-18 Show on Map
I000004049 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG MARY EVELYN 16/01/1986 A1-06-19 Show on Map
36-96 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG MARY KATHLEEN 08/02/1996 LA-0478 Show on Map
I000012242 Nudgee Cemetery Armstrong Rev Fr Thomas Francis 23/08/1914 25/10/1974 29/10/1974 PR-NEW-04-05 Show on Map
I0000000009 St Therese & St Anthony – Kedron Armstrong Sarah 17/08/1926 08/01/2018 14/06/2018 STFRANCIS-5-03 Show on Map
I000012653 Nudgee Cemetery Armstrong Sr Mary Bega RSM 25/12/1859 17/09/1918 17/09/1918 SIS-MER-15-12 Show on Map
2323 Nudgee Cemetery Armstrong Susannah Elizabeth 20/06/1912 18/08/2003 22/08/2003 A1-04-56 Show on Map
I000006364 Nudgee Cemetery Armstrong William James 07/09/1988 C1-05-24 Show on Map
5901 Nudgee Cemetery ARMSTRONG WILLIAM JOHN CARL 18/08/1959 A1-04-57 Show on Map
I000012390 Nudgee Cemetery Arnaboldi Sr Angioletta FdCC 04/10/1954 04/10/1954 SIS-CAN-01-02 Show on Map
I000011909 Nudgee Cemetery ARNDT DELMA SABINA 20/07/1992 OL-1011 Show on Map
9098 Nudgee Cemetery ARNOLD ELSIE ANN 17/07/1984 OL-0593 Show on Map
3042 Nudgee Cemetery Arnold John William Francis 31/08/1964 13/03/2006 OL-0755 Show on Map
I000001769 Nudgee Cemetery ARNOLD JOHN MICHAEL 16/07/1968 7A-877 Show on Map
13228 Nudgee Cemetery ARNOLD KATHLEEN AGNES 08/07/1953 A-03-22 Show on Map
I000004800 Nudgee Cemetery ARNOLD MARGARET 17/02/1964 A4-04-43 Show on Map
I000004799 Nudgee Cemetery ARNOLD WILLIAM 28/01/1958 A4-04-43 Show on Map
I000011573 Nudgee Cemetery ARNOLD WILLIAM JOHN DR 12/09/1975 OL-0593 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Arnulphy Marie Annie 24/05/1927 11/07/2018 18/07/2018 Contact Office
1060 Nudgee Cemetery ARONEY HILDA VALENCIA 13/10/1960 A4-09-36 Show on Map
1853 Nudgee Cemetery ARONEY MARY KATE 23/12/1986 LA-0905 Show on Map
4055 Nudgee Cemetery ARONEY VINCENT EMANUEL 14/02/1963 A4-09-36 Show on Map
6136 Nudgee Cemetery Arosio Sr Angela FdCC 29/09/1981 01/10/1981 SIS-CAN-01-14 Show on Map
4173 Nudgee Cemetery Arrowsmith Toni Margaret 14/04/1924 15/09/2009 21/05/2010 7A-205 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Arthur David Lloyd 28/05/1953 21/07/2017 27/07/2017 Contact Office
2505 Nudgee Cemetery ARTHUR VERONICA AGNES 09/07/1987 9A-361 Show on Map
I000002486 Nudgee Cemetery ARTHUR WILLIAM 03/05/1972 9A-361 Show on Map
I000012248 Nudgee Cemetery Arthurs Rev Fr Francis William 01/12/1920 13/04/1986 15/04/1986 PR-NEW-05-01 Show on Map
I000013544 Nudgee Cemetery Artuso Lina 26/06/1936 01/11/1990 05/11/1990 V-1010 Show on Map
55-99 Nudgee Cemetery Artuso Peter Mario 31/03/1999 V-1289 Show on Map
4513 Nudgee Cemetery Artuso Rosetta Lina 02/09/1928 15/07/2011 22/07/2011 V-1288 Show on Map
1747 Nudgee Cemetery Artuso Umberto 04/03/1931 23/06/2001 26/06/2001 V-1011 Show on Map
13112 Nudgee Cemetery AS BABY 23/01/1970 A4-K-577 Show on Map
299-96 Nudgee Cemetery Asanuma Anton Theodore 11/02/1932 27/11/1996 02/12/1996 LA-1775 Show on Map
I000002071 Nudgee Cemetery ASBURY KEITH ALFRED 12/07/1965 8A-331 Show on Map
3278 Nudgee Cemetery Ascoli Lorna 13/02/1916 09/01/2007 12/01/2007 LA-2385 Show on Map
80-97 Nudgee Cemetery ASCOUGH BABY JAKOB DANIEL 07/05/1998 A4-K-880 Show on Map
5778 Nudgee Cemetery Ashburner Sr Rosemary RSM 23/07/1925 20/10/2015 29/10/2015 SIS-MER-03-17 Show on Map
1425 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY ARTHUR PATRICK 15/08/1977 5A-528 Show on Map
I000008185 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY BABY JOHN JOSEPH 18/05/1893 F-16-09 Show on Map
11049 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY EDITH MARGRETHA 21/06/1968 5A-528 Show on Map
4036 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY ELLEN GERTRUDE 14/02/1963 A2-04-21 Show on Map
I000008189 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY EMMA ANNIE MARY 19/06/1932 F-16-10 Show on Map
I000008186 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY LUKE EDWARD 14/07/1921 F-16-09C Show on Map
11950 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY LUKE EDWARD JAMES 02/06/1952 A2-04-21 Show on Map
I000008187 Nudgee Cemetery ASHBY MARY JOSEPHINE 06/10/1912 F-16-09 Show on Map
I000011865 Nudgee Cemetery ASHCROFT EMILY MAUD 29/12/1976 OL-0950 Show on Map
I000011059 Nudgee Cemetery ASHE JOHN JAMES 16/11/1993 LA-1532 Show on Map
I000005569 Nudgee Cemetery ASHE MARTIN PEASLEY 20/09/1976 B1-01-02 Show on Map
I000005568 Nudgee Cemetery ASHE MARY LUCY 21/07/1939 B1-01-02 Show on Map
C00995 Nudgee Crematorium Asher Monica Maria 26/06/1925 14/10/2016 18/10/2016 Contact Office
I000007071 Nudgee Cemetery ASHLIN ELDIN FORWARD 11/10/1938 D-40-08 Show on Map
I000007070 Nudgee Cemetery ASHLIN EMMA 11/02/1936 D-40-07 Show on Map
I000011479 Nudgee Cemetery ASHMORE WILLIAM KEVIN 22/04/1976 OL-0441 Show on Map
11517 Nudgee Cemetery ASHWOOD ANNIE ELIZABETH 14/10/1968 9A-001 Show on Map
I000000192 Nudgee Cemetery ASKEVOLD CARL THOMAS 10/02/1970 5A-066 Show on Map
5529 Nudgee Cemetery ASMAR ANNIE 18/05/1959 A2-07-63 Show on Map
13607 Nudgee Cemetery ASMAR MICHAEL 23/10/1953 A2-07-63 Show on Map
3695 Nudgee Cemetery Asmar Phillip Francis 12/11/1933 10/07/2008 16/07/2008 A2-07-62 Show on Map
4807 Nudgee Cemetery Asmussen Neville William 16/09/1929 15/07/2012 20/07/2012 LA-1799 Show on Map
4540 Nudgee Cemetery Asmussen Rita Maud 17/05/1931 13/08/2011 18/08/2011 LA-1799 Show on Map
I000000045 Nudgee Cemetery ASNICAR GINO 30/11/1990 10A-062 Show on Map
16887 Nudgee Cemetery ASPINALL ETHEL MAY 19/12/1972 OL-0470 Show on Map
I000012274 Nudgee Cemetery Aspinall Rev Fr Kevin Herbert 06/08/1925 12/12/1991 16/12/1991 PR-NEW-07-08 Show on Map
5157 Nudgee Cemetery Aspinall Sr Mary SGS Esme 25/04/1927 20/09/2013 25/09/2013 SIS-SGS-04-02 Show on Map
20874 Nudgee Cemetery Aspland Edwin Hynde 11/02/1976 13/12/1976 OL-0585 Show on Map
6585 Nudgee Cemetery Aspland Kevin Hynde 28/08/1941 25/02/2018 08/08/2018 OL-0585 Show on Map
I000011569 Nudgee Cemetery Aspland Mary Patricia 31/10/1912 06/12/1973 10/12/1973 OL-0585 Show on Map
1899 Nudgee Cemetery ASTLEY CECIL BELLAIR 26/06/1961 5A-315 Show on Map
3867 Nudgee Cemetery ASTLEY EILEEN ADELINE 29/08/1979 5A-315 Show on Map
C00679 Nudgee Crematorium Aston Michael Hilton 26/09/1926 10/04/2016 13/04/2016 Contact Office
2210 Nudgee Cemetery Atherden Eileen Frances 15/11/1928 24/03/2003 28/03/2003 A-21-02 Show on Map
3747 Nudgee Cemetery Atherden Roland Leonard 15/09/1921 28/09/2008 02/10/2008 A-21-01 Show on Map
C00877 Nudgee Crematorium Atherton Douglas Leonard 24/02/1925 30/07/2016 05/08/2016 Contact Office
9665 Nudgee Cemetery Atherton Gertrude Olive 22/05/1967 24/05/1967 7A-360 Show on Map
C00181 Nudgee Crematorium Atherton Jack Frederick 18/03/1929 07/05/2015 14/05/2015 Contact Office
7727 Nudgee Cemetery Atherton John Grainger 04/11/1965 05/11/1965 7A-361 Show on Map
I000001441 Nudgee Cemetery ATHERTON JOHN HENRY 08/07/1966 7A-394 Show on Map
3409 Nudgee Cemetery Atherton Kathleen Gertrude 21/01/1911 15/07/2007 18/07/2007 7A-361 Show on Map
I000001440 Nudgee Cemetery ATHERTON MARGARET 12/10/1965 7A-394 Show on Map
8445 Nudgee Cemetery ATHERTON VERONICA PAULINE 25/11/1983 LA-0165 Show on Map
9684 Nudgee Cemetery Atkin Amelia Elizabeth 07/01/1950 A1-09-57 Show on Map
I000010946 Nudgee Cemetery ATKIN ARTHUR CYRIL 22/07/1994 LA-1403 Show on Map
C00356 Nudgee Crematorium Atkin Bryan Edward 24/08/1943 03/09/2015 08/09/2015 Contact Office
9466 Nudgee Cemetery ATKIN ERNEST LESLIE 17/03/1967 5A-114 Show on Map
5187 Nudgee Cemetery ATKIN JOHN 11/10/1989 10A-197 Show on Map
264 Nudgee Cemetery ATKIN MARY ANN 14/03/1960 5A-114 Show on Map
I000004257 Nudgee Cemetery ATKIN MARY ETHEL 26/04/1962 A2-05-10 Show on Map
2490 Nudgee Cemetery Atkin Sr Therese RSM 11/03/1927 03/04/2004 07/04/2004 SIS-MER-34-16 Show on Map
12098 Nudgee Cemetery ATKIN WILLIAM 26/07/1952 A2-05-10 Show on Map
I000010945 Nudgee Cemetery ATKINS AGNES 24/07/1992 LA-1403 Show on Map
I000009074 Nudgee Cemetery ATKINS ANN MARIA 18/06/1921 G-08-27 Show on Map
I000009099 Nudgee Cemetery ATKINS IVY DOROTHY 10/10/1941 G-08-51 Show on Map
C00610 Nudgee Crematorium Atkins Jason Paul 20/09/1970 08/02/2016 15/02/2016 Contact Office
I000009073 Nudgee Cemetery ATKINS JOHN A 14/03/1918 G-08-27 Show on Map
5892 Nudgee Cemetery Atkins Royal William 17/10/1926 23/03/2015 17/03/2016 MG-03-01 Show on Map
3065 Nudgee Cemetery Atkinson Edna May McNally 09/05/1913 03/09/2005 06/04/2006 MG-02-31 Show on Map
3066 Nudgee Cemetery Atkinson Peter Julian 19/05/1948 01/10/2005 06/04/2006 MG-02-31 Show on Map
I000012430 Nudgee Cemetery Atkinson Sr Patricia OSF 27/09/1984 27/09/1984 SIS-FRA-01-10-INS Show on Map
11078 Nudgee Cemetery ATKINSON THOMAS HAROLD 01/07/1968 7A-888 Show on Map
4814 Nudgee Cemetery ATTEL BABY 14/10/1958 SB-119 Show on Map
3331 Nudgee Cemetery Attridge Br Alexander Bede CFC 21/01/1884 05/08/1957 05/08/1957 BR-CFC-01-19 Show on Map
I000001968 Nudgee Cemetery ATTWELL HELEN BRIDGET 07/08/1967 8A-246 Show on Map
C00872 Nudgee Crematorium Attwood Ann Mary 01/03/1936 31/07/2016 03/08/2016 Contact Office
NR-001 Nudgee Cemetery Aturugiriya Charles 19/03/1925 25/06/2015 10/05/2016 NR-001 Show on Map
4395 Nudgee Cemetery ATWOOD ROYSTON JONES 14/02/1989 10A-130 Show on Map
I000010600 Nudgee Cemetery AUGUSTINE AILEEN MARGARET 22/07/1986 LA-0848 Show on Map
I000010587 Nudgee Cemetery AULD BABY LUCINDA ROSE 14/07/1986 LA-0828 Show on Map
3614 Nudgee Cemetery Auld Danny Raymond 10/10/1989 22/03/2008 02/04/2008 LA-0828 Show on Map
C00335 Nudgee Crematorium Auld Robert Bruce 25/02/1947 24/08/2015 28/08/2015 Contact Office
1540 Nudgee Cemetery AURICCHIO GERTRUDE FRANCES 28/08/2000 LA-0051 Show on Map
3058 Nudgee Cemetery AURICCHIO MARIO LEONE 27/12/1978 LA-0051 Show on Map
I000006871 Nudgee Cemetery Auriti Antonio 28/09/1926 09/02/1992 12/02/1992 CHAP-143-D1 Show on Map
4830 Nudgee Cemetery Auriti Filomena 03/06/1927 03/08/2012 09/08/2012 CHAP-143-C1 Show on Map
I000012358 Nudgee Cemetery AUSTIN BABY SB-088 Show on Map
12897 Nudgee Cemetery AUSTIN BABY 14/11/1969 A4-K-568 Show on Map
I000009956 Nudgee Cemetery AUSTIN BABY BARRY GORDON 09/09/1955 K-2-006 Show on Map
I000001847 Nudgee Cemetery AUSTIN ROBERT WILLIAM 13/09/1965 8A-093 Show on Map
I000000310 Nudgee Cemetery AUTY CONELIUS AMBROSE 09/06/1961 5A-308 Show on Map
I000000311 Nudgee Cemetery AUTY LILY MATILDA 31/12/1975 5A-308 Show on Map
I000000050 Nudgee Cemetery AVENELL ANN WINIFRED 01/03/1994 10A-072 Show on Map
10237 Nudgee Cemetery AVENELL CHARLES NORMAN ROY 19/07/1985 10A-072 Show on Map
I000002746 Nudgee Cemetery AVENELL JOHN D'ARCY 16/03/1977 9A-694 Show on Map
I000001767 Nudgee Cemetery AVENELL STEPHEN JOHN 19/05/1992 7A-874 Show on Map
11135 Nudgee Cemetery AVENELL TANIA MARIE 16/07/1968 7A-874 Show on Map
1515 Nudgee Cemetery AVERNELL JUSTIN ROY 03/09/1986 LA-0884 Show on Map
I000000786 Nudgee Cemetery AXEFORD WILLIAM HENRY JOSEPH 12/06/1964 6A-213 Show on Map
5540 Nudgee Cemetery Axelby Bryan Joseph 23/04/1947 08/01/2015 14/01/2015 LA-2864 Show on Map
505 Nudgee Cemetery AXELBY ELLEN 23/05/1960 5A-145 Show on Map
I000010181 Nudgee Cemetery Axelby Evelyn Mary 26/04/1995 LA-0241 Show on Map
I000010180 Nudgee Cemetery Axelby Joseph Vincent 13/07/1901 06/11/1980 11/11/1980 LA-0241 Show on Map
I000010542 Nudgee Cemetery AXELBY LEO 26/11/1985 LA-0767 Show on Map
C00405 Nudgee Crematorium Axmacher Hans 12/01/1938 30/09/2015 06/10/2015 Contact Office
C00751 Nudgee Crematorium Aylward Edith May 17/01/1918 26/05/2016 27/05/2016 Contact Office
6565 Nudgee Cemetery Ayoub Fr Lawrence 24/12/1924 30/05/2018 09/06/2018 PR-NEW-12-01 Show on Map
2357 Nudgee Cemetery Ayres baby Dorothy Maye 15/08/2003 27/09/2003 02/10/2003 A4-K-920 Show on Map
64-97 Nudgee Cemetery Azar Alexander 03/10/1910 23/03/1997 26/03/1997 LA-1842 Show on Map
I000003618 Nudgee Cemetery AZAR ELIAS 26/11/1928 A-14-28 Show on Map
I000001760 Nudgee Cemetery AZAR ERIC 04/11/1985 7A-862 Show on Map
13502 Nudgee Cemetery AZAR EVA HOWARD 20/05/1970 7A-863 Show on Map
I000001759 Nudgee Cemetery AZAR GEORGE 16/01/1970 7A-862 Show on Map
I000001816 Nudgee Cemetery Azar Jasmine 13/08/1988 05/09/1988 7A-943 Show on Map
1068 Nudgee Cemetery Azar John 15/05/1977 17/05/1977 7A-943 Show on Map
I000010704 Nudgee Cemetery AZAR MARGARET ANN 09/06/1988 LA-1033 Show on Map
2857 Nudgee Cemetery AZAR MARY 25/03/1957 A-14-29 Show on Map
3299 Nudgee Cemetery Azar Sarina Margaret 21/04/1913 06/02/2007 12/02/2007 LA-1842 Show on Map
2553 Nudgee Cemetery Azzarello Benvenuto Gabrielle 19/09/1919 04/07/2004 13/07/2004 CHAP-125-A2 Show on Map
3706 Nudgee Cemetery Baartz Carmen Josephine 19/02/1925 28/07/2008 01/08/2008 LA-0718 Show on Map
I000010506 Nudgee Cemetery BAARTZ LAWRENCE NOEL 15/04/1985 LA-0718 Show on Map
10007 Nudgee Cemetery Baatz George Edward 22/08/1967 5A-464 Show on Map
14518 Nudgee Cemetery Baatz May 16/02/1971 5A-464 Show on Map
I000011257 Nudgee Cemetery BABBIDGE EVELYN MAUD 16/06/1978 OL-0124 Show on Map
7632 Nudgee Cemetery BABIC MAGDALENA 04/02/1983 7A-717 Show on Map
10797 Nudgee Cemetery BABIC MARTO 11/04/1968 7A-717 Show on Map
3784 Nudgee Cemetery Bachnik Anna 06/07/1919 25/11/2008 01/12/2008 9A-531 Show on Map
I000002626 Nudgee Cemetery BACHNIK FELIX ALEXANDER 30/03/1974 9A-532 Show on Map
I000011178 Nudgee Cemetery BACINAKAS REV FR PETRAS 06/04/1993 LITH-63 Show on Map
1881 Nudgee Cemetery BACON ALFRED 20/06/1956 A4-10-48 Show on Map
I000006337 Nudgee Cemetery BACON RHODA HALSON 06/09/1945 C1-04-26 Show on Map
263-97 Nudgee Cemetery Bacon Sr Mary Justin RSM 27/09/1910 01/11/1997 04/11/1997 SIS-MER-37-15 Show on Map
I000006338 Nudgee Cemetery BACON THOMAS JOHN 29/11/1948 C1-04-26 Show on Map
C00163 Nudgee Crematorium Baden-Powell Lara Allie 14/07/1974 21/04/2015 30/04/2015 Contact Office
I000006890 Nudgee Cemetery BADINI LUIGI 30/03/1992 CHAP-153-A4 Show on Map
2433 Nudgee Cemetery Badini Pepina 18/02/1928 12/01/2004 16/01/2004 CHAP-153-A3 Show on Map
I000010839 Nudgee Cemetery BADIOR DONALD ROBERT 31/12/1990 LA-1271 Show on Map
3701 Nudgee Cemetery Badior Lola Pearl 20/04/1932 21/07/2008 25/07/2008 LA-1271 Show on Map
I000012998 Nudgee Cemetery Baggot Sr Mary Paul RPA 21/11/1938 21/11/1938 SIS-RPA-01-05 Show on Map
1312 Nudgee Cemetery BAGLEY ALFRED JOHN 16/01/1956 A3-04-21 Show on Map
13813 Nudgee Cemetery Bagley Bridget Delia 26/12/1953 31/12/1953 A1-03-62 Show on Map
I000003983 Nudgee Cemetery Bagley George Jnr Joseph 25/12/1990 28/12/1990 A1-03-63 Show on Map
6755 Nudgee Cemetery Bagley George Snr Eton 06/09/1946 07/09/1946 A1-03-62 Show on Map
20947 Nudgee Cemetery BAGLEY JOHANNAH 09/03/1976 A-02-10 Show on Map
I000002891 Nudgee Cemetery BAGLEY MARY ANN 02/12/1920 A-02-09 Show on Map
5072 Nudgee Cemetery Bagley Natalia 02/12/1935 22/06/2013 28/06/2013 A1-03-63 Show on Map
I000002892 Nudgee Cemetery BAGLEY WILLIAM JOHN 21/08/1951 A-02-09 Show on Map
I000002893 Nudgee Cemetery BAGLEY WILLIAM THOMAS 22/09/1924 A-02-10 Show on Map
3791 Nudgee Cemetery BAGNALL HENRY EDWARD 06/12/1962 A3-11-19 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bagnall Iris Hilda 02/07/1932 16/07/2017 21/07/2017 Contact Office
I000010996 Nudgee Cemetery Bagnall Kenneth Charles 16/09/1924 15/04/1993 19/04/1993 LA-1452 Show on Map
4992 Nudgee Cemetery BAGNALL MARGARET ANN 09/12/1958 A3-11-20 Show on Map
5111 Nudgee Cemetery Bagnall Raymond Garth 24/08/1959 31/07/2013 07/08/2013 LA-1452 Show on Map
5938 Nudgee Cemetery Baguley Claudia Dell 27/07/1931 24/03/2016 13/05/2016 A2-03-57 Show on Map
11847 Nudgee Cemetery Baguley Rodney James 08/05/1952 A2-03-57 Show on Map
5939 Nudgee Cemetery Baguley Ronald Eric 29/09/1929 06/02/2000 13/05/2016 A2-03-57 Show on Map
2924 Nudgee Cemetery BAHR BRIDGET MARY 14/11/1978 5A-756 Show on Map
4736 Nudgee Cemetery BAHR RUPERT GEORGE 19/08/1963 5A-756 Show on Map
6247 Nudgee Cemetery Baiano Ester 30/07/1923 17/05/2017 26/05/2017 9A-906 Show on Map
7-96 Nudgee Cemetery Baiano Lorenzo 11/10/1906 01/01/1986 06/01/1996 CHAP-014-R1 Show on Map
5437 Nudgee Cemetery Baiano Pietro Luigi 19/10/1919 01/09/2014 05/09/2014 9A-907 Show on Map
4363 Nudgee Cemetery Baiano Rina Emma 04/09/1910 28/01/1989 02/02/1989 CHAP-014-R2 Show on Map
I000007230 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES ELIZABETH VERONICA 27/01/1940 E-06-06 Show on Map
6169 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES ELLEN UNA 21/08/1990 A1-08-48 Show on Map
8638 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES ELLEN VERONICA 14/10/1948 A1-08-47C Show on Map
I000007229 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES JOHN NOEL 18/01/1924 E-06-06 Show on Map
147-96 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES MARGARET JOAN 25/06/1996 A1-08-48 Show on Map
9024 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES MARIE CECILIA 29/06/1984 A1-08-47 Show on Map
I000010331 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES THOMAS ANTHONY 16/09/1982 LA-0472 Show on Map
1918 Nudgee Cemetery BAILES THOMAS HENRY 12/02/1969 A1-08-47C Show on Map
C00964 Nudgee Crematorium Bailey Ailsa Mary 04/05/1922 22/09/2016 27/09/2016 Contact Office
I000005076 Nudgee Cemetery Bailey Baby Danielle Maree 24/07/1972 25/07/1972 27/07/1972 A4-K-662 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bailey Christine Joan 22/06/1958 07/09/2018 11/09/2018 Contact Office
I000010630 Nudgee Cemetery BAILEY EILEEN ELIZABETH 21/05/1993 LA-0904 Show on Map
I000010629 Nudgee Cemetery BAILEY GEORGE DURSTEN 12/02/1987 LA-0904 Show on Map
I000011499 Nudgee Cemetery BAILEY KEVIN JAMES 18/02/1974 OL-0469 Show on Map
655 Nudgee Cemetery BAILEY NORAH AGATHA 15/11/1985 LA-0765 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bailey Peter 08/03/1939 04/01/2018 09/01/2018 Contact Office
I000012320 Nudgee Cemetery Bailey Rev Fr Patrick Joseph 09/10/1907 29/10/1907 PR-OLD-05-03 Show on Map
I000005854 Nudgee Cemetery BAILEY SARAH HARRIET 03/09/1942 B2-06-19 Show on Map
I000002074 Nudgee Cemetery Bain Aolysius 11/07/1965 19/07/1965 8A-334 Show on Map
I000000491 Nudgee Cemetery BAIN VENITA CECELIA 24/01/1982 5A-670 Show on Map
6616 Nudgee Cemetery Baird Elizabeth 28/10/1927 20/06/2018 09/10/2018 A2-06-08 Show on Map
I000004276 Nudgee Cemetery Baird Nina Penelope 21/01/1994 25/01/1994 A2-06-08 Show on Map
12786 Nudgee Cemetery Baird Roderick William 11/02/1953 13/02/1953 A2-06-08 Show on Map
I000001119 Nudgee Cemetery Baird Thomas Power 03/09/1962 6A-482 Show on Map
266-98 Nudgee Cemetery Bak Nathan John 31/12/1998 LA-0956 Show on Map
5957 Nudgee Cemetery Bak Nicholas Stanley 21/06/1982 01/06/2016 09/06/2016 LA-0956 Show on Map
2522 Nudgee Cemetery BAK TERESA 15/07/1987 LA-0957 Show on Map
5272 Nudgee Cemetery Baker Anne Therese 30/05/1934 15/02/2014 21/02/2014 LA-2847 Show on Map
5397 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER BABY 04/04/1959 SB-139 Show on Map
5072 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER BABY JANE 30/12/1958 K-2-085 Show on Map
835 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER BABY KENNETH MICHAEL 25/08/1955 K-2-004 Show on Map
3915 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER BABY RICKI ELLIS 10/01/1963 6A-121 Show on Map
5774 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER BABY SIMEON GERARD 18/06/1964 K-2-323 Show on Map
I000005378 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER BRIDGET 03/07/1924 B-48-01 Show on Map
I000011091 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER CARRIE 07/06/1994 LA-1572 Show on Map
2586 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER CATHERINE ELIZABETH 30/07/1987 A3-12-03 Show on Map
I000006456 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER CATHERINE FLORENCE 01/09/1948 C1-08-29 Show on Map
I000000952 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER DAPHNE GREENWOOD 19/11/1962 6A-341 Show on Map
1726 Nudgee Cemetery Baker Edward Joseph Frank 11/07/1961 02/06/2001 08/06/2001 LA-2135 Show on Map
112-96 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER EDWARD THOMAS CHARLES 22/05/1996 6A-121 Show on Map
I000005353 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER ELLEN 14/06/1938 B-47-06 Show on Map
I000004683 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER GEORGE HERMAN 22/06/1960 A4-01-48 Show on Map
I000005352 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER HENRY 22/05/1926 B-47-06 Show on Map
I000002711 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER HYACINTHA 22/04/1976 9A-637 Show on Map
231 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER JAMES ERNEST 28/03/1960 5A-119 Show on Map
4317 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER JOHN PATRICK 19/01/1989 OL-0402 Show on Map
I000011442 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER JOHN STEPHEN 22/12/1979 OL-0402 Show on Map
4614 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER JULIA BRIDGET 09/05/1980 OL-0402 Show on Map
I000000647 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER LYNN JOAN 04/07/1972 5A-890 Show on Map
17445 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER MARTIN 24/05/1973 B-48-01 Show on Map
10607 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER MARY BELINDA 12/02/1968 A1-03-61 Show on Map
5047 Nudgee Cemetery Baker Mavis Lillian 07/11/1932 14/05/2013 21/05/2013 LA-2804 Show on Map
5404 Nudgee Cemetery Baker Mervyn James 03/01/1929 29/07/2014 06/08/2014 LA-2804 Show on Map
C00349 Nudgee Crematorium Baker Nancy Barbara 12/11/1934 02/09/2015 04/09/2015 Contact Office
13780 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER OSMOND SIDNEY 22/12/1953 A1-03-61 Show on Map
C00584 Nudgee Crematorium Baker Raewyn 03/11/1948 31/12/2015 22/01/2016 Contact Office
1500 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER RAYMOND FREDERICK 12/07/2000 5A-890 Show on Map
I000002712 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER RICHARD 07/12/1987 9A-637 Show on Map
631 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER RICHARD 22/12/1976 A3-12-03 Show on Map
I000000646 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER ROSS IAN 22/03/1972 5A-890 Show on Map
254-98 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER ROYCE OLIVER 04/12/1998 LA-1572 Show on Map
I000004684 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER RUBY ELIZABETH 12/08/1966 A4-01-48 Show on Map
I000012350 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER TWINS 08/12/1960 SB-003 Show on Map
I000002168 Nudgee Cemetery BAKER VIOLET 09/12/1964 8A-418 Show on Map
5075 Nudgee Cemetery Baker Walter William 12/10/1936 26/06/2013 03/07/2013 CHAP-293-D1 Show on Map
5712 Nudgee Cemetery BAKHASH MAVIS HELEN 02/06/1964 5A-920 Show on Map
2610 Nudgee Cemetery Bakker Gerrit 11/08/1920 05/09/2004 08/09/2004 LA-2243 Show on Map
3925 Nudgee Cemetery Bakker Maria Johanna Ignatia 11/08/1923 20/06/2009 24/06/2009 LA-2243 Show on Map
I000011367 Nudgee Cemetery Baksa Barbara 13/07/1981 OL-0314 Show on Map
17933 Nudgee Cemetery Baksa Joszef 25/01/1908 02/10/1973 05/10/1973 OL-0314 Show on Map
I000002821 Nudgee Cemetery BALCERZAK ANTONI 26/07/1993 9A-894 Show on Map
C00567 Nudgee Crematorium Balchin Colin Clifford 20/01/1934 08/01/2016 13/01/2016 Contact Office
3757 Nudgee Cemetery Baldacchino Emmanuel Vincent 01/01/1935 16/10/2008 22/10/2008 LA-2511 Show on Map
2215 Nudgee Cemetery Baldacchino Rev Fr John Carmelo 03/09/1931 30/03/2003 03/04/2003 PR-NEW-09-09 Show on Map
3313 Nudgee Cemetery BALDASSI ATHLIO 31/07/1962 V-0027 Show on Map
I000006519 Nudgee Cemetery BALDASSRI ASTER VICTORIA 06/04/1962 C1-10-10 Show on Map
I000006518 Nudgee Cemetery BALDASSRI HAROLD ORESTO 10/05/1950 C1-10-10 Show on Map
6165 Nudgee Cemetery Baldi Constance Elizabeth 15/10/1924 14/06/2016 15/02/2017 NR-002 Show on Map
219-96 Nudgee Cemetery BALDINI GIUSEPPE 02/09/1996 V-1224 Show on Map
I000002040 Nudgee Cemetery BALDO VERA MAY 15/10/1981 8A-305 Show on Map
14967 Nudgee Cemetery BALDOCK ANNA VERONICA 29/11/1954 A-06-31 Show on Map
13385 Nudgee Cemetery BALDOCK BABY JAMES 21/08/1953 OLD K-2-38-O Show on Map
10990 Nudgee Cemetery BALDOCK EDITH 04/06/1968 OL-0075 Show on Map
127-96 Nudgee Cemetery BALDWIN JOAN 11/06/1996 LA-1285 Show on Map
4110 Nudgee Cemetery BALDWIN MICHAEL THOMAS 26/03/1991 LA-1285 Show on Map
6158 Nudgee Cemetery Balkin Lola Ann 25/12/1944 26/01/2017 17/02/2017 OL-0902 Show on Map
3641 Nudgee Cemetery BALL ANNE ELIZABETH 24/10/1962 5A-544 Show on Map
2027 Nudgee Cemetery BALL BABY L 26/07/1961 A4-11-30 Show on Map
I000000714 Nudgee Cemetery BALL ELLEN ELIZABETH 06/08/1970 6A-077 Show on Map
135-98 Nudgee Cemetery BALL FRANCES 13/07/1998 LA-1897 Show on Map
C00647 Nudgee Crematorium Ball Gregory Stuart 28/06/1927 06/03/2016 18/03/2016 Contact Office
3020 Nudgee Cemetery BALL GUY LESLIE 01/05/1962 6A-077 Show on Map
284-99 Nudgee Cemetery BALL IDA CATHERINE 22/12/1999 A1-03-55 Show on Map
1728 Nudgee Cemetery Ballabio Sr Rosa FdCC 20/07/1904 08/06/2001 12/06/2001 SIS-CAN-02-16 Show on Map
I000005503 Nudgee Cemetery BALLANTINE MARY ELLEN 16/09/1927 B-51-08 Show on Map
14576 Nudgee Cemetery Ballantine Sr Mary Augustine RSM 05/05/1874 02/08/1954 03/08/1954 SIS-MER-14-01 Show on Map
I000000617 Nudgee Cemetery BALLANTYNE JAMES LANGLEY 08/01/1964 5A-844 Show on Map
3456 Nudgee Cemetery Ballantyne Patricia Anne 13/06/1921 05/09/2007 11/09/2007 OL-0061 Show on Map
8499 Nudgee Cemetery BALLARD DELIA DELL 24/06/1966 7A-482 Show on Map
I000012107 Nudgee Cemetery BALLARD ELIZABETH LUCY 30/06/1934 OLD CEM-106 Show on Map
I000001429 Nudgee Cemetery BALLARD SARAH JANE 30/11/1973 7A-378 Show on Map
1617 Nudgee Cemetery Ballarino Felicita 21/10/1913 08/12/2000 12/12/2000 CHAP-056-A3 Show on Map
4010 Nudgee Cemetery BALLARINO GREGORIO 12/10/1979 CHAP-056-A4 Show on Map
I000001262 Nudgee Cemetery BALLENGER MABEL ALEXIA 15/02/1965 7A-150 Show on Map
I000001263 Nudgee Cemetery BALLENGER VINCENT RICHARD 04/11/1994 7A-150 Show on Map
14063 Nudgee Cemetery BALLINGER BABY DAVID I 19/03/1954 OLD K-2-37-08 Show on Map
I000009788 Nudgee Cemetery BALLINGER BRIDGET 04/05/1888 J-09-25 Show on Map
I000009790 Nudgee Cemetery BALLINGER ELIZABETH 20/04/1913 J-09-25 Show on Map
I000009789 Nudgee Cemetery BALLINGER JOHN 16/02/1949 J-09-25C Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Ballinger Lewis Paul Brent 02/09/1960 25/10/2017 02/11/2017 Contact Office
I000008266 Nudgee Cemetery BALLINGER MICHAEL 17/04/1894 F-17-10 Show on Map
I000009791 Nudgee Cemetery BALLINGER WILLIAM 19/06/1917 J-09-26 Show on Map
4821 Nudgee Cemetery Balogh Janos 25/05/1934 23/07/2012 03/08/2012 LA-2752 Show on Map
5123 Nudgee Cemetery Balogh Monica Mary 29/03/1929 14/08/2013 23/08/2013 LA-2753 Show on Map
5916 Nudgee Cemetery Balwin Darcy Kevin 26/10/1922 08/04/2016 15/04/2016 OL-0246 Show on Map
I000010911 Nudgee Cemetery Balwin Lesleigh Noel 22/06/1924 17/02/1992 20/02/1992 LA-1367 Show on Map
14146 Nudgee Cemetery Balwin Mary Ellen 21/08/1884 18/10/1970 21/10/1970 OL-0246 Show on Map
5008 Nudgee Cemetery Balwin Phyllis Mae 24/04/1923 23/03/2013 28/03/2013 LA-1367 Show on Map
I000010367 Nudgee Cemetery BALZAT GREGORY PETER 20/06/1983 LA-0516 Show on Map
9480 Nudgee Cemetery BAMBERRY ALICE FRANCES 28/07/1949 A1-09-51 Show on Map
6489 Nudgee Cemetery Bamberry Mervyn Edward 18/02/1933 01/03/2018 08/03/2018 LA-2989 Show on Map
I000004142 Nudgee Cemetery BAMBERRY WILLIAM HENRY 24/11/1976 A1-09-51 Show on Map
6414 Nudgee Cemetery Bamberry Yvonne Lorna 14/04/1937 04/12/2017 13/12/2017 LA-2989 Show on Map
224-96 Nudgee Cemetery BAMBINO MICHELE 06/09/1996 CHAP-184-L4 Show on Map
4633 Nudgee Cemetery Bambrick Bryan John 17/05/1925 12/12/2011 20/12/2011 OL-0582 Show on Map
I000005524 Nudgee Cemetery BAMSEY FREDERICK WILLIAM 03/07/1967 B-51-19 Show on Map
I000005522 Nudgee Cemetery BAMSEY MAUD AGNES 01/09/1922 B-51-19 Show on Map
11781 Nudgee Cemetery BAMSEY PERCIVAL EDWARD 03/01/1969 B-51-20 Show on Map
1844 Nudgee Cemetery BANASZAK BABY JOHN PETER 10/06/1961 K-2-177 Show on Map
I000008209 Nudgee Cemetery BANBURY EDITH ANN 29/06/1942 F-16-19 Show on Map
I000008210 Nudgee Cemetery BANBURY EDMUND J 01/01/1896 F-16-20 Show on Map
I000008206 Nudgee Cemetery BANBURY EILEEN MAY 13/08/1954 F-16-18 Show on Map
I000008208 Nudgee Cemetery BANBURY FLORENCE MAUD 22/03/1933 F-16-19 Show on Map
I000008207 Nudgee Cemetery BANBURY GERTRUDE 19/08/1954 F-16-18 Show on Map
I000002506 Nudgee Cemetery BANBURY MARIE TERESA 09/08/1972 9A-383 Show on Map
I000008211 Nudgee Cemetery BANBURY TERESA MARIE 18/06/1934 F-16-20 Show on Map
I000013035 Nudgee Cemetery Bane Sr Mary Macrina RSC 06/01/1989 06/01/1989 SIS-RSC-02-04 Show on Map
I000007671 Nudgee Cemetery BANFIELD EDMUND AUGUSTINE 17/10/1970 F-08-01C Show on Map
I000007673 Nudgee Cemetery BANFIELD EILEEN BERNAYS 08/03/1995 F-08-02 Show on Map
I000003501 Nudgee Cemetery BANGE ALICE LORRIANE 15/03/1972 A-12-28C Show on Map
3808 Nudgee Cemetery BANGE EDWIN JOHN 19/08/1988 A-12-29 Show on Map
I000011995 Nudgee Cemetery Bange John Charles 17/04/1960 10/06/1978 14/06/1978 OL-1117 Show on Map
4174 Nudgee Cemetery Bange Pamela Elizabeth 03/05/1928 21/02/2010 27/05/2010 7A-152 Show on Map
5628 Nudgee Cemetery Bange Ronald Charles 09/04/1929 27/04/2015 04/05/2015 OL-1117 Show on Map
I000009589 Nudgee Cemetery BANKS BERTIE OLIVER 17/04/1954 J-04-22 Show on Map
I000009587 Nudgee Cemetery BANKS EDWARD JOHN 30/12/1908 J-04-22 Show on Map
I000009588 Nudgee Cemetery BANKS ELIZABETH JANE 05/07/1941 J-04-22 Show on Map
I000009601 Nudgee Cemetery BANKS EMMA JANE 04/07/1960 J-04-29 Show on Map
I000009591 Nudgee Cemetery BANKS RUBY MARY 10/01/1966 J-04-23 Show on Map
19-97 Nudgee Cemetery Banney Lilly Mary 25/10/1908 17/01/1997 22/01/1997 OL-1033 Show on Map
8329 Nudgee Cemetery Banney Sr Mary Clementia RSM 06/05/1907 13/06/1992 16/06/1992 SIS-MER-40-06 Show on Map
78-95 Nudgee Cemetery BANNO CATERINA 20/09/1995 V-1197 Show on Map
5816 Nudgee Cemetery Banno Francesco 23/03/1934 04/12/2015 15/12/2015 V-1196 Show on Map
I000000436 Nudgee Cemetery Bannon Elizabeth Anne 16/10/1973 17/10/1973 5A-565 Show on Map
1515 Nudgee Cemetery Bannon John James 21/07/2000 25/07/2000 5A-566 Show on Map
I000000435 Nudgee Cemetery Bannon Michael 29/06/1963 01/07/1963 5A-565 Show on Map
2611 Nudgee Cemetery Bannon Monica 22/02/1927 03/09/2004 09/09/2004 5A-566 Show on Map
2568 Nudgee Cemetery Bannon Sr Mary Macarius RSM 04/09/1906 16/12/1961 19/12/1961 SIS-MER-06-13 Show on Map
I000005687 Nudgee Cemetery BANNON WINIFRED 14/12/1940 B2-03-01C Show on Map
81 Nudgee Cemetery BANOMO BABY 27/01/1955 K-1-08 Show on Map
I000005147 Nudgee Cemetery BANWELL-JARVIS BABY RENEE 06/11/1992 A4-K-813 Show on Map
4972 Nudgee Cemetery BANZAVECCHIO JOHN 03/12/1958 A4-03-53 Show on Map
3934 Nudgee Cemetery Baranoff Sr Elaine Mary Lynette, CSB 05/01/1941 22/06/2009 02/07/2009 SIS-CSB-01-14 Show on Map
3575 Nudgee Cemetery Baratta Antonio 31/03/1934 06/02/2008 11/02/2008 V-1215 Show on Map
5386 Nudgee Cemetery Baratta Lucio 05/08/1958 11/07/2014 18/07/2014 LA-2654 Show on Map
3132 Nudgee Cemetery Baravilala Baby Arthur Evans 30/06/2006 30/06/2006 14/07/2006 A4-K-931 Show on Map
75-95 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO ALFIO 16/09/1995 V-1263 Show on Map
170-96 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO ANGELA 17/07/1996 CHAP-013-L2 Show on Map
2484 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Angelo 23/11/1961 V-0011 Show on Map
4421 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Angelo 24/02/1989 9A-848 Show on Map
3182 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Antonina 21/11/1923 30/08/2006 04/09/2006 V-1262 Show on Map
I000013401 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO CARMELA 31/03/1995 V-0592 Show on Map
256-99 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO CARMELO 23/11/1999 9A-932 Show on Map
I000006731 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO CARMELO 22/09/1992 CHAP-073-L2 Show on Map
I000013351 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO ELVIRA 15/04/1975 V-0486 Show on Map
I000013352 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO FRANCESCO 26/10/1982 V-0487 Show on Map
I000013379 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO GIOVANNI 17/02/1976 V-0543 Show on Map
5374 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Giovanni 24/09/1939 20/06/2014 02/07/2014 9A-849 Show on Map
I000013400 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO GIUSEPPE 11/01/1977 V-0591 Show on Map
I000002802 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Maria Catena 30/05/1979 9A-847 Show on Map
I000006730 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO MARIA 26/08/1991 CHAP-073-L1 Show on Map
I000002803 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Odette Matilda 29/07/1939 25/01/1990 03/02/1990 9A-850 Show on Map
3640 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Orazia 20/03/1924 28/04/2008 06/05/2008 9A-931 Show on Map
I000013229 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO ROSA 22/02/1982 V-0200 Show on Map
I000013380 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO ROSARIA 03/08/1992 V-0544 Show on Map
4632 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagallo Rosario 25/08/1932 12/12/2011 16/12/2011 CHAP-217-D4 Show on Map
10431 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO SALVATORE 27/12/1967 V-0199 Show on Map
I000006635 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAGALLO VINCENTO 27/11/1975 CHAP-013-L1 Show on Map
5766 Nudgee Cemetery Barbagiovanni Giuseppe 09/04/1930 08/10/2015 15/10/2015 V-1242 Show on Map
I000010233 Nudgee Cemetery BARBANERA GIOVANNI COSTANTINO 29/04/1981 LA-0312 Show on Map
161-99 Nudgee Cemetery BARBARIC MARIA 05/08/1999 10A-416 Show on Map
I000013231 Nudgee Cemetery BARBARINO ALFIO 20/07/1968 V-0205 Show on Map
6503 Nudgee Cemetery Barbaro Assunta 06/12/1935 14/03/2018 23/03/2018 V-0470 Show on Map
I000013345 Nudgee Cemetery BARBARO MAURO 04/05/1973 V-0469 Show on Map
14776 Nudgee Cemetery BARBAROSSA GIOVANNI 18/05/1971 V-0330 Show on Map
4754 Nudgee Cemetery BARBELER AUGUSTUS 24/08/1963 A3-14-15 Show on Map
I000004642 Nudgee Cemetery BARBELER CLARE SILVERINE 18/06/1984 A3-14-16 Show on Map
I000005089 Nudgee Cemetery BARBER BABY GERARD 03/05/1974 A4-K-707 Show on Map
I000000461 Nudgee Cemetery BARBER LEONARD VIVYAN 18/12/1980 5A-611 Show on Map
3763 Nudgee Cemetery BARBER LESLEY URSULA 30/11/1962 5A-611 Show on Map
C00275 Nudgee Crematorium Barber Rita Florence 22/06/1925 13/07/2015 17/07/2015 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Barber Ruth 13/11/1925 02/08/2017 14/08/2017 Contact Office
8678 Nudgee Cemetery BARBERA CARMELO 06/08/1966 V-0073 Show on Map
I000013384 Nudgee Cemetery BARBERA ROSA 03/08/1993 V-0550 Show on Map
16940 Nudgee Cemetery BARBERA ROSARIA 02/01/1973 V-0228 Show on Map
1850 Nudgee Cemetery Barbera Salvatore 09/03/1912 03/11/2001 07/11/2001 V-0551 Show on Map
I000005887 Nudgee Cemetery BARBOUR AGNES BRIDGET 15/06/1943 B2-07-08 Show on Map
18566 Nudgee Cemetery BARBOUR ALEXANDER JOHN 22/04/1974 9A-516 Show on Map
I000005888 Nudgee Cemetery BARBOUR CHARLES PATRICK 29/09/1970 B2-07-08 Show on Map
I000002615 Nudgee Cemetery BARBOUR MARY 31/08/1989 9A-516 Show on Map
I000001917 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHAM CATHERINE 04/07/1968 8A-202 Show on Map
I000002877 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHAM ELLEN MAY 12/01/1920 A-02-01C Show on Map
I000002876 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHAM HERBERT 02/07/1920 A-02-01 Show on Map
954 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHAM MARY AGNES 27/09/1955 A3-04-16 Show on Map
12063 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHAM MARY JANE 15/07/1952 A-02-02 Show on Map
I000001918 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHAM RICHARD ARCHIBALD 14/01/1970 8A-202 Show on Map
906 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHAM RICHARD EDWARDS 20/03/1939 A-02-02 Show on Map
I000009964 Nudgee Cemetery BARCHESTER ROB 28/09/1960 K-2-151 Show on Map
I000003220 Nudgee Cemetery BARCLAY GLADYS IRENE 08/08/1990 A-07-25 Show on Map
4254 Nudgee Cemetery BARCLAY JAMES SAMUEL 20/04/1963 5A-674 Show on Map
I000000494 Nudgee Cemetery BARCLAY KATHLEEN 25/07/1973 5A-674 Show on Map
5484 Nudgee Cemetery BARCLAY PHYLLIS ANN 02/04/1964 J-02-35 Show on Map
163-96 Nudgee Cemetery BARCLAY ROBERT HUGH 12/07/1996 A-07-25C Show on Map
I000001398 Nudgee Cemetery BARCZYK FRANK 12/04/1988 7A-336 Show on Map
I000010136 Nudgee Cemetery BARCZYK JANINA 16/08/1982 LA-0166 Show on Map
5719 Nudgee Cemetery BARDELLA BABY 03/06/1964 K-2-320 Show on Map
I000006825 Nudgee Cemetery BARDINI ALESSANDRO 02/10/1989 CHAP-117-C4 Show on Map
3877 Nudgee Cemetery Bardini Amalia 10/08/1915 27/04/2009 06/05/2009 CHAP-117-C3 Show on Map
1568 Nudgee Cemetery Bardini Domenico 15/12/9999 03/09/2000 07/10/2000 9A-141 Show on Map
2415 Nudgee Cemetery Bardini Igino Enrico 09/10/1914 26/12/2003 31/12/2003 9A-141 Show on Map
13375 Nudgee Cemetery Bardini Maria Angela 04/05/1886 14/04/1970 16/04/1970 9A-141 Show on Map
I000005574 Nudgee Cemetery BARDON MARY JANE 21/08/1939 B1-01-06 Show on Map
I000005480 Nudgee Cemetery BARDON NICHOLAS 01/09/1923 B-50-14 Show on Map
I000008947 Nudgee Cemetery BARDON THOMAS G-06-64 Show on Map
I000012395 Nudgee Cemetery Barea Sr Maria FdCC 27/08/1982 27/08/1982 SIS-CAN-01-15 Show on Map
1521 Nudgee Cemetery BARGO WAYNE JOHN 28/07/2000 LA-2036 Show on Map
5820 Nudgee Cemetery Barichello Daniele Anthony 07/11/1972 07/12/2015 18/12/2015 CHAP-343-L2 Show on Map
5884 Nudgee Cemetery Barillaro Guiseppe 10/03/1920 26/02/2016 03/03/2016 CHAP-129-B4 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Barke Josephine Lilian 31/03/1937 21/09/2018 25/09/2018 Contact Office
12993 Nudgee Cemetery BARKER BABY 06/05/1953 SB-040 Show on Map
3059 Nudgee Cemetery BARKER BABY 21/05/1957 SB-083 Show on Map
3464 Nudgee Cemetery Barker Britha Margaret Mary 14/02/1919 22/09/2007 28/09/2007 LA-0306 Show on Map
5524 Nudgee Cemetery BARKER NOEL FRANCIS 04/03/1981 LA-0306 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Barker Peter William 07/07/1953 19/08/2017 25/08/2017 Contact Office
5041 Nudgee Cemetery Barker Sr Mary Philippa RPA 16/10/1928 11/05/2013 16/05/2013 SIS-RPA-01-14 Show on Map
I000004661 Nudgee Cemetery BARLETTA SALVATORE 10/02/1987 A3CHP15-19/21-L2 Show on Map
5871 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW AGNES MAUD 10/08/1959 A3-13-14 Show on Map
19383 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW CATHERINE FRANCES 08/11/1974 A3-14-51 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Barlow Christine Betty 24/11/1949 13/07/2018 19/07/2018 Contact Office
I000007605 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW HENRY JOSEPH 19/04/1938 F-07-01C Show on Map
I000012140 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW JAMES BANFIELD 29/04/1939 OLD CEM-146 Show on Map
7440 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW JAMES LEO 21/08/1965 F-08-01 Show on Map
6806 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW JOSEPH RAYMOND 13/03/1965 A3-14-51 Show on Map
I000011013 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW MARY ELLEN 28/07/1993 LA-1479 Show on Map
I000007606 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW SARAH 18/03/1933 F-07-01 Show on Map
I000007672 Nudgee Cemetery BARLOW ZITA MARGARET MARY 10/01/1976 F-08-01 Show on Map
6235 Nudgee Cemetery Barnbaum Caroline 27/09/1915 29/03/2017 12/05/2017 MG-G-018 Show on Map
I000006204 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES ALICE MAUD 16/06/1947 C-34-10 Show on Map
13978 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES BABY 09/09/1970 A4-K-595 Show on Map
I000011620 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES BABY 09/03/1979 OL-0644 Show on Map
5945 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES BABY 31/07/1981 A4-K-769 Show on Map
I000005125 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES BABY ELIZABETH LOUISE 24/04/1987 A4-K-790 Show on Map
I000006202 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES CHARLES HILARY 28/05/1934 C-34-10 Show on Map
C00936 Nudgee Crematorium Barnes Clarice Alma 27/10/1928 07/09/2016 09/09/2016 Contact Office
C00728 Nudgee Crematorium Barnes Joyce Mary 12/09/1922 12/05/2016 17/05/2016 Contact Office
3101 Nudgee Cemetery Barnes Lena Doris 21/11/1910 31/05/2006 05/06/2006 C-34-11 Show on Map
C00362 Nudgee Crematorium Barnes Marie Josephine 27/04/1935 18/08/2015 11/09/2015 Contact Office
273-97 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES RONALD PATRICK 14/11/1997 C-34-10 Show on Map
5885 Nudgee Cemetery BARNES TERRENCE JOHN 10/07/1964 C-34-11 Show on Map
I000001685 Nudgee Cemetery BARNETT JANELLE LOUISE 20/03/1990 7A-763 Show on Map
6566 Nudgee Cemetery Barnett Murray Alexander 23/10/1929 06/06/2018 11/06/2018 A-02-21C Show on Map
6567 Nudgee Cemetery Barnett Noelle May 13/12/1928 07/04/1988 11/06/2018 A-02-21C Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Barneveld Dulcie Merle 13/04/1929 06/12/2015 11/12/2015 Contact Office
I000007004 Nudgee Cemetery BARNICLE AUSTIN JOHN 13/05/1991 D-37-10 Show on Map
I000010178 Nudgee Cemetery Barns Mary 13/07/1988 LA-0237 Show on Map
2402 Nudgee Cemetery Barone Alberto 07/01/1950 30/11/2003 03/12/2003 CHAP-246-L3 Show on Map
5321 Nudgee Cemetery Barone Leonardo 20/08/1932 17/04/2014 28/04/2014 CHAP-311-B2 Show on Map
I000013336 Nudgee Cemetery BARONIO FRANCESCO 05/06/1974 V-0445 Show on Map
49-00 Nudgee Cemetery BARONIO GLENDA DIANA 06/03/2000 CHAP-201-B2 Show on Map
3516 Nudgee Cemetery Baronio Pietra Felice 20/06/1920 18/11/2007 26/11/2007 CHAP-201-B1 Show on Map
3961 Nudgee Cemetery Baronio Tina 01/01/1926 26/08/2009 14/08/2009 CHAP-201-C1 Show on Map
I000002484 Nudgee Cemetery BARR EMMETT SMITH 05/06/1972 9A-358 Show on Map
2258 Nudgee Cemetery Barr Eva Winifred 14/01/1904 25/05/2003 29/05/2003 LA-0936 Show on Map
3728 Nudgee Cemetery Barr Joan Audrey 23/09/1923 09/08/2008 29/08/2008 A1-02-45 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Barr Shane William 03/06/1975 19/05/2017 23/05/2017 Contact Office
I000011610 Nudgee Cemetery BARR VERONICA ELIZABETH 26/08/1993 OL-0634 Show on Map
I000011609 Nudgee Cemetery BARR WALLIS JOHN 01/05/1974 OL-0634 Show on Map
C00074 Nudgee Crematorium Barr William Henry Andrew 05/10/1937 27/02/2015 04/03/2015 Contact Office
I000006059 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Albert Louis 08/12/1976 C-28-05 Show on Map
I000005499 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Baby Yvonne Marie 24/03/1924 B-51-06 Show on Map
I000006061 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Julia Constance 19/01/1945 C-28-05C Show on Map
I000005501 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Leslie Royle 29/03/1927 B-51-06 Show on Map
I000006063 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Magdalean Valadia 21/06/1993 C-28-06 Show on Map
I000006062 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Marie Louise 14/10/1959 C-28-06 Show on Map
I000005500 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Mary 17/06/1925 B-51-06 Show on Map
I000006060 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Royle Constance 11/03/1936 C-28-05C Show on Map
5209 Nudgee Cemetery Barraud Royle Joseph 25/12/1928 15/11/2013 21/11/2013 B-51-06 Show on Map
27-95 Nudgee Cemetery BARRAUD VALERIE OLINDA 28/07/1995 OL-1091 Show on Map
4191 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT ALICE MARGARET 11/12/1979 OL-0462 Show on Map
6859 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT BABY CLARE GABRIEL 30/03/1965 K-2-360 Show on Map
I000005928 Nudgee Cemetery Barrett Br James Joseph CFC 14/03/1840 14/03/1921 14/03/1921 BR-CFC-01-06 Show on Map
5654 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT CATHERINE TERESE 21/05/1964 5A-881 Show on Map
21123 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT ELLEN MAUD 12/05/1976 OL-0793 Show on Map
5389 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT FRANCIS JAMES 02/03/1964 A3-12-39 Show on Map
4775 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT HAROLD ALFRED 03/07/1980 OL-0462 Show on Map
8880 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT JOAN AGNES 25/01/1949 A1-08-61C Show on Map
I000002701 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT JOHN PATRICK 15/12/1975 9A-619 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Barrett Keith 06/06/1929 02/06/2018 12/06/2018 Contact Office
2206 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT MABEL MARY 05/09/1961 6A-045 Show on Map
7364 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT MARY 05/08/1965 7A-323 Show on Map
I000004607 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT MARY JANE 22/03/1971 A3-12-39 Show on Map
C00749 Nudgee Crematorium Barrett Raye Elizabeth 14/02/1945 25/05/2016 27/05/2016 Contact Office
I000004114 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT SARAH AGNES 27/04/1974 A1-08-62 Show on Map
19756 Nudgee Cemetery Barrett Sr Mary Baptista RSM 10/06/1896 11/03/1975 12/03/1975 SIS-MER-31-01 Show on Map
I000012631 Nudgee Cemetery Barrett Sr Mary Colette RSM 03/05/1866 08/09/1943 09/09/1943 SIS-MER-14-03 Show on Map
15946 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT WILLIAM JAMES 18/04/1972 5A-881 Show on Map
2108 Nudgee Cemetery BARRETT WILLIAM THOMAS 17/08/1956 A1-08-62 Show on Map
5350 Nudgee Cemetery BARRIERE BABY 17/01/1964 K-2-300 Show on Map
I000011489 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON ANNIE JOSEPHINE 19/04/1993 OL-0456 Show on Map
12032 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON BABY 03/07/1952 SB-001 Show on Map
5792 Nudgee Cemetery Barron Bernard William 05/04/1945 03/11/2015 12/11/2015 LA-2957 Show on Map
2145 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON EDMOND RAPHAEL 24/08/1961 6A-044 Show on Map
I000008438 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON EDWARD JOHN 25/10/1898 G-01-27 Show on Map
I000008436 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON JOHN 01/09/1897 G-01-27 Show on Map
5793 Nudgee Cemetery Barron Leith Eleanor 17/08/1949 08/09/2015 12/11/2015 LA-2957 Show on Map
I000008437 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON MARY 06/05/1904 G-01-27C Show on Map
I000011461 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON SARAH MARY 30/10/1972 OL-0424 Show on Map
16534 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON WILLIAM 09/09/1972 OL-0424 Show on Map
16768 Nudgee Cemetery BARRON WILLIAM JAMES 10/11/1972 OL-0456 Show on Map
7330 Nudgee Cemetery BARROW BABY 29/07/1965 K-2-373 Show on Map
5287 Nudgee Cemetery Barrow Edward Charles 24/04/1920 07/03/2014 13/03/2014 10A-403 Show on Map
I000012027 Nudgee Cemetery BARROW PATRICK 08/10/1928 OLD CEM-017 Show on Map
I000005200 Nudgee Cemetery BARROWS GLADYS EDITH 23/05/1984 B-43-06 Show on Map
I000005199 Nudgee Cemetery BARROWS RICHARD HENRY 21/12/1931 B-43-06 Show on Map
I000008687 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY ANNE ELIZABETH 12/03/1930 G-03-62 Show on Map
I000012126 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY ANNIE 29/03/1937 OLD CEM-130 Show on Map
10707 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY BABY DANIEL JAMES 15/03/1968 A4-K-494 Show on Map
12874 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY BABY JOHN 20/03/1953 OLD K-2-38-B Show on Map
9425 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY BABY PETER 28/07/1967 K-2-460 Show on Map
5017 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Bridget Veronica 07/11/1963 08/11/1963 5A-765 Show on Map
790 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY DANIEL 15/02/1977 OL-0953 Show on Map
18640 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Daniel Francis 10/05/1974 13/05/1974 5A-765 Show on Map
I000005209 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY DAVID 19/09/1938 B-43-10 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Barry Doreen Alice 16/07/1935 23/05/2016 27/05/2016 Contact Office
I000007302 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY EDWARD 28/07/1915 F-01-28 Show on Map
I000004716 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Edward Michael Snr 28/01/1960 A4-02-25 Show on Map
I000004717 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Eileen Margaret 27/01/1978 A4-02-25 Show on Map
4203 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Eileen Joan 08/04/1949 11/06/2010 23/06/2010 LA-1733 Show on Map
I000007305 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY EILEEN O'HARA 25/03/1972 F-01-30 Show on Map
I000010445 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Ella Kathleen 25/05/1900 12/07/1984 14/07/1984 LA-0615 Show on Map
133-96 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Irene Evelyn Mary 21/04/1913 12/06/1996 14/06/1996 LA-1733 Show on Map
6651 Nudgee Cemetery Barry John Patrick 12/07/1918 03/09/2018 14/09/2018 LA-1732 Show on Map
12880 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY JOHN 20/03/1953 G-05A-03A Show on Map
I000002407 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY JOHN FREDERICK GEORGE 30/01/1971 9A-264 Show on Map
I000007297 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARGARET 05/11/1933 F-01-24 Show on Map
5360 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Marie Ann 10/11/1935 03/06/2014 06/06/2014 LA-0615 Show on Map
I000011317 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARTIN 16/03/1971 OL-0243 Show on Map
I000005208 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARY 03/04/1937 B-43-10 Show on Map
I000007306 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARY 08/05/1942 F-01-31 Show on Map
I000006156 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARY ELLEN 20/07/1935 C-32-11 Show on Map
13598 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARY JOSEPHINE 21/10/1953 A2-07-43 Show on Map
I000002237 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARY KATHLEEN 05/03/1969 9A-020 Show on Map
I000002238 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MARY THERESA 22/10/1993 9A-020 Show on Map
3114 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MATILDA 07/06/1957 A4-11-27 Show on Map
3831 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY MICHAEL 19/12/1962 A1-07-44 Show on Map
1947 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Mons Edward 23/12/1889 04/07/1956 05/07/1956 PR-OLD-01-04 Show on Map
3056 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Raymond Dudley 20/10/1928 22/03/2006 04/04/2006 LA-2366 Show on Map
I000012305 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Rev Fr Michael John 05/04/1941 07/04/1941 PR-OLD-03-07 Show on Map
I000008685 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY RICHARD EDWARD 04/01/1926 G-03-62 Show on Map
1858 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Sr Alma Catherine OSU 24/02/1907 17/11/2001 20/11/2001 SIS-URS-01-08 Show on Map
6132 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Sr Lorraine Patricia RSM 28/02/1919 27/12/2016 05/01/2017 SIS-MER-25-04 Show on Map
I000012879 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Sr Mary Edward RSM 05/07/1895 14/09/1983 16/09/1983 SIS-MER-36-11 Show on Map
252 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Sr Mary Merici RSM 15/06/1893 25/08/1976 27/08/1976 SIS-MER-32-17 Show on Map
21132 Nudgee Cemetery Barry Sr Mary Sebastian RSM 05/09/1891 12/05/1976 14/05/1976 SIS-MER-32-02 Show on Map
14153 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY THOMAS MAURICE 23/10/1970 F-01-30 Show on Map
I000007307 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY TIMOTHY WOLFETONE 11/09/1946 F-01-31 Show on Map
I000003974 Nudgee Cemetery BARRY VERONICA ELLEN 19/03/1993 A1-03-44 Show on Map
13874 Nudgee Cemetery BARTER BABY 28/01/1954 SB-077 Show on Map
13923 Nudgee Cemetery BARTER GLORIA ROSE 09/02/1954 A4-11-56 Show on Map
15774 Nudgee Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW MARGARITE ELIZABETH 27/02/1972 9A-188 Show on Map
2895 Nudgee Cemetery Bartholomew Patricia Elizabeth 14/03/1926 20/08/2005 24/08/2005 C1-13-05 Show on Map
7758 Nudgee Cemetery BARTHUS PRANAS 13/11/1965 LITH-03 Show on Map
1432 Nudgee Cemetery Barticciotto Venera 01/01/1910 07/04/2000 11/04/2000 V-0391 Show on Map
2929 Nudgee Cemetery Bartilomo Guglielmo 09/07/1958 01/10/2005 06/10/2005 10A-390 Show on Map
3511 Nudgee Cemetery Bartilomo Mary Katherine 23/10/1947 10/11/2007 16/11/2007 CHAP-266-C2 Show on Map
4222 Nudgee Cemetery Bartilomo Pasquale 02/01/1929 27/06/2010 12/07/2010 10A-389 Show on Map
3268 Nudgee Cemetery BARTLAM CECIL FRANCIS 20/07/1962 6A-083 Show on Map
I000011230 Nudgee Cemetery BARTLETT YVETTE MARIA 19/10/1979 OL-0085 Show on Map
5103 Nudgee Cemetery Bartley Francis George 29/09/1956 22/07/2013 29/07/2013 C1-12-12D Show on Map
I000006583 Nudgee Cemetery Bartley Joan Frances 31/07/1969 C1-12-12D Show on Map
4635 Nudgee Cemetery Bartley John Frederick 28/07/1910 16/05/1980 C1-12-12D Show on Map
1738 Nudgee Cemetery Bartolini Ennio 14/08/1926 19/06/2001 22/06/2001 LA-1969 Show on Map
2543 Nudgee Cemetery BARTOLINO BABY 12/12/1961 K-2-192 Show on Map
I000010163 Nudgee Cemetery BARTON EILEEN 18/01/1995 LA-0214 Show on Map
I000012413 Nudgee Cemetery Barton Sr Elizabeth CSB 12/03/1905 25/05/1984 28/05/1984 SIS-CSB-01-09 Show on Map
5613 Nudgee Cemetery BARTORILLO MARIA CATINA 02/03/1990 CHAP-136-C3 Show on Map
15594 Nudgee Cemetery BARTOSEK DONALD 29/12/1971 9A-301 Show on Map
1326 Nudgee Cemetery Baruzza Jolanda 10/07/1986 9A-717 Show on Map
3805 Nudgee Cemetery Baruzza Sergio Mario 05/04/1944 16/12/2008 22/12/2008 9A-717 Show on Map
184-98 Nudgee Cemetery BASHFORD ELIZABETH ROSE 03/09/1998 8A-293 Show on Map
1847 Nudgee Cemetery Basile Angela 23/02/1908 31/10/2001 02/11/2001 CHAP-172-A4 Show on Map
I000006910 Nudgee Cemetery BASILE VINCENZO 15/12/1994 CHAP-172-A3 Show on Map
5947 Nudgee Cemetery Basilico Sr Emilia FdCC 07/04/1926 22/05/2016 25/05/2016 SIS-CAN-02-10 Show on Map
8493 Nudgee Cemetery Baskerville Sr Kathleen FMM 16/04/1911 10/12/1983 12/12/1983 SIS-FMM-01-04 Show on Map
6988 Nudgee Cemetery BASS CATHERINE MARIE 13/07/1982 9A-575 Show on Map
19684 Nudgee Cemetery BASS WILLIAM ALFRED 07/02/1975 9A-575 Show on Map
4462 Nudgee Cemetery Bassett Edna Josephine 12/10/1917 16/08/2010 24/05/2011 5A-328 Show on Map
3284 Nudgee Cemetery Bassett Kenneth Dudley 31/07/1916 31/05/2006 16/01/2007 5A-328 Show on Map
I000002425 Nudgee Cemetery BASSHAM MARY CATHERINE 09/08/1993 9A-285 Show on Map
I000002795 Nudgee Cemetery BASSI VALDI 23/03/1979 9A-835 Show on Map
I000003580 Nudgee Cemetery BATCHELOR COLLEEN D 21/12/1931 A-14-01 Show on Map
6071 Nudgee Cemetery BATCHELOR JOHANNAH 07/10/1959 A-14-02 Show on Map
I000003327 Nudgee Cemetery BATE MARTIN EDWARD 02/01/1946 A-09-24 Show on Map
1764 Nudgee Cemetery BATEMAN BABY 18/05/1961 K-2-174 Show on Map
5131 Nudgee Cemetery Bateman Baby Lilly-Anna 17/06/2013 21/08/2013 28/08/2013 10A-513 Show on Map
214-99 Nudgee Cemetery BATERNIK MAGDALENA 05/10/1999 7A-596 Show on Map
5469 Nudgee Cemetery Baternik Maria 18/08/1935 30/09/2014 08/10/2014 5A-676 Show on Map
8445 Nudgee Cemetery BATERNIK STJEPAN 16/07/1992 7A-596 Show on Map
131-98 Nudgee Cemetery BATES ALICE MARY 09/07/1998 LA-1252 Show on Map
I000005889 Nudgee Cemetery BATES BABY AUREA ANN 23/03/1943 B2-07-09 Show on Map
903 Nudgee Cemetery BATES BASIL STANTHORPE 30/08/1960 A4-09-44 Show on Map
I000005890 Nudgee Cemetery BATES DOROTHY 09/11/1963 B2-07-09 Show on Map
C00669 Nudgee Crematorium Bates Douglas McLean 20/01/1922 06/04/2016 07/04/2016 Contact Office
I000011472 Nudgee Cemetery BATES ELIZABETH MAY ESTER 01/09/1993 OL-0435 Show on Map
I000000879 Nudgee Cemetery BATES ELLEN KATHERINE 06/09/1963 6A-283 Show on Map
I000002775 Nudgee Cemetery BATES ERNEST JOHN 06/10/1977 9A-766 Show on Map
C00352 Nudgee Crematorium Bates Francis Campbell 22/01/1926 30/08/2015 07/09/2015 Contact Office
I000005891 Nudgee Cemetery BATES GEORGE THOMAS 25/02/1984 B2-07-09 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bates Heather Jessie 17/10/1922 31/12/2017 04/01/2018 Contact Office
I000006425 Nudgee Cemetery BATES JOHN GEORGE 12/02/1973 C1-07-30 Show on Map
I000006424 Nudgee Cemetery BATES MARY ELLEN 18/07/1947 C1-07-30 Show on Map
I000011391 Nudgee Cemetery BATES NEVILLE THOMAS 08/01/1976 OL-0345 Show on Map
4838 Nudgee Cemetery Bates Patricia Jane 16/08/1925 19/08/2012 22/08/2012 C-30-14 Show on Map
C00888 Nudgee Crematorium Bates Russell Joseph 04/10/1945 10/08/2016 12/08/2016 Contact Office
I000012515 Nudgee Cemetery Bates Sr Mary Josephine RSM 06/10/1865 28/02/1937 01/03/1937 SIS-MER-05-06 Show on Map
I000011471 Nudgee Cemetery BATES WILLIAM A 13/05/1991 OL-0435 Show on Map
I000003597 Nudgee Cemetery BATH DOROTHY EILEEN 21/11/1928 A-14-13 Show on Map
3631 Nudgee Cemetery Bath Ernest Alonza 17/10/1962 18/10/1962 5A-535 Show on Map
905 Nudgee Cemetery BATH JUANITA MARY 14/02/1986 OL-0134 Show on Map
7823 Nudgee Cemetery BATH JULIA 10/11/1947 A1-06-58 Show on Map
46-95 Nudgee Cemetery Bath Maud Lucy 21/08/1995 24/08/1995 5A-535 Show on Map
11545 Nudgee Cemetery BATH WILLIAM JAMES 22/10/1968 OL-0134 Show on Map
10275 Nudgee Cemetery BATH WILLIAM MATTHEW 11/09/1950 A1-06-58 Show on Map
I000010047 Nudgee Cemetery Batley Charles Lawrence 18/07/1952 01/06/1984 21/08/1984 LA-0050 Show on Map
219-97 Nudgee Cemetery Batley Claude Colin 28/05/1911 13/09/1997 17/09/1997 LA-0049 Show on Map
I000010046 Nudgee Cemetery Batley Hilary Marie 04/03/1915 19/12/1978 21/12/1978 LA-0050 Show on Map
2567 Nudgee Cemetery Batley Ivy Myrtle 07/08/1917 14/07/2004 22/07/2004 LA-0049 Show on Map
I000005835 Nudgee Cemetery BATSTONE HANORA 04/05/1972 B2-06-04 Show on Map
I000005834 Nudgee Cemetery BATSTONE KEITH WILLIAM 26/06/1942 B2-06-04 Show on Map
14778 Nudgee Cemetery BATT EWEN MCDERMOTT 20/05/1971 OL-0313 Show on Map
5956 Nudgee Cemetery BATTAGLENE BABY HELEN MARY 22/07/1964 K-2-330 Show on Map
I000009959 Nudgee Cemetery BATTAGLENE BABY KEVIN JAMES 24/04/1957 K-2-046 Show on Map
3386 Nudgee Cemetery BATTAGLENE HAROLD RICHARD 29/04/1988 LA-0822 Show on Map
187-98 Nudgee Cemetery Battaglene Sr Mary Borgia RSM 28/05/1907 05/09/1998 08/09/1998 SIS-MER-39-15 Show on Map
I000012926 Nudgee Cemetery Battaglene Sr Mary St Paul RSM 22/07/1903 11/04/1994 13/04/1994 SIS-MER-39-14 Show on Map
I000010583 Nudgee Cemetery BATTAGLENE WILLIAM JOHN 14/05/1986 LA-0822 Show on Map
4263 Nudgee Cemetery Battaglia Angela 03/03/1929 25/08/2010 30/08/2010 V-1411 Show on Map
4845 Nudgee Cemetery Battaglia Emanuele 13/04/1922 25/08/2012 30/08/2012 V-1410 Show on Map
I000004621 Nudgee Cemetery BATTLE HANORA 15/02/1983 A3-13-29 Show on Map
2155 Nudgee Cemetery BATTLE JAMES STEPHEN 25/08/1961 A3-13-29 Show on Map
11136 Nudgee Cemetery BATTLEY ALEXANDER 16/07/1968 8A-173 Show on Map
I000006601 Nudgee Cemetery BATTLEY FREDERICK 03/10/1969 C1-13-09A Show on Map
15657 Nudgee Cemetery BATTLEY LILLIAN GERTRUDE EILEEN 13/01/1972 C1-13-09A Show on Map
I000002762 Nudgee Cemetery BATZ IRMGARD MARIA 10/10/1984 9A-723 Show on Map
I000002763 Nudgee Cemetery BATZ JOHANN (JOHN) 16/11/1988 9A-724 Show on Map
11985 Nudgee Cemetery Batzloff Thelma Maria 12/04/1929 05/03/1969 07/03/1969 A2-03-56 Show on Map
I000001094 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER ADA ANNIE EMILY 27/06/1961 6A-461 Show on Map
I000005133 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER BABY JESSICA 22/05/1991 A4-K-800 Show on Map
I000007802 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER BABY THERESA MARGARET 31/10/1891 F-10-03C Show on Map
I000001095 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER EDWARD JAMES 27/05/1970 6A-461 Show on Map
I000007800 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER EMILY M 11/08/1891 F-10-03C Show on Map
I000006448 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER FRANCIS GOTTLEIB 09/10/1948 C1-08-21C Show on Map
C00406 Nudgee Crematorium Bauer Leslie Francis 26/04/1920 30/09/2015 06/10/2015 Contact Office
I000006447 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER MARY JOSEPHINE 08/04/1948 C1-08-21 Show on Map
2496 Nudgee Cemetery Bauer Sr Mary Gemma RSM 16/10/1919 25/11/1961 28/11/1961 SIS-MER-05-13 Show on Map
551 Nudgee Cemetery BAUER THOMAS FRANCIS 02/06/1960 F-10-04 Show on Map
11714 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMAN BABY MARGARET MARY 13/12/1968 A4-K-531 Show on Map
55-00 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMAN DEANNE MARIE 11/03/2000 A4-K-531 Show on Map
2651 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMAN HERBERT JOSEPH 22/08/1978 LA-0016 Show on Map
283-96 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMAN MONICA GERTRUDE 13/11/1996 LA-0016 Show on Map
I000011173 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMANAS ALBERT 24/09/1991 LITH-31 Show on Map
I000005065 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMANN BABY MARY MARGARET 08/07/1971 A4-K-623 Show on Map
4056 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMANN ROSE 30/10/1979 LA-0142 Show on Map
13267 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMGARTEN CLARENCE ALFRED 13/03/1970 9A-106 Show on Map
I000002296 Nudgee Cemetery BAUMGARTEN NORAH MARY 03/07/1989 9A-106 Show on Map
2509 Nudgee Cemetery BAUNACH CATHERINE 26/11/1956 C-25-02C Show on Map
12651 Nudgee Cemetery BAUNACH FRANCIS 03/01/1953 C-25-02C Show on Map
210-99 Nudgee Cemetery BAUNACH GRACE KATHLEEN 30/09/1999 C-25-02 Show on Map
I000005990 Nudgee Cemetery BAUNACH JOHN FRANCIS 28/12/1990 C-25-03 Show on Map
I000005989 Nudgee Cemetery BAUNACH VINCENT J 07/09/1934 C-25-02 Show on Map
I000011726 Nudgee Cemetery Bawden Beverly Teresa 06/09/1941 26/06/1975 27/06/1975 OL-0772 Show on Map
2494 Nudgee Cemetery Bawden Charles Henry 25/10/1910 06/07/1987 08/07/1987 OL-0772 Show on Map
2735 Nudgee Cemetery Bawden Irene Dorothy 25/02/1913 23/01/2005 27/01/2005 OL-0772 Show on Map
61-00 Nudgee Cemetery BAX ROBERT DEAN 15/03/2000 LA-2018 Show on Map
I000000106 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER AGNES JANE 25/10/1989 10A-196 Show on Map
I000010007 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER BABY JULIA ANN 29/05/1980 K-2-478D Show on Map
I000005468 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER GORDON STANLEY 01/08/1973 B-50-05 Show on Map
I000002827 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER JAMES LAWRENCE 29/01/1980 9A-903 Show on Map
I000006351 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER JAMES THOMAS 27/12/1945 C1-05-11 Show on Map
I000000300 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER JOHN JAMES 21/05/1965 5A-298 Show on Map
I000005467 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER MADELINE 20/04/1923 B-50-05 Show on Map
3564 Nudgee Cemetery Baxter Margaret Mary 08/07/1929 23/01/2008 29/01/2008 10A-196 Show on Map
I000000301 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER MARTHA 09/12/1966 5A-298 Show on Map
I000006352 Nudgee Cemetery BAXTER MICHAEL JOSEPH 06/01/1994 C1-05-11 Show on Map
3948 Nudgee Cemetery BAYLDON RICHARD 31/01/1958 A4-10-41 Show on Map
C00607 Nudgee Crematorium Bayliss Robin Allan 27/12/1946 09/02/2016 11/02/2016 Contact Office
1292 Nudgee Cemetery BAZYS JOUZAS 21/12/1960 A4-10-36 Show on Map
I000002924 Nudgee Cemetery BEACH CATHERINE 04/09/1939 A-02-31C Show on Map
6603 Nudgee Cemetery Beale Dennis Patrick 28/12/1956 20/07/2018 02/08/2018 LA-0976 Show on Map
3071 Nudgee Cemetery BEALE EDWARD 22/05/1962 G-05A-02 Show on Map
I000010666 Nudgee Cemetery Beale Patricia 21/06/1924 19/08/1987 21/08/1987 LA-0976 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bean Joan Marie May 28/08/1930 12/07/2018 19/07/2018 Contact Office
C01039 Nudgee Crematorium Beane Douglas Gary 19/06/1947 17/10/2016 17/11/2016 Contact Office
C00278 Nudgee Crematorium Beard Peter Malcolm 26/12/1954 17/07/2015 22/07/2015 Contact Office
2987 Nudgee Cemetery Beardmore Jennifer Mary Elizabeth 10/12/1957 03/12/2005 13/12/2005 LA-1852 Show on Map
14347 Nudgee Cemetery BEARKLEY ANNIE MARY 15/06/1954 F-10-20 Show on Map
1558 Nudgee Cemetery BEARKLEY JAMES ALEXANDER 22/09/2000 F-10-20 Show on Map
1622 Nudgee Cemetery Beasley Anne 31/10/1951 09/12/2000 22/12/2000 OL-0699 Show on Map
6615 Nudgee Cemetery BEATON IVY MAY 12/03/1982 C1-03-01 Show on Map
I000006276 Nudgee Cemetery BEATON LAVINIA JULIA 31/07/1944 C1-03-02 Show on Map
I000006277 Nudgee Cemetery BEATON NORMAN 13/05/1989 C1-03-02 Show on Map
5684 Nudgee Cemetery BEATSON WINIFRED MAY 07/05/1981 LA-0274 Show on Map
I000005310 Nudgee Cemetery BEATTIE JOYCE 22/04/1927 B-46-04 Show on Map
I000002929 Nudgee Cemetery BEATTIE KATHLEEN ANNETTE 06/07/1948 A-02-36 Show on Map
15375 Nudgee Cemetery BEATTIE MARY ANN 26/10/1971 C1-02-34 Show on Map
I000004822 Nudgee Cemetery BEATTY VIOLET 20/05/1957 A4-05-22 Show on Map
C00739 Nudgee Crematorium Beaumont David 28/09/1930 17/05/2016 20/05/2016 Contact Office
I000004231 Nudgee Cemetery BEAUSANG ANDREW CAMPBELL 21/06/1962 A2-04-09 Show on Map
I000002234 Nudgee Cemetery BEAUSANG EMMA CECILIA 21/01/1969 9A-016 Show on Map
I000006029 Nudgee Cemetery BEAUSANG JANE SMITH 06/12/1934 C-26-15 Show on Map
11738 Nudgee Cemetery BEAUSANG LAURA 07/03/1952 A2-04-09 Show on Map
I000005793 Nudgee Cemetery BEAUSANG THOMAS JAMES 06/01/1942 B2-05-09 Show on Map
5776 Nudgee Cemetery Beavis Betty Joyce 01/02/1923 20/10/2015 27/10/2015 LA-1300 Show on Map
1033 Nudgee Cemetery BEAVIS DAVID WAYNE 02/04/1986 LA-0815 Show on Map
I000010859 Nudgee Cemetery Beavis Francis Charles 26/09/1921 19/01/1991 21/01/1991 LA-1300 Show on Map
4049 Nudgee Cemetery BECCARIS FERDINANDO CARLO 27/10/1979 CHAP-066-A1 Show on Map
2245 Nudgee Cemetery Beccaris Maria 10/04/1924 13/05/2003 16/05/2003 CHAP-066-B1 Show on Map
25-98 Nudgee Cemetery BECCIU MARIA 26/02/1998 V-1274 Show on Map
64-98 Nudgee Cemetery BECCIU SALVATORE 23/04/1998 V-1275 Show on Map
I000004611 Nudgee Cemetery BECHLY BABY 29/07/1974 A3-12-46 Show on Map
5526 Nudgee Cemetery BECHLY ERIC HUGO 18/05/1959 A3-12-46 Show on Map
263-96 Nudgee Cemetery BECHLY GERALDINE 25/10/1996 A3-12-46 Show on Map
2671 Nudgee Cemetery BECK BABY 18/01/1957 SB-066 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Beck Neta Eileen 16/03/1926 23/08/2018 28/08/2018 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Beck Raymond Thomas 26/07/1926 02/06/2017 09/06/2017 Contact Office
I000003628 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER AMELIA MARY 04/03/1929 A-14-37C Show on Map
6528 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER ELSIE 10/02/1982 A-14-38 Show on Map
3248 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER HANORAH TERESA 19/07/1957 A-14-37 Show on Map
I000000261 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER KATHLEEN IONA 06/06/1961 5A-216 Show on Map
5847 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER MICHAEL 03/07/1981 A-14-38 Show on Map
12109 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER MICHAEL EDWARD 30/07/1952 A-14-37C Show on Map
5348 Nudgee Cemetery Becker Sr Mary Emerentia RSM 07/10/1903 29/11/1989 01/12/1989 SIS-MER-40-01 Show on Map
5323 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER WHITSUN 12/02/1964 A4-11-53 Show on Map
I000003629 Nudgee Cemetery BECKER WILLIAM JOSEPH 23/08/1958 A-14-37 Show on Map
8608 Nudgee Cemetery Beckett Baby Marie Louise 27/08/1969 9A-098 Show on Map
4757 Nudgee Cemetery Beckett Margaret Mary 24/07/1931 16/05/2012 23/05/2012 9A-098 Show on Map
I000003085 Nudgee Cemetery BECKMAN ELIZABETH 18/01/1962 A-05-19 Show on Map
I000003084 Nudgee Cemetery BECKMAN ROBERT 18/12/1926 A-05-19 Show on Map
14804 Nudgee Cemetery BECKMAN ROBERT WILLIAM 28/05/1971 9A-271 Show on Map
5120 Nudgee Cemetery BECKWITH BABY CHERIE 09/01/1959 K-2-086 Show on Map
17277 Nudgee Cemetery BECKWITH BABY JENNIFER FAY 04/04/1973 9A-444 Show on Map
6790 Nudgee Cemetery BEER BLANCHE LAURA 20/09/1946 C1-06-28 Show on Map
9336 Nudgee Cemetery BEER JOHN CARTHEW 12/08/1949 C1-06-28 Show on Map
I000011032 Nudgee Cemetery BEESLEY ANTHONY JOSEPH 10/06/1993 LA-1500 Show on Map
3482 Nudgee Cemetery Beesley Pearl 26/03/1919 13/10/2007 16/10/2007 LA-1500 Show on Map
1458 Nudgee Cemetery BEESLEY RAYMOND JOSEPH 17/05/2000 LA-1500 Show on Map
3487 Nudgee Cemetery Beeston Baby Gary Vincent 11/09/1962 5A-538 Show on Map
4058 Nudgee Cemetery Beeston Betty June 31/10/1979 5A-538 Show on Map
I000003564 Nudgee Cemetery BEESTON CHARLES HENRY 05/11/1937 A-13-31 Show on Map
8136 Nudgee Cemetery BEESTON ELIZABETH 03/04/1948 A1-07-35 Show on Map
5499 Nudgee Cemetery Beeston Henry Michael 22/11/1920 07/11/2014 17/11/2014 5A-538 Show on Map
I000004020 Nudgee Cemetery BEESTON HENRY MICHAEL 27/10/1945 A1-05-09 Show on Map
I000003567 Nudgee Cemetery BEESTON KATHLEEN JULIA 11/11/1958 A-13-32 Show on Map
4542 Nudgee Cemetery BEESTON MARGARET MARY 11/04/1980 A1-05-10 Show on Map
I000003566 Nudgee Cemetery BEESTON MARY ANN 18/08/1944 A-13-31 Show on Map
I000003565 Nudgee Cemetery BEESTON SID DENNIS 02/07/1929 A-13-31C Show on Map
2802 Nudgee Cemetery BEGG ALEXANDER WILLIAM 07/10/1987 LA-0942 Show on Map
4934 Nudgee Cemetery Begg Brian Donaldson 14/08/1944 11/10/2012 17/12/2012 LA-1590 Show on Map
1797 Nudgee Cemetery Begg Frances Madeline 27/10/1906 01/09/2001 03/09/2001 LA-1590 Show on Map
5028 Nudgee Cemetery BEGG MARY 29/08/1989 LA-0942 Show on Map
5071 Nudgee Cemetery Begley Callista May 14/10/1922 21/06/2013 27/06/2013 LA-2516 Show on Map
5380 Nudgee Cemetery Begley Christopher Daniel 18/12/1922 01/07/2014 08/07/2014 LA-2516 Show on Map
15074 Nudgee Cemetery BEGLEY DANIEL 04/01/1955 A3-03-29 Show on Map
12304 Nudgee Cemetery BEGLEY ELLEN 10/06/1969 A3-03-29 Show on Map
I000012415 Nudgee Cemetery Begley Sr Brigid CSB 28/04/1901 01/09/1991 04/09/1991 SIS-CSB-01-11 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Begovic-Vidakovic Mirjana 13/02/1958 09/04/2018 12/04/2018 Contact Office
2258 Nudgee Cemetery BEHAN ELEANOR EVE MARIA 27/04/1987 LA-0929 Show on Map
2698 Nudgee Cemetery Behan Evelyn Margaret 04/12/1901 02/12/2004 07/12/2004 5A-442 Show on Map
I000003345 Nudgee Cemetery BEHAN FRANCES KATHLEEN 25/02/1932 A-09-38 Show on Map
I000005659 Nudgee Cemetery BEHAN MARY 12/08/1940 B2-02-14 Show on Map
I000013121 Nudgee Cemetery Behan Sr Francis Bertrand RSJ 10/07/1981 11/07/1981 SIS-STJO-04-16 Show on Map
2837 Nudgee Cemetery BEHAN WILLIAM 05/03/1962 5A-442 Show on Map
13285 Nudgee Cemetery BEHM CHARLES AUGUST 21/07/1953 A4-08-47 Show on Map
I000004981 Nudgee Cemetery BEHM HANNAH PRISCILLA 20/10/1967 A4-08-47 Show on Map
3800 Nudgee Cemetery BEIERS FLORENCE ANN 07/12/1962 J-03-18 Show on Map
I000009532 Nudgee Cemetery BEIERS JOSIAH 20/04/1964 J-03-18 Show on Map
I000001236 Nudgee Cemetery BEIL MARGARET SEBINA 27/10/1964 7A-122 Show on Map
I000010610 Nudgee Cemetery BEILBY ELIZABETH MAY 10/12/1986 LA-0865 Show on Map
3232 Nudgee Cemetery Beilby William Henry 16/08/1922 02/11/2006 08/11/2006 LA-2378 Show on Map
14259 Nudgee Cemetery BEIN BABY JACINTA ANN 27/11/1970 A4-K-602 Show on Map
I000004472 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Cecil Clyde 15/06/1957 18/06/1957 A3-07-04 Show on Map
I000008979 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Charles Frederick 03/04/1947 G-07-15C Show on Map
I000010599 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Charles Frederick 23/02/1905 07/07/1986 09/07/1986 LA-0846 Show on Map
13663 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Elizabeth Josephine 10/11/1953 G-07-16 Show on Map
I000008978 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Elsie May 27/10/1933 G-07-15C Show on Map
3602 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Ivy Matilda 19/09/1913 14/03/2008 26/03/2008 LA-0846 Show on Map
51-95 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Josephine Mary 25/08/1995 29/08/1995 A3-07-05 Show on Map
I000008980 Nudgee Cemetery Bein Sydney Albert 23/09/1966 G-07-16 Show on Map
I000002102 Nudgee Cemetery BEINKE ALFRED GEORGE 06/09/1965 8A-358 Show on Map
1636 Nudgee Cemetery BEIRNE ANNE 25/03/1940 H-08-10 Show on Map
15034 Nudgee Cemetery BEIRNE BARTLE 22/12/1954 A4-10-23 Show on Map
I000002420 Nudgee Cemetery BEIRNE EILEEN GERTRUDE 31/12/1992 9A-280 Show on Map
9056 Nudgee Cemetery BEIRNE HON THOMAS CHARLES 22/04/1949 H-08-11 Show on Map
15010 Nudgee Cemetery BEIRNE JAMES BRYAN 19/07/1971 9A-280 Show on Map
I000003414 Nudgee Cemetery BEIRNE MARGARET 26/04/1930 A-11-09 Show on Map
I000012204 Nudgee Cemetery Beirne Rev Fr Isidore Brian OFM 26/07/1928 03/09/1993 06/09/1993 PR-FRAN-01-09 Show on Map
C00694 Nudgee Crematorium Beith Clare 31/12/1952 17/04/2016 27/04/2016 Contact Office
20891 Nudgee Cemetery BEITZ KATHLEEN ROSE 17/02/1976 OL-0837 Show on Map
C00883 Nudgee Crematorium Belanyi Horst 31/08/1939 07/08/2016 11/08/2016 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Belcher Heather 20/01/1951 06/10/2017 10/10/2017 Contact Office
11905 Nudgee Cemetery BELCHER VERONICA MARY 10/02/1969 9A-049 Show on Map
4675 Nudgee Cemetery BELFIORE GIOVANNI 29/05/1980 V-0657 Show on Map
I000004178 Nudgee Cemetery BELFORD STELLA CONSTANCE 10/07/1981 A1-10-64 Show on Map
3709 Nudgee Cemetery Bell Albert Arthur 17/10/1923 03/08/2008 07/08/2008 5A-511 Show on Map
C00770 Nudgee Crematorium Bell Alma Theresa 14/04/1914 05/06/2016 10/06/2016 Contact Office
15959 Nudgee Cemetery BELL BABY 20/04/1972 A4-K-651 Show on Map
8822 Nudgee Cemetery BELL BABY DAVID RONALD 06/09/1966 7A-544 Show on Map
2802 Nudgee Cemetery BELL BABY HAROLD DENNIS 21/02/1962 K-2-203 Show on Map
4468 Nudgee Cemetery BELL BABY MARY EILEEN 19/06/1963 K-2-272 Show on Map
1977 Nudgee Cemetery Bell Baby Michael Robert 02/05/2002 02/05/2002 09/05/2002 A4-K-909 Show on Map
1058 Nudgee Cemetery BELL BABY SAMUEL 10/10/1960 A-09-26 Show on Map
6862 Nudgee Cemetery Bell Br Harold Joseph FMS 05/06/1982 05/06/1982 BR-MAR-02-05 Show on Map
I000008768 Nudgee Cemetery BELL CATHERINE (KATIE) 03/08/1920 G-04-47 Show on Map
3908 Nudgee Cemetery Bell Derek Turnbull 08/11/1938 01/06/2009 09/06/2009 LA-2541 Show on Map
5253 Nudgee Cemetery Bell Eileen Margaret 28/09/1926 20/01/2014 28/01/2014 LA-1981 Show on Map
3269 Nudgee Cemetery BELL EILEEN PATRICIA 20/07/1962 5A-511 Show on Map
208-99 Nudgee Cemetery BELL GEOFFREY WILLIAM 03/09/1999 LA-1977 Show on Map
6875 Nudgee Cemetery BELL JANE FLORENCE ADELE 19/10/1946 A1-05-47 Show on Map
205-99 Nudgee Cemetery Bell John Allan 14/04/1927 15/09/1999 20/09/1999 LA-1981 Show on Map
C00871 Nudgee Crematorium Bell John Paul 15/01/1930 28/07/2016 03/08/2016 Contact Office
4512 Nudgee Cemetery Bell John Warren 17/07/1945 12/07/2011 21/07/2011 LA-2716 Show on Map
3576 Nudgee Cemetery BELL MARY 11/10/1957 A4-11-55 Show on Map
91-99 Nudgee Cemetery BELL MAUREEN MONICA 27/05/1999 LA-1375 Show on Map
I000011844 Nudgee Cemetery BELL MAY 16/10/1991 OL-0925 Show on Map
I000013112 Nudgee Cemetery Bell Sr M Albeus RSJ 02/07/1976 03/07/1976 SIS-STJO-03-16 Show on Map
6726 Nudgee Cemetery Bellamy George Clarence 11/02/1965 13/02/1965 7A-152 Show on Map
4998 Nudgee Cemetery Bellamy Noel 21/03/1946 11/03/2013 15/03/2013 LA-2801 Show on Map
15027 Nudgee Cemetery BELLINGHAM MARJORIE ESME 21/07/1971 9A-286 Show on Map
I000006704 Nudgee Cemetery BELLINO DOMENICO 13/02/1978 CHAP-059-L2 Show on Map
I000006705 Nudgee Cemetery BELLINO IGNAZIA 23/06/1992 CHAP-059-L3 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bellis Gerald Joseph 11/02/1940 13/04/2018 17/04/2018 Contact Office
I000006856 Nudgee Cemetery BELPERIO AURELIO BIAGIO 05/09/1988 CHAP-136-B2 Show on Map
I000011977 Nudgee Cemetery BELSKI JOSEPHINE BETTY 15/04/1986 OL-1094 Show on Map
2138 Nudgee Cemetery BELSKI WILLIAM JOSEPH 03/04/1978 OL-1094 Show on Map
16538 Nudgee Cemetery BELZ CATHERINE AGNES 11/09/1972 5A-742 Show on Map
5978 Nudgee Cemetery BELZ PETER VINCENT 11/08/1981 LA-0287 Show on Map
6638 Nudgee Cemetery Bench Charles William 21/11/1928 22/08/2018 24/09/2018 MG-03-15 Show on Map
I000002543 Nudgee Cemetery BENCZE FERENC 27/12/1972 9A-423 Show on Map
C00493 Nudgee Crematorium Bendell Edward John 03/02/1947 23/09/2015 24/11/2015 Contact Office
I000002440 Nudgee Cemetery BENDER CLARA MARY 28/07/1978 9A-306 Show on Map
I000002385 Nudgee Cemetery BENDER ELLEN ELIZABETH 17/12/1970 9A-231 Show on Map
16972 Nudgee Cemetery BENDER SARAH ANNE 10/01/1973 9A-306 Show on Map
C00203 Nudgee Crematorium Benge Raymond Peter 28/08/1932 23/05/2015 27/05/2015 Contact Office
17006 Nudgee Cemetery BENGTSEN ALICE ELIZABETH 17/01/1973 OL-0479 Show on Map
14689 Nudgee Cemetery BENHAM JAMES PATRICK 03/09/1954 A4-10-33 Show on Map
I000001212 Nudgee Cemetery BENHAM RENE ESTELLA 10/03/1966 7A-089 Show on Map
I000001213 Nudgee Cemetery BENHAM THOMAS JAMES 07/02/1974 7A-089 Show on Map
1319 Nudgee Cemetery BENINCA BABY NADIA ALESSANDRA 09/07/1986 9A-854 Show on Map
4513 Nudgee Cemetery BENINCA FAUSTO 01/04/1980 9A-921 Show on Map
2000 Nudgee Cemetery Benjamin Alcester 28/09/2018 10/06/2002 14/06/2002 LA-1111 Show on Map
I000005066 Nudgee Cemetery BENJAMIN BABY 15/09/1971 A4-K-632 Show on Map
I000010750 Nudgee Cemetery Benjamin Reginald John 18/08/1918 13/04/1995 18/04/1995 LA-1111 Show on Map
35-98 Nudgee Cemetery BENJAMIN SARAH JANE 11/03/1998 7A-033 Show on Map
I000010909 Nudgee Cemetery BENN JOSEPH EDWARD 11/02/1992 LA-1365 Show on Map
I000005504 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT ALFRED HENRY 06/03/1922 B-51-09 Show on Map
C00442 Nudgee Crematorium Bennett Athol Norman 03/09/1925 23/10/2015 27/10/2015 Contact Office
1721 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT BABY 11/05/1956 SB-040 Show on Map
2026 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT BABY K J 26/07/1961 A4-11-30 Show on Map
I000001902 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT BABY SCOTT ANTHONY 03/09/1968 8A-185 Show on Map
I000004605 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Cecil Anthony 12/12/1915 17/09/1991 20/09/1991 A3-12-35 Show on Map
5225 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Colin Gilbert 27/08/1921 01/12/2013 09/12/2013 LA-2140 Show on Map
I000001106 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT DAVID THOMAS 19/07/1961 6A-471 Show on Map
I000001019 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT FALLON JOSEPH 24/10/1962 6A-396 Show on Map
11284 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT FRANCIS 17/08/1968 OL-0036 Show on Map
I000004606 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Gilbert Arthur George 07/08/1882 20/04/1959 21/04/1959 A3-12-36 Show on Map
5676 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Gilbert William Joseph John 17/05/1909 02/05/1981 05/05/1981 A3-12-37 Show on Map
I000005507 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT HENRY 04/07/1944 B-51-09C Show on Map
I000009291 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Irene Joyce 25/01/1918 31/03/1948 02/04/1948 H-07-11 Show on Map
I000005505 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT KATE 07/09/1942 B-51-09C Show on Map
9575 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT KATHLEEN AGNES 18/12/1984 OL-0036 Show on Map
8053 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Kevin Patrick 28/11/1911 09/07/1983 11/07/1983 A3-12-37 Show on Map
I000001107 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT LILLIAN 11/01/1985 6A-471 Show on Map
1287 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Margaret Mary 03/07/1890 18/12/1960 20/12/1960 A3-12-36 Show on Map
I000002322 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT MARGARET ROSS 14/08/1979 9A-139 Show on Map
67-98 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Monica Margaret 21/09/1929 19/04/1998 24/04/1998 A3-12-35 Show on Map
2203 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Rita Mary 01/11/1920 16/03/2003 19/03/2003 A3-12-36 Show on Map
I000000365 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett Robert William 16/02/1962 5A-439 Show on Map
I000000366 Nudgee Cemetery Bennett William 22/05/1995 5A-440 Show on Map
I000009167 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETT WILLIAM 15/11/1930 H-03-04 Show on Map
6692 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETTS MARGARET MARY 03/02/1965 A3-14-12 Show on Map
I000004641 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETTS MARIE LOUISE 06/02/1969 A3-14-13 Show on Map
I000004640 Nudgee Cemetery BENNETTS THOMAS JOSEPH 20/11/1984 A3-14-12 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bennis George Peter 06/10/1962 01/09/2018 05/09/2018 Contact Office
C00422 Nudgee Crematorium Benson Dulcie Ellen 18/08/1923 11/10/2015 14/10/2015 Contact Office
19455 Nudgee Cemetery BENSON ELIZABETH 03/12/1974 A2-02-11 Show on Map
10392 Nudgee Cemetery BENSON WILLIAM 26/10/1950 A2-02-10 Show on Map
C00326 Nudgee Crematorium Benstead Joan Lorraine 11/10/1930 19/08/2015 25/08/2015 Contact Office
2847 Nudgee Cemetery BENTHAM BABY STEPHEN 21/03/1957 K-2-041 Show on Map
5802 Nudgee Cemetery Bentham Margaret 23/03/1933 19/11/2015 24/11/2015 6A-231 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bentley Baby Coen 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 14/06/2017 Contact Office
C01051 Nudgee Crematorium Bentley Bruce William 02/12/1934 20/11/2016 25/11/2016 Contact Office
13656 Nudgee Cemetery BENTLEY EDWARD ROBERT 25/06/1970 9A-181 Show on Map
C00707 Nudgee Crematorium Bentley Harold Ernest 12/10/1929 27/04/2016 03/05/2016 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Bentley John Richard 16/01/1954 06/04/2017 28/04/2017 Contact Office
C00914 Nudgee Crematorium Bentley Vernon John 11/07/1930 21/08/2016 29/08/2016 Contact Office
I000013518 Nudgee Cemetery BENUSSI CARMELA 08/06/1995 V-0908 Show on Map
6241 Nudgee Cemetery Benussi Frank Matthew 14/04/1950 12/05/2017 18/05/2017 LA-3022 Show on Map
I000013519 Nudgee Cemetery BENUSSI GIOVANNI 18/05/1994 V-0909 Show on Map
1362 Nudgee Cemetery BENVENUTI MARIO VICTOR 28/07/1977 OL-0785 Show on Map
I000012098 Nudgee Cemetery BENVENUTO MARGARET J 16/09/1932 OLD CEM-092 Show on Map
I000000710 Nudgee Cemetery BERENE MICHAEL JOHN 06/02/1987 6A-055 Show on Map
106-98 Nudgee Cemetery BERESFORD BRENDA CECILIA 04/06/1998 A3-01-33 Show on Map
6914 Nudgee Cemetery BERG ALBERT FRANZ 15/04/1965 7A-103 Show on Map
C00557 Nudgee Crematorium Berg Errol 19/09/1944 04/01/2016 06/01/2016 Contact Office
I000001223 Nudgee Cemetery BERG GERTRUDE THERESE 01/06/1971 7A-103 Show on Map
I000001222 Nudgee Cemetery BERG HELENA BRIDGET 25/01/1968 7A-103 Show on Map
I000013113 Nudgee Cemetery Berg Sr M Gertrude RSJ 17/10/1983 18/10/1983 SIS-STJO-04-02 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Berger Horst William 23/03/1933 18/12/2017 22/12/2017 Contact Office
109-97 Nudgee Cemetery Bergin Agnes Mary 21/10/1907 14/05/1997 16/05/1997 LA-1815 Show on Map
I000011222 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN ANNIE CHRISTINA 19/10/1982 OL-0073 Show on Map
12408 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN BABY MICHAEL 16/10/1952 OLD K-2-37-48 Show on Map
I000010930 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN DANIEL PATRICK 29/04/1992 LA-1390 Show on Map
1782 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN EDITH BEATRICE 29/05/1956 A3-05-07 Show on Map
985 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN EDWARD JOSEPH 21/09/1960 A3-05-07 Show on Map
163-98 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN EDWARD RICHARD 21/08/1998 A3-05-08 Show on Map
I000001517 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN ELVINA MAY 08/04/1991 7A-494 Show on Map
I000002302 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN HENRY WILLIAM 15/01/1970 9A-111 Show on Map
10950 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN JAMES JOSEPH 28/05/1968 OL-0073 Show on Map
11553 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN JOHN TIMOTHY 24/12/1951 C1-12-22 Show on Map
5621 Nudgee Cemetery Bergin Margaret Ruby 13/04/1933 26/04/2015 01/05/2015 LA-2263 Show on Map
I000000605 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN MARY ELIZABETH 23/11/1963 5A-828 Show on Map
I000011223 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN MARY ELLA 02/11/1994 OL-0073 Show on Map
I000011221 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN MICHAEL J 01/03/1982 OL-0073 Show on Map
6539 Nudgee Cemetery Bergin Patrick Joseph 05/06/1932 30/04/2018 08/05/2018 LA-1815 Show on Map
I000000604 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN PATRICK CANICE 25/08/1965 5A-827 Show on Map
4859 Nudgee Cemetery Bergin Patrick Sarsfield 17/12/1925 12/09/2012 18/09/2012 LA-2263 Show on Map
I000001516 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN ROBERT DAMIEN 25/01/1966 7A-494 Show on Map
I000012710 Nudgee Cemetery Bergin Sr Mary Eugenius RSM 08/06/1859 18/01/1946 19/01/1946 SIS-MER-20-05 Show on Map
I000012491 Nudgee Cemetery Bergin Sr Mary Juliana RSM 06/02/1842 18/12/1871 18/12/1871 SIS-MER-03-05 Show on Map
19092 Nudgee Cemetery Bergin Sr Therese Mary RSM 27/10/1920 14/08/1974 15/08/1974 SIS-MER-30-10 Show on Map
2036 Nudgee Cemetery BERGIN STEPHEN JOHN 30/07/1956 C1-12-22 Show on Map
2657 Nudgee Cemetery BERKLEY PETER 09/01/1962 A4-11-34 Show on Map
5357 Nudgee Cemetery Berlingeri Francesco Antonio 14/06/1929 01/06/2014 06/06/2014 LA-2581 Show on Map
3455 Nudgee Cemetery Berlingeri Vincenzo 06/09/1932 31/08/2007 07/09/2007 V-1400 Show on Map
I000001460 Nudgee Cemetery BERMINGHAM MURIEL MARY 25/03/1993 7A-423 Show on Map
2932 Nudgee Cemetery Bermingham Sr Marcella Camillus SGS 06/10/1918 03/10/2005 06/10/2005 SIS-SGS-03-19 Show on Map
8038 Nudgee Cemetery BERMINGHAM THOMAS CHARLES 11/02/1966 7A-423 Show on Map
I000013580 Nudgee Cemetery BERNABE MAGDELENA MEDRANI CORCUERA 02/06/1994 V-1164 Show on Map
5477 Nudgee Cemetery Bernard Pasquale Giovanni 05/03/1926 11/10/2014 17/10/2014 CHAP-166-R4 Show on Map
6493 Nudgee Cemetery Bernard Valerio 14/04/1933 07/03/2018 14/03/2018 CHAP-166-R2 Show on Map
I000005649 Nudgee Cemetery BERNASCONI ANNIE 01/07/1940 B2-02-01C Show on Map
I000005650 Nudgee Cemetery BERNASCONI EVELINE 06/06/1975 B2-02-02 Show on Map
131 Nudgee Cemetery BERNAT BABY (UN-NAMED) 05/02/1960 K-2-131 Show on Map
5615 Nudgee Cemetery BERNIER CATHERINE 08/06/1959 A1-04-39C Show on Map
4071 Nudgee Cemetery BERNIER EDWARD JOSEPH 06/11/1979 A1-04-40 Show on Map
5359 Nudgee Cemetery BERNIER HENRY 02/03/1945 A1-04-39C Show on Map
I000004002 Nudgee Cemetery BERNIER HENRY 08/08/1980 A1-04-37 Show on Map
I000004004 Nudgee Cemetery BERNIER KATHLEEN MONICA 09/06/1993 A1-04-37 Show on Map
I000004003 Nudgee Cemetery BERNIER MARIE JOSEPHINE 22/01/1945 A1-04-37C Show on Map
I000004005 Nudgee Cemetery BERNIER MARY LOUISA 09/06/1979 A1-04-39 Show on Map
15587 Nudgee Cemetery BERRIDGE BABY 24/12/1971 A4-K-644 Show on Map
15359 Nudgee Cemetery BERRIGAN BABY JASON JOHN 22/10/1971 A4-K-638 Show on Map
4768 Nudgee Cemetery BERRY ALICE HELINA 01/07/1980 5A-532 Show on Map
18791 Nudgee Cemetery BERRY DAWN MARY 19/06/1974 OL-0654 Show on Map
6332 Nudgee Cemetery Berry Inez Mary 03/07/1927 24/08/2017 29/08/2017 LA-1746 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Berry James Ernest 22/07/1952 03/11/2017 07/11/2017 Contact Office
3936 Nudgee Cemetery BERRY WALTER FISHER 15/01/1963 5A-532 Show on Map
17462 Nudgee Cemetery BERTELS GEORGE 30/05/1973 OL-0521 Show on Map
I000000767 Nudgee Cemetery BERTINI LOUIS THOMAS 14/08/1964 6A-195 Show on Map
I000000768 Nudgee Cemetery BERTINI NORAH 07/10/1970 6A-195 Show on Map
I000012530 Nudgee Cemetery Bertini Sr Mary Agnella RSM 19/09/1911 22/09/1951 24/09/1951 SIS-MER-06-10 Show on Map
6818 Nudgee Cemetery BERTLESEN BRIDIE ELLEN 25/05/1982 OL-0639 Show on Map
4911 Nudgee Cemetery Bertoldi Sr Giuseppina FMM 07/12/1894 26/07/1967 27/07/1967 SIS-FMM-01-01 Show on Map
129-98 Nudgee Cemetery BERTOLINI ATTILIO 07/07/1998 LA-1192 Show on Map
5533 Nudgee Cemetery BERTOLINI VITTORIO 31/01/1990 LA-1192 Show on Map
I000013034 Nudgee Cemetery Bertolotti Sr Mary Thecla RSC 17/03/1993 19/03/1993 SIS-RSC-02-03 Show on Map
1473 Nudgee Cemetery BERTON EMIL 03/06/2000 LA-2013 Show on Map
I000010464 Nudgee Cemetery Berwick Letitisa Maree 07/05/1970 08/06/1984 14/06/1984 LA-0643 Show on Map
I000010822 Nudgee Cemetery BERWICK MABEL MAY 25/07/1990 LA-1238 Show on Map
I000004891 Nudgee Cemetery Besgrove Annie Louise 01/09/1976 A4-06-54 Show on Map
I000012497 Nudgee Cemetery Besson Sr Mary Genevieve PBVM 08/02/2018 27/04/1881 27/04/1881 SIS-MER-03-17 Show on Map
13-98 Nudgee Cemetery BEST BABY PATRICK SIMON 03/02/1998 LA-1883 Show on Map
I000012173 Nudgee Cemetery BEST FRANCES MARY 24/02/1956 OLD CEM-180 Show on Map
I000000426 Nudgee Cemetery Best John Cedric 10/09/1962 5A-551 Show on Map
I000000427 Nudgee Cemetery Best John William 01/01/1991 03/01/1991 5A-551 Show on Map
I000006158 Nudgee Cemetery BEST KATHLEEN 29/07/1964 C-32-12 Show on Map
I000000428 Nudgee Cemetery Best Margaret Millicent 04/12/1992 07/12/1992 5A-551 Show on Map
4206 Nudgee Cemetery Best Margaret Phyllis 25/12/1946 12/04/2010 24/06/2010 5A-551 Show on Map
8824 Nudgee Cemetery BEST MARY JOSEPHINE 24/04/1984 LA-0602 Show on Map
18267 Nudgee Cemetery Best Sr Mary Romana RSM 28/04/1912 12/01/1974 15/01/1974 SIS-MER-30-08 Show on Map
I000006157 Nudgee Cemetery BEST THOMAS HENRY 24/11/1938 C-32-12 Show on Map
I000005688 Nudgee Cemetery BESTMAN MARY CATHERINE 31/01/1945 B2-03-02 Show on Map
7048 Nudgee Cemetery Bettini Agide 25/05/1965 7A-015 Show on Map
6092 Nudgee Cemetery Bettini Guglielma 21/08/1964 7A-016 Show on Map
I000002638 Nudgee Cemetery BETTINZOLI BATTISTA 28/10/1974 9A-545 Show on Map
8999 Nudgee Cemetery BETTS BABY 26/10/1966 K-2-423 Show on Map
9576 Nudgee Cemetery BETTS FANNY ELZABETH 21/04/1967 8A-075 Show on Map
I000005991 Nudgee Cemetery BETZ WILLIAM 11/02/1935 C-25-04 Show on Map
2322 Nudgee Cemetery Betzel Josephine May 20/03/1913 18/08/2003 21/08/2003 OL-0880 Show on Map
21005 Nudgee Cemetery Betzel Mary Ann 11/11/1881 30/03/1976 01/04/1976 OL-0880 Show on Map
2149 Nudgee Cemetery Beutel Charles Henry 29/01/1918 17/12/2002 19/12/2002 5A-244 Show on Map
3267 Nudgee Cemetery Beutel Elizabeth Jean 20/09/1921 15/12/2006 19/12/2006 5A-245 Show on Map
2600 Nudgee Cemetery Beuth Betty Elsie 27/02/1914 20/08/2004 26/08/2004 5A-610 Show on Map
1825 Nudgee Cemetery Beuth Horace Reginald 04/11/1910 28/09/2001 15/10/2001 5A-610 Show on Map
I000000460 Nudgee Cemetery Beuth Terence Anthony 29/11/1962 5A-610 Show on Map
I000006908 Nudgee Cemetery Bevacqua Anita 14/02/1995 CHAP-171-R3 Show on Map
5277 Nudgee Cemetery Bevacqua Anita 29/09/1929 22/02/2014 28/02/2014 CHAP-130-B1 Show on Map
I000013448 Nudgee Cemetery BEVACQUA ERMINIA 16/07/1982 V-0692 Show on Map
5989 Nudgee Cemetery Bevacqua Giuseppe 04/09/1926 22/07/2016 29/07/2016 CHAP-171-L4 Show on Map
6635 Nudgee Cemetery Bevacqua Vincenzina 05/01/1932 24/08/2018 31/08/2018 CHAP-318-B3 Show on Map
I000005048 Nudgee Cemetery BEVAN BABY RUSSELL 11/06/1969 A4-K-556 Show on Map
I000002428 Nudgee Cemetery BEVERIDGE BRIDGET MARY 12/08/1971 9A-289 Show on Map
I000002429 Nudgee Cemetery BEVERIDGE CHARLES RONALD 28/06/1972 9A-289 Show on Map
I000003663 Nudgee Cemetery BEVERIDGE HONORA 26/06/1928 A-15-20 Show on Map
I000003664 Nudgee Cemetery BEVERIDGE JOHN WILLIAM 15/03/1957 A-15-20 Show on Map
I000004762 Nudgee Cemetery BEVERTON MAUDE 12/12/1972 A4-03-54 Show on Map
4954 Nudgee Cemetery BEVERTON PERCY ALFRED 26/11/1958 A4-03-54 Show on Map
I000009188 Nudgee Cemetery BEYERS EMILY 27/03/1903 H-03-18 Show on Map
C01017 Nudgee Crematorium Beyers John 12/09/1935 29/10/2016 03/11/2016 Contact Office
5508 Nudgee Cemetery Bhai Carmel Therese 05/09/1929 20/11/2014 27/11/2014 LA-1673 Show on Map
38-95 Nudgee Cemetery Bhai Walli Patrick James Jnr 17/08/1995 LA-1673 Show on Map
171-98 Nudgee Cemetery BHARDWAJ BABY ABHI 26/08/1998 A4-K-883 Show on Map
I000002722 Nudgee Cemetery Biacca Anna 13/05/1899 08/01/1976 09/01/1976 9A-651 Show on Map
I000002723 Nudgee Cemetery Biacca Giuseppe 30/09/1922 12/10/1994 17/10/1994 9A-652 Show on Map
204-97 Nudgee Cemetery Biacca Giuseppina 01/09/1997 9A-652 Show on Map
3314 Nudgee Cemetery Bianchi Camillo 03/09/1918 05/03/2007 08/03/2007 9A-604 Show on Map
5248 Nudgee Cemetery Bianchi Palma 04/09/1928 11/01/2014 17/01/2014 V-1279 Show on Map
4630 Nudgee Cemetery Bianchi Renato 28/03/1931 11/05/1980 14/05/1980 V-0010 Show on Map
949 Nudgee Cemetery Bianchi Rocco 08/08/1998 V-1278 Show on Map
5286 Nudgee Cemetery Bianchi Vilma 19/10/1921 06/03/2014 13/03/2014 9A-603 Show on Map
1497 Nudgee Cemetery Bianchin Sr Angelina FdCC 08/07/2000 11/07/2000 SIS-CAN-02-17 Show on Map
I000000877 Nudgee Cemetery BIBBY OSBORN JOHN 30/10/1963 6A-281 Show on Map
I000006221 Nudgee Cemetery BICKOFF MARY JANE 09/05/1977 C1-01-11C Show on Map
4449 Nudgee Cemetery BIDDLECOMBE BABY JOHN 13/06/1963 K-2-268 Show on Map
I000008969 Nudgee Cemetery BIDNER ANN ANGELA 19/08/1937 G-07-09C Show on Map
I000010641 Nudgee Cemetery BIDNER CHARLES 13/04/1987 LA-0927 Show on Map
I000008970 Nudgee Cemetery BIDNER EDWARD 14/10/1946 G-07-09C Show on Map
I000010910 Nudgee Cemetery BIDNER KEVIN 12/02/1992 LA-1366 Show on Map
16415 Nudgee Cemetery BIELBY BABY ALAN RICHARD 15/08/1972 A4-K-665 Show on Map
I000009687 Nudgee Cemetery BIELICKI ZYGMUNT 14/11/1971 J-06-32 Show on Map
C00860 Nudgee Crematorium Bierhuizen Susanne 28/05/1954 23/07/2016 27/07/2016 Contact Office
I000010302 Nudgee Cemetery BIGG MARY CAMILLE 13/04/1994 LA-0428 Show on Map
6879 Nudgee Cemetery BIGG VERONICA 11/06/1982 LA-0428 Show on Map
9633 Nudgee Cemetery Biggs Victor Francis 26/12/1904 14/12/1949 15/12/1949 A1-06-70 Show on Map
I000001327 Nudgee Cemetery BIGNELL DANIEL HENRY 11/06/1965 7A-248 Show on Map
I000010832 Nudgee Cemetery BIGNELL JOAN CECELIA 28/09/1990 LA-1252 Show on Map
I000001328 Nudgee Cemetery BIGNELL LAURA 21/07/1966 7A-248 Show on Map
5565 Nudgee Cemetery Billiau Edna Pauline 18/09/1920 06/02/2015 23/02/2015 LA-2406 Show on Map
C00401 Nudgee Crematorium Bills Wayne Gregory 09/06/1959 04/09/2015 02/10/2015 Contact Office
I000006133 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN HARRY 18/05/1937 C-31-11 Show on Map
I000000852 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN HARRY REGINALD 29/02/1964 6A-263 Show on Map
I000012029 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN HELENA 24/10/1928 OLD CEM-019 Show on Map
I000000853 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN MARGARET 11/09/1969 6A-263 Show on Map
I000002087 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN MATTHEW ALOYSIUS 11/11/1965 8A-346 Show on Map
I000005770 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN NORA MARY 25/10/1941 B2-04-28 Show on Map
I000005876 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN RONALD FRANCIS 01/01/1943 B2-06-33 Show on Map
I000006135 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN RUBY FRANCIS 24/04/1962 C-31-11 Show on Map
I000005875 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN STANISLAUS LESLIE 01/01/1943 B2-06-33 Show on Map
I000006134 Nudgee Cemetery BILSEN THOMAS REGINALD 13/12/1939 C-31-11 Show on Map
5229 Nudgee Cemetery Binder Carl Joseph 09/10/1925 06/12/2013 11/12/2013 LA-2743 Show on Map
13891 Nudgee Cemetery Binder Marie Louise Julia 28/01/1954 A4-08-06 Show on Map
I000004945 Nudgee Cemetery Binder-Banfally Zoltan Michael 16/10/1991 A4-08-06 Show on Map
I000000812 Nudgee Cemetery BINGHAM HENRY NORTON 21/01/1970 6A-231B Show on Map
I000000538 Nudgee Cemetery BINGHAM IVY CLARA 20/12/1971 5A-718 Show on Map
4315 Nudgee Cemetery BINGHAM JOHN HENRY JAMES 08/05/1963 5A-718 Show on Map
I000011184 Nudgee Cemetery Binnie Trevor Allan 19/01/2003 MG-02-21 Show on Map
C00620 Nudgee Crematorium Binyon Margaret 28/09/1930 17/02/2016 22/02/2016 Contact Office
I000013495 Nudgee Cemetery BIONDI GIUSEPPE 16/08/1989 V-0839 Show on Map
I000013494 Nudgee Cemetery BIONDI VERA ROSA 16/11/1985 V-0838 Show on Map
5094 Nudgee Cemetery Biondo Concettina 01/06/1922 16/07/2013 23/07/2013 CHAP-074-L2 Show on Map
I000006734 Nudgee Cemetery Biondo Vito 02/04/1910 25/03/1991 28/03/1991 CHAP-074-L1 Show on Map
I000002352 Nudgee Cemetery Birch Baby Nicole Mary 24/07/1970 9A-191 Show on Map
82 Nudgee Cemetery BIRCHLEY BABY JOHN & STILLBORN 22/01/1960 K-2-128 Show on Map
9762 Nudgee Cemetery BIRCHLEY ELLEN 21/06/1967 7A-704 Show on Map
I000010754 Nudgee Cemetery BIRCHLEY KATHLEEN BRIDGET 22/05/1989 LA-1121 Show on Map
8747 Nudgee Cemetery BIRCHLEY LILLIAN MAY 16/03/1984 7A-704 Show on Map
I000011078 Nudgee Cemetery BIRCHLEY SHEILA MARGARET 29/03/1994 LA-1558 Show on Map
3007 Nudgee Cemetery Birchley Sr Delia SGS 30/04/1913 06/01/2006 11/01/2006 SIS-SGS-03-20 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bird Alison Elizabeth 22/05/1958 03/11/2018 13/11/2018 Contact Office
14064 Nudgee Cemetery BIRD BABY CHARLES 19/03/1954 OLD K-2-37-09 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bird Dennis George 18/09/1942 24/06/2017 29/06/2017 Contact Office
2350 Nudgee Cemetery Bird-Brown Baby Michael Lea George 17/09/2003 17/09/2003 24/09/2003 A4-K-919 Show on Map
17813 Nudgee Cemetery BIRGAN BABY MATHEW KEVIN 28/08/1973 7A-093 Show on Map
6312 Nudgee Cemetery BIRGAN EILEEN MAY 08/10/1964 7A-093 Show on Map
235-99 Nudgee Cemetery BIRGAN MICHAEL JOHN 01/11/1999 7A-093 Show on Map
I000002677 Nudgee Cemetery Birks Annie 23/12/1988 9A-589 Show on Map
15451 Nudgee Cemetery BIRKS BABY 19/11/1971 A4-K-641 Show on Map
2876 Nudgee Cemetery Birks John Peter 17/09/1947 22/04/2005 02/08/2005 LA-2315 Show on Map
I000004862 Nudgee Cemetery BIRMINGHAM CATHERINE AGNES 22/06/1959 A4-06-15 Show on Map
1336 Nudgee Cemetery BIRMINGHAM JULIA 20/01/1956 A4-06-15 Show on Map
I000010048 Nudgee Cemetery Bishop Matthew Steven 22/12/1994 LA-0050 Show on Map
123-95 Nudgee Cemetery Bishop Rev Fr Anthony James SVD 14/11/1995 PR-SVD-01-02 Show on Map
I000001477 Nudgee Cemetery BISSHOP FLORENCE YOLANDE 28/03/1983 7A-440 Show on Map
8256 Nudgee Cemetery BISSHOP RICHARD JOSEPH WEDDERBORN 23/04/1966 7A-440 Show on Map
I000012202 Nudgee Cemetery Bitiri Amatore 21/11/1968 28/11/1968 PR-DOM-01-18 Show on Map
5052 Nudgee Cemetery Bivolaru Viorica 06/03/1931 20/05/2006 30/05/2013 10A-394 Show on Map
I000000741 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK ALICE MAY 22/04/1964 6A-155 Show on Map
I000002969 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK ANN 17/05/1920 A-03-23 Show on Map
9562 Nudgee Cemetery Black Annie Margaret 17/04/1967 7A-693 Show on Map
5913 Nudgee Cemetery Black Antonella Rachel 18/05/1963 02/04/2016 14/04/2016 OL-0315 Show on Map
12854 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK BABY 13/03/1953 SB-031 Show on Map
I000005160 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK BABY DOMINIC AARON 12/05/1993 A4-K-825 Show on Map
6221 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK GEORGE 18/11/1959 A4-09-05 Show on Map
I000010752 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK HARDY ALEXANDER DUNCAN 14/06/1989 LA-1115 Show on Map
I000000841 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK JOHN JOSEPH 30/12/1963 6A-254 Show on Map
94-95 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK KATHLEEN MARY 13/10/1995 LA-1115 Show on Map
C00990 Nudgee Crematorium Black Sandy-Lee 24/12/1964 02/10/2016 13/10/2016 Contact Office
6685 Nudgee Cemetery Black Sr Patricia Marlette PVBM 09/02/1949 20/10/2018 26/10/2018 SIS-PRE-NEW-05-01 Show on Map
14338 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK THOMAS TENNANT 11/06/1954 A4-08-03 Show on Map
I000000842 Nudgee Cemetery BLACK VIOLET MAY 23/01/1967 6A-254 Show on Map
4371 Nudgee Cemetery BLACKADDER CATHERINE (KIT) MARY 07/02/1989 OL-1034 Show on Map
I000011927 Nudgee Cemetery BLACKADDER MORT CEAPHUS 09/11/1977 OL-1034 Show on Map
I000012370 Nudgee Cemetery BLACKBORN BABY SB-100 Show on Map
1275 Nudgee Cemetery Blackburn Baby 12/01/1955 12/01/1955 17/01/1955 SB-026 Show on Map
I000011819 Nudgee Cemetery Blackburn Charles Arthur Leslie 10/11/1977 OL-0897 Show on Map
I000010972 Nudgee Cemetery Blackburn Leslie John 02/09/1992 LA-1429 Show on Map
I000011818 Nudgee Cemetery Blackburn Mary 24/07/1976 OL-0897 Show on Map
I000008527 Nudgee Cemetery BLACKLEY ROSEMARY MILDRED 26/11/1987 G-02-38 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Blackwell Ivy Joyce 20/09/1933 15/05/2017 18/05/2017 Contact Office
2927 Nudgee Cemetery Blackwood Br Stuart FMS 27/05/1911 28/09/2005 30/09/2005 BR-MAR-02-12 Show on Map
I000003177 Nudgee Cemetery BLAIKIE ALEXANDER PATTERSON 21/05/1937 A-06-40 Show on Map
I000003178 Nudgee Cemetery BLAIKIE GAVIN JAMES 22/08/1939 A-06-40 Show on Map
C00099 Nudgee Crematorium Blaikie Guinevere 23/08/1933 20/03/2015 27/03/2015 Contact Office
I000003179 Nudgee Cemetery BLAIKIE MARGARET 27/05/1944 A-06-40 Show on Map
2748 Nudgee Cemetery BLAIN BABY 22/02/1957 SB-069 Show on Map
5134 Nudgee Cemetery Blain Fr Edgar Leo SVD 21/01/1930 26/08/2013 30/08/2013 PR-SVD-01-07 Show on Map
I000001109 Nudgee Cemetery BLAKE DORA ALICE 17/08/1961 6A-473 Show on Map
9280 Nudgee Cemetery BLAKE ETHEL MAY 22/07/1949 A1-06-63 Show on Map
7925 Nudgee Cemetery BLAKE ISIDORE HENRY 26/12/1947 A1-06-63 Show on Map
I000012038 Nudgee Cemetery BLAKE ISIDORE JOHN 10/10/1882 OLD CEM-026 Show on Map
I000008023 Nudgee Cemetery BLAKE JOHN 19/10/1895 F-13-23 Show on Map
82-97 Nudgee Cemetery Blake John James 01/06/1911 14/04/1997 16/04/1997 LA-1570 Show on Map
2391 Nudgee Cemetery Blake Lorna Maudaline Mary 01/10/1919 16/11/2003 19/11/2003 LA-1570 Show on Map
I000008024 Nudgee Cemetery BLAKE MARY JOSEPHINE 01/04/1900 F-13-24 Show on Map
15703 Nudgee Cemetery Blake Sr M Fintan RSJ 01/01/1972 02/02/1972 SIS-STJO-02-03 Show on Map
6169 Nudgee Cemetery Blake Vivian 14/03/1935 11/08/2016 15/02/2017 NR-002 Show on Map
4930 Nudgee Cemetery Blakeway Eunice Josephine 29/11/1934 28/11/2012 05/12/2012 LA-2748 Show on Map
8812 Nudgee Cemetery BLANA ZOFIA 05/09/1966 8A-108 Show on Map
3389 Nudgee Cemetery Bland Edward James 05/04/1922 07/06/2007 27/06/2007 LA-2401 Show on Map
4794 Nudgee Cemetery Bland Florence Aileen 14/01/1925 06/07/2012 11/07/2012 LA-2401 Show on Map
I000003710 Nudgee Cemetery BLAND SADIE 21/08/1968 A-16-09C Show on Map
12878 Nudgee Cemetery BLANEY BABY 20/03/1953 SB-033 Show on Map
5743 Nudgee Cemetery Blanshard Edwina Victoria 26/01/1958 10/09/2015 16/09/2015 LA-2968 Show on Map
6136 Nudgee Cemetery Blanshard June Geraldine 21/01/1933 04/01/2017 13/01/2017 LA-2968 Show on Map
I000004718 Nudgee Cemetery BLASICH ROBERT HENRY 18/01/1960 A4-02-26 Show on Map
887 Nudgee Cemetery BLASZCZYK JOZEF 08/02/1986 LA-0790 Show on Map
I000010563 Nudgee Cemetery BLASZCZYK MARIA 07/06/1994 LA-0789 Show on Map
I000010869 Nudgee Cemetery Blazak Filip 09/04/1917 25/06/1991 27/06/1991 LA-1313 Show on Map
I000002837 Nudgee Cemetery BLEE EVELYN LILY 07/07/1980 9A-934 Show on Map
I000004699 Nudgee Cemetery BLESSINGTON SANDERS 08/03/1960 A4-02-10 Show on Map
5781 Nudgee Cemetery BLIGHT BABY 16/07/1959 SB-146 Show on Map
7067 Nudgee Cemetery BLIGHT PATRICIA MARGARET 28/05/1965 7A-227 Show on Map
906 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS ALICE BRIDE 23/03/1977 OL-0970 Show on Map
I000003126 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS ANNIE 26/05/1924 A-06-09C Show on Map
I000008838 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS EVA KATHLEEN 12/06/1908 G-05-23 Show on Map
3806 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS GEORGE 11/12/1962 A-06-09 Show on Map
I000010223 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS GERTRUDE NANCE 25/11/1982 LA-0295 Show on Map
I000003127 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS JOHN 24/07/1940 A-06-09C Show on Map
I000008841 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS KATE 12/05/1942 G-05-23C Show on Map
250-99 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS KATHLEEN 18/11/1999 LA-1987 Show on Map
6631 Nudgee Cemetery Bliss Rev Fr Harry 29/11/1933 22/08/2018 28/08/2018 PR-NEW-12-02 Show on Map
4912 Nudgee Cemetery Bliss Sr Mary Luke PBVM 13/02/1925 25/09/1993 27/09/1993 SIS-PRE-NEW-01-02 Show on Map
I000008840 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS THOMAS GEORGE 05/09/1911 G-05-23 Show on Map
I000008839 Nudgee Cemetery BLISS WILLIAM 07/01/1924 G-05-23C Show on Map
I000005968 Nudgee Cemetery Bloom Br Leopold Regis CFC 21/01/1903 19/10/1987 19/10/1987 BR-CFC-05-03 Show on Map
I000009875 Nudgee Cemetery BLOOMER BRIDGET 07/11/1951 J-A-20 Show on Map
I000009871 Nudgee Cemetery BLOOMER HANNAH ROSS 10/03/1983 J-A-19 Show on Map
I000009874 Nudgee Cemetery BLOOMER JAMES 29/08/1951 J-A-20 Show on Map
1437 Nudgee Cemetery BLOOMER JAMES VINCENT 19/04/2000 J-A-19 Show on Map
I000009872 Nudgee Cemetery BLOOMER MARY ELLEN 11/05/1939 J-A-19C Show on Map
I000009873 Nudgee Cemetery BLOOMER PATRICK HUGH 31/08/1950 J-A-19C Show on Map
2475 Nudgee Cemetery Bloore Norma Sylvia 02/02/1931 15/03/2004 17/03/2004 LA-2228 Show on Map
10246 Nudgee Cemetery BLOXHAM BABY SUE ELLEN 27/10/1967 K-2-475 Show on Map
146-99 Nudgee Cemetery BLOXSOM KENNETH COLIN 19/07/1999 LA-1953 Show on Map
14555 Nudgee Cemetery BLOZYS JUASAS 30/07/1954 A4-10-24 Show on Map
I000002160 Nudgee Cemetery BLUEWATER HARRY 19/01/1965 8A-412 Show on Map
I000011137 Nudgee Cemetery BLUME ELSIE MAY 02/09/1994 LA-1635 Show on Map
13672 Nudgee Cemetery BLUMSOM BABY 20/11/1953 SB-068 Show on Map
I000006612 Nudgee Cemetery BLUNDEN BABY C1-15-SB007 Show on Map
838 Nudgee Cemetery BLYTH BABY RUSSELL JOHN 12/08/1960 K-2-145 Show on Map
C00182 Nudgee Crematorium Blyton Katherine Jessie 31/08/1922 04/05/2015 12/05/2015 Contact Office
C00046 Nudgee Crematorium Boal Frederick James 05/10/1924 31/12/2014 13/01/2015 Contact Office
5488 Nudgee Cemetery Boardman Edna Mary 02/09/1922 23/10/2014 30/10/2014 A4-05-10 Show on Map
3361 Nudgee Cemetery Boardman Winifred 13/08/1957 A4-05-10 Show on Map
I000005482 Nudgee Cemetery BOATWRIGHT EMILY 24/09/1923 B-50-17 Show on Map
C00480 Nudgee Crematorium Bobek Stephan 24/09/1929 16/11/2015 18/11/2015 Contact Office
16387 Nudgee Cemetery BOBILAK ROMAN MICHAEL 10/08/1972 9A-384 Show on Map
I000005469 Nudgee Cemetery BOBIRMEIN CAROLINE W 30/04/1923 B-50-06 Show on Map
I000000076 Nudgee Cemetery BOBROWSKA PRAKSED 10/10/1988 10A-124 Show on Map
10852 Nudgee Cemetery BOBROWSKI VICTORIA 08/08/1970 OL-0212 Show on Map
3246 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Annibale 21/10/1923 15/11/2006 21/11/2006 CHAP-072-L4 Show on Map
I000006729 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Caterina Maria Paola 19/12/1987 CHAP-072-R3 Show on Map
4780 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Elia 11/02/1931 18/06/2012 22/06/2012 CHAP-072-L3 Show on Map
2329 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Francesca 12/12/1927 03/09/2003 08/09/2003 CHAP-072-R4 Show on Map
5692 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Maddalena 09/05/1981 CHAP-072-R2 Show on Map
3740 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Vicki Sandra 16/09/1948 22/09/2008 25/09/2008 D-38-11 Show on Map
I000006728 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Vitale 24/01/1980 CHAP-072-L2 Show on Map
6519 Nudgee Cemetery Boccabella Vitale 23/12/1957 23/03/2018 14/04/2018 CHAP-072-R1 Show on Map
5202 Nudgee Cemetery Boccalatte Camillo 25/08/1923 06/11/2013 15/11/2013 CHAP-071-C1 Show on Map
14794 Nudgee Cemetery BOCCALATTE CORINNA 25/05/1971 7A-931 Show on Map
116-97 Nudgee Cemetery BOCCALATTE FRANK 23/05/1997 LA-1817 Show on Map
I000001808 Nudgee Cemetery BOCCALATTE GIUSEPPE 11/09/1971 7A-932 Show on Map
4382 Nudgee Cemetery Bock Evelyn Mary 14/01/1904 24/05/1963 25/05/1963 6A-126 Show on Map
14701 Nudgee Cemetery Bock William Henry 23/09/1903 21/04/1971 13/04/1971 6A-126 Show on Map
I000010484 Nudgee Cemetery Boczkiewicz Janina 16/05/1926 27/11/1984 03/12/1984 LA-0681 Show on Map
4496 Nudgee Cemetery Boczkiewicz Zygmunt 23/04/1919 29/06/2011 04/07/2011 LA-0682 Show on Map
14453 Nudgee Cemetery BODEN JOHN EDWARD 27/01/1971 OL-0285 Show on Map
I000011348 Nudgee Cemetery BODEN PATRICIA MARGARET 31/05/1983 OL-0285 Show on Map
5945 Nudgee Cemetery BODEN THOMAS HENRY 21/07/1964 6A-172 Show on Map
2527 Nudgee Cemetery BODURKA BABY 06/12/1956 SB-060 Show on Map
6633 Nudgee Cemetery Boevink Valerie Maureen 07/08/1940 23/08/2018 29/08/2018 LA-3094 Show on Map
11765 Nudgee Cemetery BOGAN NIALL PATRICK FRANCIS 19/03/1952 C1-12-15 Show on Map
I000001309 Nudgee Cemetery BOHAN CATHERINE 05/02/1982 7A-213 Show on Map
I000010265 Nudgee Cemetery BOHAN MARY CATHERINE 08/04/1982 LA-0364 Show on Map
I000001308 Nudgee Cemetery BOHAN THOMAS PATRICK 31/05/1965 7A-213 Show on Map
8652 Nudgee Cemetery BOHAN WILLIAM JOHN 20/10/1948 A1-08-32 Show on Map
3820 Nudgee Cemetery Bohane Damien John 16/11/1929 15/01/2009 19/01/2009 9A-206 Show on Map
I000000597 Nudgee Cemetery BOHANE EILEEN 14/01/1964 5A-814 Show on Map
I000002363 Nudgee Cemetery BOHANE EILEEN LOLA 25/09/1970 9A-206 Show on Map
6342 Nudgee Cemetery BOHANE GERALD BUTLER 16/10/1964 5A-814 Show on Map
I000010956 Nudgee Cemetery BOHANE GERALDINE MARY 15/09/1992 LA-1411 Show on Map
I000003485 Nudgee Cemetery BOHANE HANORAH 18/09/1929 A-12-20 Show on Map
9693 Nudgee Cemetery BOHANE JOHN 11/01/1950 A-12-20C Show on Map
12192 Nudgee Cemetery BOHANE PATRICK 21/08/1952 A-12-20C Show on Map
136-96 Nudgee Cemetery Bohl Sr Mary Anthony PBVM 15/06/1996 18/06/1996 SIS-PRE-NEW-02-07 Show on Map
142-99 Nudgee Cemetery BOHMER AUDREY ADELAIDE 15/07/1999 10A-348 Show on Map
I000000146 Nudgee Cemetery BOHMER HUGHIE 23/03/2001 10A-348 Show on Map
5142 Nudgee Cemetery Bol Nyuon Sebit Akoi 31/08/2013 31/08/2013 11/09/2013 A4-K-954 Show on Map
I000005868 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND BABY PAUL SIMON 20/10/1942 B2-06-29 Show on Map
9275 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND CATHERINE WINIFRED 19/07/1949 A1-09-50 Show on Map
I000006013 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND EDITH CECIL 01/08/1946 C-26-03 Show on Map
I000011797 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND EDWARD GEORGE 23/06/1976 OL-0870 Show on Map
I000011798 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND ELSIE EMILIA 23/08/1979 OL-0870 Show on Map
4541 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND ELSIE PATRICIA 26/07/1958 B2-06-29 Show on Map
I000007218 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND KATHLEEN MARY 09/10/1950 E-06-01C Show on Map
16265 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND LORRAINE V. 11/07/1972 OL-0395 Show on Map
I000011386 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND LUCY THERESE 22/12/1971 OL-0339 Show on Map
255-97 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND MARIE THERESE 29/10/1997 C-26-04 Show on Map
16265 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND PETER JOHN 11/07/1972 OL-0395 Show on Map
I000012264 Nudgee Cemetery Boland Rev Fr Dudley Dennis 09/10/1908 13/09/1988 15/09/1988 PR-NEW-06-08 Show on Map
4373 Nudgee Cemetery Boland Rev Fr Samuel Joseph CSsR 10/02/1922 04/02/2011 08/02/2011 P/B-RED-01-13 Show on Map
4335 Nudgee Cemetery Boland Rev Fr Thomas Patrick 28/02/1929 07/12/2010 14/12/2010 PR-NEW-10-13 Show on Map
I000005869 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND SIMON BERNARD 09/09/1978 B2-06-29 Show on Map
I000007220 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND SIMON BERNARD 04/08/1954 E-06-01C Show on Map
4634 Nudgee Cemetery Boland Sr Norah Ellen RSM 14/09/1916 16/12/2011 20/12/2011 SIS-MER-09-11 Show on Map
I000010715 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND WILLIAM 15/07/1988 LA-1054 Show on Map
I000006015 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND WILLIAM JOHN 11/08/1977 C-26-03 Show on Map
I000006014 Nudgee Cemetery BOLAND WILLIAM SAMUEL 27/09/1934 C-26-03C Show on Map
C00695 Nudgee Crematorium Boldy Martha McBryde 25/11/1924 21/04/2016 26/04/2016 Contact Office
I000007292 Nudgee Cemetery BOLES EVELYN 11/10/1904 F-01-21 Show on Map
232-98 Nudgee Cemetery BOLGER CATHERINE VINCENT 02/11/1998 A1-03-58 Show on Map
11588 Nudgee Cemetery BOLGER ELIZABETH MARGARET 03/01/1952 A2-04-06 Show on Map
9402 Nudgee Cemetery BOLGER EMILY MAY 27/02/1967 7A-610 Show on Map
10057 Nudgee Cemetery BOLGER FRANCES CATHERINE 04/09/1967 7A-610 Show on Map
13892 Nudgee Cemetery BOLGER JOSEPH GRAY 28/01/1954 A1-03-58 Show on Map
2113 Nudgee Cemetery BOLGER PATRICK JOSEPH 17/08/1961 A2-04-06 Show on Map
4761 Nudgee Cemetery Bolger Sr M Marietta RSJ 21/06/1989 23/06/1989 SIS-STJO-05-09 Show on Map
I000012483 Nudgee Cemetery Bolger Sr Mary Brendan RSM 21/09/1848 28/02/1879 28/02/1879 SIS-MER-02-12 Show on Map
3055 Nudgee Cemetery Bolger Sr Patricia RSJ 12/03/1932 09/03/2006 03/04/2006 SIS-STJO-05-09 Show on Map
I000011019 Nudgee Cemetery BOLLETTA MILENA 08/03/1993 LA-1487 Show on Map
626 Nudgee Cemetery BOLSI GRAZIANO 21/06/1960 A4-01-49 Show on Map
12354 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON BABY MARY 19/06/1969 A4-K-558 Show on Map
I000005545 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON BRIDGET MARY 09/04/1935 B-52-11 Show on Map
I000003889 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON CATHERINE AGNES 06/06/1936 A-24-10 Show on Map
3837 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON CECILIA ESTHER 26/04/1943 A1-03-03 Show on Map
13933 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON ELLEN 11/02/1954 A1-01-25C Show on Map
I000011788 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON EUGENIE MARY 17/09/1993 OL-0859 Show on Map
3809 Nudgee Cemetery Bolton Fr James Edward OSA 09/11/2009 21/12/2008 29/12/2008 P/B-AUG-01-10 Show on Map
I000005547 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON GEORGE 09/10/1945 B-52-11 Show on Map
I000000255 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON HENRIETTA 30/07/1974 5A-204 Show on Map
21267 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON HENRY JAMES 17/06/1976 OL-0859 Show on Map
I000003890 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON JAMES CYRUS 12/10/1945 A-24-10 Show on Map
I000001457 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON JAMES MURRAY 05/03/1966 7A-417 Show on Map
I000001456 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON MARGARET ANASTASIA 04/01/1982 7A-416 Show on Map
I000009052 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON MARY PATRICIA 18/09/1916 G-08-12 Show on Map
8649 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON MURIEL EUNICE 10/02/1984 A1-01-25 Show on Map
18696 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON PATRICK THOMAS 27/05/1974 A1-01-25 Show on Map
13868 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON REV FATHER BRIAN 11/08/1970 B-52-11 Show on Map
I000012712 Nudgee Cemetery Bolton Sr Mary Dorothea RSM 09/03/1878 18/05/1938 19/05/1938 SIS-MER-20-08 Show on Map
1081 Nudgee Cemetery BOLTON WILLIAM GEORGE 17/10/1960 5A-204 Show on Map
555 Nudgee Cemetery Boman Baby Carmel May 20/06/1955 A4-07-49 Show on Map
2233 Nudgee Cemetery Boman Englebert William Eric 19/08/1909 29/04/2003 02/05/2003 A4-07-49 Show on Map
3647 Nudgee Cemetery Boman Isabella May 04/05/1920 11/05/2008 14/05/2008 A4-07-49 Show on Map
5381 Nudgee Cemetery BOMBARDIERI BABY GERALDINE MARIE 28/02/1964 K-2-308 Show on Map
1626 Nudgee Cemetery BOMBARDIERI BABY GERARD ANTHONY 06/04/1961 K-2-165 Show on Map
19018 Nudgee Cemetery BONA GIOVANNI 01/08/1974 CHAP-020-R4 Show on Map
18235 Nudgee Cemetery BONA GUISEPPINA 07/01/1974 CHAP-020-R3 Show on Map
4703 Nudgee Cemetery Bonaccorso Alba 25/11/1937 06/03/2012 14/03/2012 V-1450 Show on Map
1851 Nudgee Cemetery Bonaccorso Angelo 19/02/1912 04/11/2001 08/11/2001 CHAP-116-C4 Show on Map
6320 Nudgee Cemetery Bonaccorso Giuseppe 08/12/1981 V-0553 Show on Map
1879 Nudgee Cemetery Bonaccorso Leonarda 12/05/1914 16/12/2001 20/12/2001 V-1321 Show on Map
3948 Nudgee Cemetery Bonaccorso Sebastiana 01/10/1919 19/07/2009 23/07/2009 CHAP-116-C3 Show on Map
4889 Nudgee Cemetery Bonanno Agata (Tina) 02/05/1921 17/10/2012 24/10/2012 V-0509 Show on Map
5101 Nudgee Cemetery Bonanno Anne Margaret Phyllis 29/11/1955 21/07/2013 26/07/2013 V-1462 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bonanno Giuseppe Antonio 13/03/1947 01/05/2017 04/05/2017 Contact Office
I000013405 Nudgee Cemetery BONANNO MARIA 30/05/1977 V-0599 Show on Map
5680 Nudgee Cemetery BONANNO MARIANO 06/05/1981 V-0600 Show on Map
3229 Nudgee Cemetery Bonanno Rosario 03/04/1945 28/10/2006 03/11/2006 CHAP-239-B1 Show on Map
3781 Nudgee Cemetery Bonato Francesca Angela 21/10/1932 21/11/2008 28/11/2008 CHAP-299-R4 Show on Map
I000013561 Nudgee Cemetery BONAVENTURA CARMELO 09/11/1992 V-1093 Show on Map
I000013260 Nudgee Cemetery BONAVENTURA ROSARIO 07/08/1984 V-0268 Show on Map
I000013416 Nudgee Cemetery BONAVENTURE SALVATORE 31/10/1977 V-0620 Show on Map
5082 Nudgee Cemetery BOND BABY 31/12/1958 SB-125 Show on Map
4027 Nudgee Cemetery BOND BABY JOSEPH 12/02/1963 A3-07-17 Show on Map
I000004478 Nudgee Cemetery BOND BABY PAUL ANDREW 30/04/1957 A3-07-17 Show on Map
6267 Nudgee Cemetery Bond Douglas Gordon Franklin 17/05/1928 13/06/2017 19/06/2017 OL-0936 Show on Map
6007 Nudgee Cemetery Bond Eric Francis 23/05/1924 30/08/2011 18/08/2016 6A-140 Show on Map
I000009644 Nudgee Cemetery BOND FRANCIS XAVIER 14/05/1971 J-05-33 Show on Map
I0000000007 St Therese & St Anthony – Kedron Bond Joan Priscilla 26/03/1999 STFRANCIS-4-03 Show on Map
I0000000008 St Therese & St Anthony – Kedron Bond Kenneth 15/12/9999 27/10/2010 STFRANCIS-4-04 Show on Map
6006 Nudgee Cemetery Bond Marjorie Joan 17/07/1922 16/07/2016 18/08/2016 6A-140 Show on Map
I000011851 Nudgee Cemetery Bond Mary-Anne Therese 09/02/1995 14/02/1995 OL-0936 Show on Map
4293 Nudgee Cemetery Bondio Baby Andrea 30/04/1963 K-2-259 Show on Map
77-97 Nudgee Cemetery Bondio Ivo 21/02/1926 03/04/1997 07/04/1997 LA-1810 Show on Map
6491 Nudgee Cemetery Bondio Linda 17/09/1926 05/03/2018 19/03/2018 LA-1810 Show on Map
I000009178 Nudgee Cemetery BONE EILEEN MAY 12/09/1984 H-03-08 Show on Map
I000010969 Nudgee Cemetery Bone Gordon Leslie 20/02/1922 20/05/1992 25/05/1992 LA-1423 Show on Map
4758 Nudgee Cemetery Bone Mabel Winifred 10/10/1925 15/05/2012 25/05/2012 LA-1423 Show on Map
1578 Nudgee Cemetery BONELLI MATTEO 16/10/2000 CHAP-090A-A4 Show on Map
2934 Nudgee Cemetery Bonelli Teresa 02/06/1909 05/10/2005 10/10/2005 CHAP-090A-A3 Show on Map
I000007301 Nudgee Cemetery BONFIELD HONOR 07/11/1942 F-01-27 Show on Map
I000013099 Nudgee Cemetery Bonfield Sr M Aloysius RSJ 02/07/1971 03/07/1971 SIS-STJO-01-16 Show on Map
981 Nudgee Cemetery Bonfield Sr Mary Margaret RSM 06/08/1879 18/09/1960 20/09/1960 SIS-MER-19-10 Show on Map
I000006771 Nudgee Cemetery BONFIGLIO ANGELA ROSA 17/02/1994 CHAP-090-B4 Show on Map
4623 Nudgee Cemetery Bonfiglio Carmelo 05/03/1930 04/12/2011 08/12/2011 CHAP-295-D2 Show on Map
3286 Nudgee Cemetery Bonfiglio Concetta 26/03/1939 25/01/2007 30/01/2007 CHAP-181-A1 Show on Map
20122 Nudgee Cemetery BONFIGLIO GAETANO 24/06/1975 V-0455 Show on Map
7478 Nudgee Cemetery BONFIGLIO GAETANO 15/12/1982 CHAP-090-A4 Show on Map
187-97 Nudgee Cemetery Bonfiglio Giuseppe 16/08/1997 CHAP-030-L3 Show on Map
4796 Nudgee Cemetery Bonfiglio Nunziata 18/09/1940 05/07/2012 11/07/2012 CHAP-030-R3 Show on Map
I000001416 Nudgee Cemetery BONGES JOSEPHINE ALICE 13/01/1994 7A-363 Show on Map
5058 Nudgee Cemetery BONHAM HENRY JOHN 27/12/1958 A4-03-36 Show on Map
I000004751 Nudgee Cemetery BONHAM INEZ MAY 10/09/1973 A4-03-36 Show on Map
2102 Nudgee Cemetery Bonham Paul Gregory 18/04/1955 15/10/2002 21/10/2002 LA-2170 Show on Map
14187 Nudgee Cemetery BONNER LESLIENE V 02/11/1970 A4-K-600 Show on Map
I000013625 Nudgee Cemetery BONNER MARY 09/11/1971 Y-37 Show on Map
4467 Nudgee Cemetery BONNEY BABY 19/06/1963 K-2-271 Show on Map
I000002347 Nudgee Cemetery BONOGUORE BABY DANIEL NATHAN 20/09/1974 9A-179 Show on Map
I000002346 Nudgee Cemetery BONOGUORE KATHRYN DORIS 24/08/1974 9A-179 Show on Map
I000001141 Nudgee Cemetery BONOMA BABY 06/12/1963 6A-508 Show on Map
I000013487 Nudgee Cemetery BONOMO FRANCESCO 14/06/1984 V-0813 Show on Map
7022 Nudgee Cemetery BONUTTO ANGELO 18/05/1965 V-0099 Show on Map
177-96 Nudgee Cemetery BONUTTO GIUSEPPINA 23/07/1996 V-0098 Show on Map
2857 Nudgee Cemetery BOODY EILEEN MARY 25/07/1980 LA-0215 Show on Map
I000004974 Nudgee Cemetery BOODY MURIEL FRANCES 14/11/1956 A4-08-36 Show on Map
I000012863 Nudgee Cemetery Boody Sr Mary St Clare RSM 21/05/1895 12/11/1980 13/11/1980 SIS-MER-35-03 Show on Map
I000004973 Nudgee Cemetery BOODY WILLIAM JOHN 27/07/1956 A4-08-36 Show on Map
I000000054 Nudgee Cemetery BOOKER CHERRIL GRACE 20/06/1986 10A-081 Show on Map
273-99 Nudgee Cemetery BOOKER OWEN MARK 16/12/1999 10A-080 Show on Map
4632 Nudgee Cemetery BOOKEY EDWARD ALOYSIUS 27/07/1963 6A-124 Show on Map
C01007 Nudgee Crematorium Boon Allen Francis 23/01/1944 12/10/2016 28/10/2016 Contact Office
I000011390 Nudgee Cemetery BOOSHAND JOHN JAMES 19/05/1980 OL-0344 Show on Map
I000011389 Nudgee Cemetery BOOSHAND MARGARET SMITH DICK 26/09/1977 OL-0344 Show on Map
14139 Nudgee Cemetery BOOSHAND WILLIAM PERCIVAL 19/10/1970 OL-0245 Show on Map
7257 Nudgee Cemetery BOOTE FLORENCE ELIZABETH 14/07/1965 7A-236 Show on Map
1895 Nudgee Cemetery BOOTH BABY JOSEPH 23/06/1961 K-2-180 Show on Map
I000001406 Nudgee Cemetery BOOTH ELLEN 06/10/1965 7A-351 Show on Map
I000010748 Nudgee Cemetery Booth John Leslie 07/03/1989 13/03/1989 LA-1108 Show on Map
4728 Nudgee Cemetery Booth Mary Brenda 12/12/1915 02/04/2012 11/04/2012 LA-1108 Show on Map
10694 Nudgee Cemetery BOOTH WILLIAM JOHN 08/03/1951 A2-02-67 Show on Map
2395 Nudgee Cemetery Boothby Sr Mary Virginia RSM 12/11/1894 16/06/1978 19/06/1978 SIS-MER-33-06 Show on Map
4060 Nudgee Cemetery Bopf Rev Fr Ronald Francis OSA 07/09/1924 07/12/2009 11/12/2009 P/B-AUG-01-12 Show on Map
I000005103 Nudgee Cemetery BORCK BABY 20/01/1978 A4-K-742 Show on Map
7082 Nudgee Cemetery BORG CHARLES ALEXANDER 01/06/1965 7A-226 Show on Map
I000011742 Nudgee Cemetery BORG DELORES 16/08/1975 OL-0796 Show on Map
3957 Nudgee Cemetery Borg Elia 31/03/1923 04/08/2009 10/08/2009 6A-447 Show on Map
4150 Nudgee Cemetery Borg Maria Theresa 08/07/1926 19/04/2010 28/04/2010 6A-447 Show on Map
3668 Nudgee Cemetery BORGER BABY 30/10/1962 K-2-231 Show on Map
1925 Nudgee Cemetery Borger Sr Mary Bonaventure SGS 01/04/1923 19/02/2002 25/02/2002 SIS-SGS-03-11 Show on Map
17075 Nudgee Cemetery Borgese Baby 06/02/1973 V-0090 Show on Map
13662 Nudgee Cemetery BOROWICZ LYDIA 10/11/1953 OLD K-2-38-U Show on Map
I000013233 Nudgee Cemetery BORRIELLO DOMINICA 12/05/1993 V-0210 Show on Map
5556 Nudgee Cemetery BORSIC BABY JOHN JOSEPH 21/04/1964 K-2-315 Show on Map
14970 Nudgee Cemetery Borsic Joseph 07/07/1971 9A-279 Show on Map
12011 Nudgee Cemetery BORT MARY ANN 13/03/1969 6A-534 Show on Map
18867 Nudgee Cemetery BORT THOMAS REGINALD 04/07/1974 6A-534 Show on Map
I000013148 Nudgee Cemetery BORTOLOTTI BABY V-0004 Show on Map
2999 Nudgee Cemetery BORTOLOTTI BABY DANIELO MARIO 07/05/1956 A4-05-26 Show on Map
6326 Nudgee Cemetery BORTOLOTTI EGIDIO 16/12/1959 V-0004 Show on Map
4135 Nudgee Cemetery BORTOLOTTI ETTORE 02/04/1958 A3-14-01 Show on Map
I000004637 Nudgee Cemetery BORTOLOTTI IDA 13/12/1977 A3-14-02 Show on Map
I000010821 Nudgee Cemetery BORTUZZO COSTANTINO 04/07/1990 LA-1233 Show on Map
C01069 Nudgee Crematorium Borwick Shellie Christine 31/12/1953 20/12/2016 23/12/2016 Contact Office
I000013357 Nudgee Cemetery BORZELLECA PIETRO 22/11/1983 V-0494 Show on Map
3210 Nudgee Cemetery Borzellega Pietro 09/12/1937 03/10/2006 09/10/2006 CHAP-213-B3 Show on Map
I000006863 Nudgee Cemetery BORZILLO IRMA 27/04/1990 CHAP-137-B4 Show on Map
I000006862 Nudgee Cemetery BORZILLO NICOLA VITTORIO 13/01/1989 CHAP-137-B3 Show on Map
248-97 Nudgee Cemetery BOSANKO JULIA 24/10/1997 LA-1856 Show on Map
5575 Nudgee Cemetery Boscaino Vincenzo 04/09/1932 02/03/2015 09/03/2015 CHAP-252-CR Show on Map
2812 Nudgee Cemetery Boskovic Dragorad 13/11/1938 24/03/2005 05/05/2005 LA-2295 Show on Map
27-98 Nudgee Cemetery Boss Sr Mary Blandina SGS 24/02/1998 27/02/1998 SIS-SGS-02-10 Show on Map
2405 Nudgee Cemetery Botrugno Antonio 12/10/1930 12/12/2003 17/12/2003 CHAP-153-B2 Show on Map
I000010152 Nudgee Cemetery Botsman Brian James 22/01/1926 14/06/1980 17/06/1980 LA-0197 Show on Map
4416 Nudgee Cemetery Botsman Edna Blanche 26/01/1922 27/03/2011 01/04/2011 LA-0197 Show on Map
I000004994 Nudgee Cemetery BOTSMAN MARY ELLEN 25/07/1978 A4-09-18 Show on Map
6059 Nudgee Cemetery BOTSMAN RUPERT CRESWELL 02/10/1959 A4-09-18 Show on Map
C00634 Nudgee Crematorium Bott Ailsa Lorna 22/05/1932 02/03/2016 04/03/2016 Contact Office
1984 Nudgee Cemetery Bott Baby Joseph Simon 09/05/2002 09/05/2002 16/05/2002 A4-K-910 Show on Map
4140 Nudgee Cemetery Bott Doris May 18/11/1988 A1-07-48 Show on Map
20080 Nudgee Cemetery BOTTA FRANCESCO 12/06/1975 A3CHP15-28/30-L1 Show on Map
I000004669 Nudgee Cemetery BOTTA MADDALENA 07/01/1971 A3CHP15-28/30-R1 Show on Map
4519 Nudgee Cemetery BOTTING BABY MARION ANN 01/07/1963 K-2-273 Show on Map
I000006625 Nudgee Cemetery Botto Carlo 08/06/1976 CHAP-008-L1 Show on Map
I000006629 Nudgee Cemetery Botto Carolina 20/03/1967 CHAP-008-R1 Show on Map
C00537 Nudgee Crematorium Boudan Joseph Paul Maxime 05/11/1938 16/12/2015 22/12/2015 Contact Office
4521 Nudgee Cemetery BOUDETTE BABY SHANE 22/07/1958 K-2-073 Show on Map
5829 Nudgee Cemetery Bougoure John Osmond 04/01/1934 18/12/2015 29/12/2015 LA-1758 Show on Map
1747 Nudgee Cemetery BOUGOURE ROSE ANN 18/05/1956 A3-05-52 Show on Map
I000010422 Nudgee Cemetery BOULT MARY WINIFRED 22/11/1983 LA-0584 Show on Map
I000010423 Nudgee Cemetery BOULT NORMAN GEORGE 11/08/1986 LA-0584 Show on Map
I000001764 Nudgee Cemetery BOULTON EDWARD ARTHUR NOEL 27/09/1968 7A-867 Show on Map
I000002293 Nudgee Cemetery BOULTON EILEEN THERESA 03/12/1990 9A-102 Show on Map
N2812 Nudgee Cemetery Boulton Ellen Bridget 05/10/1957 22/01/2010 11/02/2010 MG-01-09 Show on Map
I000006452 Nudgee Cemetery BOULTON GRAHAM GEORGE 08/12/1969 C1-08-24 Show on Map
I000010009 Nudgee Cemetery BOULTON JOAN MARY 17/07/1978 LA-0003 Show on Map
I000006451 Nudgee Cemetery BOULTON MURIEL GENEVIEVE 27/04/1948 C1-08-24 Show on Map
206-96 Nudgee Cemetery BOULTON VERA 19/08/1996 7A-867 Show on Map
12989 Nudgee Cemetery BOULTON WALTER RAYMOND 19/12/1969 9A-102 Show on Map
6392 Nudgee Cemetery Bouman Carmel Therese 21/04/1944 16/11/2017 22/11/2017 F-04-22 Show on Map
6248 Nudgee Cemetery BOUNDY ARTHUR JOHN 24/11/1959 A2-07-37 Show on Map
3441 Nudgee Cemetery BOUNDY BRIDGET THERESA 03/09/1957 A2-07-38 Show on Map
303-96 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE ANNIE PATRICIA 05/12/1996 5A-916 Show on Map
11126 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE BABY 12/07/1968 A4-K-509 Show on Map
14849 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE BABY 10/06/1971 A4-K-619 Show on Map
2754 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE BABY 06/02/1962 A4-11-31 Show on Map
I000012374 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE BABY SB-104 Show on Map
12659 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE BABY MADONNA ANNE 10/09/1969 A4-K-509 Show on Map
I000008564 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE BABY PATRICK THOMAS 31/01/1936 G-02-57C Show on Map
I000000423 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE BEATRICE MAUD 16/08/1977 5A-541 Show on Map
I000003254 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE CATHERINE 20/11/1924 A-08-10 Show on Map
I000007630 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE CATHERINE 22/03/1926 F-07-15 Show on Map
I000000920 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE CATHERINE 24/10/1963 6A-314 Show on Map
I000000184 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE EILEEN JANE 13/09/1988 5A-053 Show on Map
I000007628 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE ELLEN 21/06/1886 F-07-14 Show on Map
I000012069 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE FANNY 03/08/1921 OLD CEM-057 Show on Map
I000000771 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE HERBERT CLAYTON 21/07/1964 6A-199 Show on Map
410 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE ILENE MAY 27/04/1960 5A-144 Show on Map
I000007629 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE JEREMIAH 12/08/1904 F-07-14 Show on Map
2654 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke John Michael 13/09/1948 23/10/2004 27/10/2004 LA-2255 Show on Map
I000002311 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE JOHN CECIL 31/12/1979 9A-120 Show on Map
3593 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE JOHN JOSEPH 08/10/1962 5A-541 Show on Map
I000010413 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE JOHN PATRICK MICHAEL 03/11/1983 LA-0571 Show on Map
I000001135 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE KATHERINE 27/08/1964 6A-502 Show on Map
4392 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE LAWRENCE JAMES 28/05/1963 6A-127 Show on Map
I000007127 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MARGARET MARY 09/03/1995 D-41-21 Show on Map
I000012171 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MARY 16/06/1954 OLD CEM-177 Show on Map
I000003714 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MARY JANE 11/02/1935 A-16-11 Show on Map
I000008569 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MARY JOSEPHINE 10/12/1991 G-02-59 Show on Map
1631 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MAY 16/04/1956 A3-04-31 Show on Map
I000008284 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MICHAEL 10/10/1911 F-17-18 Show on Map
I000011353 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MICHAEL JOSEPH 22/06/1971 OL-0293 Show on Map
I000000664 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MICHAEL PATRICK 05/04/1991 5A-916 Show on Map
I000000663 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MICHAEL PATRICK 25/05/1964 5A-915 Show on Map
13097 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE MYRENE GERTRUDE 20/01/1970 9A-120 Show on Map
131-99 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE OLGA FRANCES ENID 02/07/1999 LA-0571 Show on Map
2159 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE PATRICIA FLORENCE 08/04/1978 OL-0293 Show on Map
6095 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE RICHARD MICHAEL 13/10/1959 5A-053 Show on Map
I000000231 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE RICHARD PATRICK 29/04/1974 5A-144 Show on Map
I000001698 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE RUBY EVELYN 09/12/1967 7A-780 Show on Map
5233 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke Sr Carmel SGS Josephine 03/10/1924 21/12/2013 27/12/2013 SIS-SGS-04-03 Show on Map
1959 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke Sr Gabriel Mary RSM 18/03/1886 29/01/1978 31/01/1978 SIS-MER-33-15 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bourke Sr Karen Margaret 09/06/1949 03/06/2018 07/06/2018 Contact Office
1981 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke Sr Kathleen RSJ 26/03/1940 11/05/2002 14/05/2002 SIS-STJO-01-01 Show on Map
I000012727 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke Sr Mary Anne RSM 21/07/1869 21/04/1926 21/04/1926 SIS-MER-21-10 Show on Map
3427 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke Sr Mary Josepha RSM 01/06/1889 25/08/1957 26/08/1957 SIS-MER-07-15 Show on Map
I000012758 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke Sr Mary Mechtildas RSM 20/09/1939 21/09/1939 SIS-MER-24-02 Show on Map
14403 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE SUSAN 25/06/1954 F-18-25 Show on Map
15529 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE THOMAS 10/12/1971 A3-04-31 Show on Map
I000003713 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE THOMAS HENRY 20/09/1927 A-16-11 Show on Map
14420 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE THOMAS JOSEPH 01/07/1954 A4-11-55 Show on Map
2308 Nudgee Cemetery Bourke Veronica 23/10/1938 30/07/2003 04/08/2003 G-02-58C Show on Map
13859 Nudgee Cemetery BOURKE WILLIAM JOSEPH 03/08/1970 8A-453 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bourne Barry Edward 19/07/1943 09/05/2017 16/05/2017 Contact Office
14-99 Nudgee Cemetery Bourne Rev Fr Leonard Cecil SM 23/11/1913 18/01/1999 21/01/1999 PR-MAR-01-13 Show on Map
I000004184 Nudgee Cemetery BOUSTEAD INGER 01/12/1952 A2-01-04 Show on Map
9992 Nudgee Cemetery BOUSTEAD MICHAEL JOHN 22/05/1950 A2-01-04 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bouwman Arend 06/09/1932 13/06/2018 20/06/2018 Contact Office
C00334 Nudgee Crematorium Bouwman William 21/05/1935 22/08/2015 27/08/2015 Contact Office
4826 Nudgee Cemetery Bova Giovanna 13/12/1918 31/07/2012 04/08/2012 V-1038 Show on Map
1991 Nudgee Cemetery Bova Rocco Antonio 25/08/1916 28/05/2002 01/06/2002 V-1039 Show on Map
3527 Nudgee Cemetery BOVEY BABY STEPHEN 26/09/1957 K-2-004 Show on Map
I000006311 Nudgee Cemetery BOVEY NUALA ELLEN 16/08/1977 C1-03-31 Show on Map
I000004932 Nudgee Cemetery BOW EDWARD WILLIAM 10/11/1954 A4-07-51 Show on Map
12324 Nudgee Cemetery BOW ELSIE ELLEN 26/09/1952 C1-13-01 Show on Map
I000012803 Nudgee Cemetery Bow Sr Mary Xavier RSM 01/11/1865 02/05/1934 03/05/1934 SIS-MER-27-14 Show on Map
1205 Nudgee Cemetery BOW VIOLET MAY 25/11/1960 C1-13-01 Show on Map
C00062 Nudgee Crematorium Bowden Adell Vaughan 28/12/1920 09/02/2015 16/02/2015 Contact Office
51-00 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDEN BABY ALLISON 07/03/2000 A4-K-892 Show on Map
I000001486 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDEN FANNY ISOBEL 28/02/1966 7A-452 Show on Map
11999 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDEN JOHN 11/03/1969 7A-452 Show on Map
C00753 Nudgee Crematorium Bowden Joseph Francis 24/12/1918 21/05/2016 30/05/2016 Contact Office
1754 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDEN KATHLEEN MARY 22/11/1986 9A-002 Show on Map
I000001393 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDEN LESLIE GORDON 22/01/1980 7A-330 Show on Map
7295 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDEN NORMA FRANCES 23/07/1965 7A-330 Show on Map
I000010454 Nudgee Cemetery Bowdler Alma Marie 06/12/1919 22/01/1987 27/01/1987 LA-0628 Show on Map
I000005054 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDLER BABY ROSS BERNARD 05/02/1970 A4-K-578 Show on Map
4862 Nudgee Cemetery Bowdler Jack Sylvester 17/10/1920 14/09/2012 20/09/2012 LA-0628 Show on Map
I000003436 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDLER REBECCA 07/03/1930 A-11-23 Show on Map
7942 Nudgee Cemetery BOWDLER SYDNEY GEORGE 03/01/1948 C1-08-16 Show on Map
I000012296 Nudgee Cemetery Bowe Rev Fr William 02/07/1864 02/07/1864 PR-OLD-02-10 Show on Map
3741 Nudgee Cemetery Bowen Catherine Mary 27/08/1952 22/09/2008 26/09/2008 LA-0589 Show on Map
4947 Nudgee Cemetery Bowen Daniel Gerard 01/08/1954 27/12/2012 02/01/2013 LA-2735 Show on Map
3722 Nudgee Cemetery Bowen Douglas Alan 05/12/1933 21/08/2008 25/08/2008 OL-0760 Show on Map
4502 Nudgee Cemetery Bowen Margaret Eileen 11/07/1927 03/07/2011 08/07/2011 LA-0590 Show on Map
I000004437 Nudgee Cemetery BOWEN MARY 07/07/1972 A3-05-39 Show on Map
6563 Nudgee Cemetery BOWEN MARY CLARE 23/02/1982 LA-0391 Show on Map
14343 Nudgee Cemetery BOWEN MARY WINIFRD 12/06/1954 A3-01-24 Show on Map
8505 Nudgee Cemetery BOWEN MICHAEL PATRICK 14/12/1983 LA-0589 Show on Map
93-96 Nudgee Cemetery Bowen Stephen Patrick 06/02/1925 16/06/1996 18/04/1996 LA-0590 Show on Map
I000004341 Nudgee Cemetery BOWEN STEPHEN PATRICK 05/08/1974 A3-01-24 Show on Map
165-99 Nudgee Cemetery BOWEN VERONICA MARY 10/08/1999 LA-0391 Show on Map
2098 Nudgee Cemetery BOWEN WILLIAM RUPERT 14/08/1956 A3-05-39 Show on Map
4718 Nudgee Cemetery Bowers Jane Ellen 24/11/1931 05/12/2012 22/03/2012 7A-824 Show on Map
5850 Nudgee Cemetery Bowers Mary Rose 22/11/1940 09/01/2016 19/01/2016 A3-14-20 Show on Map
1778 Nudgee Cemetery Bowers Sr Mary Gregory RSM 08/03/1925 30/07/2001 03/08/2001 SIS-MER-36-17 Show on Map
I000002783 Nudgee Cemetery BOWES CATHERINE MARY 16/07/1980 9A-779 Show on Map
A-1615 Nudgee Cemetery Bowes Doris Mary 29/03/1913 06/12/2000 11/12/2000 10A-318 Show on Map
I000000143 Nudgee Cemetery Bowes Kenneth David 13/09/1906 21/08/1992 24/08/1992 10A-318 Show on Map
I000001442 Nudgee Cemetery BOWES MARGARET EMILY MONA 11/10/1965 7A-395 Show on Map
I000002782 Nudgee Cemetery BOWES PATRICK WILLIAM CHARLES 01/12/1978 9A-779 Show on Map
11447 Nudgee Cemetery BOWLER EMILIENNE 23/09/1968 A4-03-56 Show on Map
5853 Nudgee Cemetery BOWLER MARIE EMILIENNE 06/08/1959 A4-03-57 Show on Map
4822 Nudgee Cemetery BOWLER THOMAS FRANCIS 18/10/1958 A4-03-57 Show on Map
13029 Nudgee Cemetery BOWLES JOSEPH 15/05/1953 A1-08-01C Show on Map
11409 Nudgee Cemetery BOWLES MARGARET JULIA 25/10/1951 A1-08-04C Show on Map
7275 Nudgee Cemetery BOWLES MARY ANN 31/03/1947 A1-08-01 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bowley Myra Emily 12/04/1920 22/07/2017 02/08/2017 Contact Office
I000009987 Nudgee Cemetery BOWMAN BABY JOSEPH 08/10/1965 K-2-380 Show on Map
I000010005 Nudgee Cemetery BOWMAN BABY KIM MAREE 02/11/1967 K-2-476 Show on Map
309 Nudgee Cemetery BOWMAN FRANCIS CHARLES 29/03/1960 5A-108 Show on Map
I000000925 Nudgee Cemetery BOWMAN JOHN BARRY 25/07/1963 6A-319 Show on Map
I000010074 Nudgee Cemetery BOWMAN LAURA 21/05/1979 LA-0082 Show on Map
I000000216 Nudgee Cemetery BOWMAN LOUISA CHRISTMAS 19/11/1967 5A-108 Show on Map
9365 Nudgee Cemetery BOWMAN MONICA MARY 13/02/1967 7A-614 Show on Map
1659 Nudgee Cemetery Bowman Sr Mary Herman Joseph SGS 20/02/2018 25/05/2001 01/03/2001 SIS-SGS-03-13 Show on Map
I000012068 Nudgee Cemetery BOWNS F 09/06/1913 OLD CEM-057 Show on Map
I000000859 Nudgee Cemetery BOWTHORPE JAMES 29/05/1969 6A-266 Show on Map
12915 Nudgee Cemetery BOX BABY 02/04/1953 SB-036 Show on Map
8917 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL BABY PENELOPE JUNE 11/02/1949 C1-09-08 Show on Map
5415 Nudgee Cemetery Boxsell Catherine Mary 22/03/1934 10/08/2014 18/08/2014 9A-282 Show on Map
4097 Nudgee Cemetery Boxsell Connie Eileen 11/12/1920 25/01/2010 30/01/2010 LA-0005 Show on Map
I000006463 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL DENISE JUNE 03/03/1958 C1-09-04 Show on Map
3710 Nudgee Cemetery Boxsell Desmond James 21/07/1940 03/08/2008 08/08/2008 LA-0509 Show on Map
I000004972 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL GARY JOSEPH 12/01/1954 A4-08-36 Show on Map
I000006464 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL GERTRUDE MAUD 09/01/1978 C1-09-04 Show on Map
I000010725 Nudgee Cemetery Boxsell Jack Noel 10/02/1995 LA-1070 Show on Map
I000010010 Nudgee Cemetery Boxsell James Arthur 05/04/1920 29/07/1978 31/07/1978 LA-0005 Show on Map
I000010724 Nudgee Cemetery Boxsell Janie Blanche 21/07/1908 02/09/1988 07/09/1988 LA-1070 Show on Map
I000006462 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL JOHN ALBERT 29/12/1948 C1-09-04 Show on Map
I000000132 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL LEONARD JOSEPH 22/03/1994 10A-266 Show on Map
5934 Nudgee Cemetery Boxsell Michael John 01/04/1943 22/04/2016 04/05/2016 LA-1070 Show on Map
2551 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL RICHARD GEORGE LEONARD 16/09/1985 LA-0758 Show on Map
I000010536 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL RITA JANE 11/06/1988 LA-0758 Show on Map
I000006482 Nudgee Cemetery BOXSELL WILLIAM 23/09/1950 C1-09-20 Show on Map
I000002207 Nudgee Cemetery BOYCE BRIDGET ANN 14/03/1969 8A-457 Show on Map
C00911 Nudgee Crematorium Boyce Helen Jean 19/05/1938 19/08/2016 23/08/2016 Contact Office
3359 Nudgee Cemetery Boyd Arthur 02/04/1890 07/06/1970 03/05/2007 LA-0246 Show on Map
18435 Nudgee Cemetery BOYD BABY 08/03/1974 A4-K-705 Show on Map
3359 Nudgee Cemetery Boyd Frances Helen 19/02/1889 14/06/1970 03/05/2007 LA-0246 Show on Map
8503 Nudgee Cemetery Boyd Ivy Isabel 12/12/1983 14/12/1983 A3-14-54 Show on Map
5093 Nudgee Cemetery Boyd James Marshal 10/05/1933 17/07/2013 22/07/2013 A3-14-56 Show on Map
7081 Nudgee Cemetery Boyd James Thomas 29/05/1965 01/06/1965 A3-14-53 Show on Map
6381 Nudgee Cemetery Boyd Joyce Ethel 29/09/1933 26/10/2017 01/11/2017 A3-14-56 Show on Map
12048 Nudgee Cemetery BOYD MICHELLE 25/03/1969 A4-K-544 Show on Map
I000001279 Nudgee Cemetery BOYES ANNE 24/03/1965 7A-175 Show on Map
1346 Nudgee Cemetery BOYES HONOR 23/01/1956 A3-04-14 Show on Map
60-96 Nudgee Cemetery BOYINGTON DOREEN AGNES 05/03/1996 5A-057 Show on Map
I000012589 Nudgee Cemetery Boylan Sr Mary Laurentia RSM 26/10/1850 11/01/1909 11/01/1909 SIS-MER-11-06 Show on Map
12280 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE BABY 04/06/1969 A4-K-555 Show on Map
467 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE BABY 12/05/1960 SB-159 Show on Map
789 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE BABY JOHN 02/08/1960 K-2-143 Show on Map
10793 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE BABY JULIE ANNE 10/04/1968 A4-K-497 Show on Map
1978 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Baby Rick Anthony 14/07/1961 5A-267 Show on Map
2578 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Bridget Gertrude 23/07/1920 30/07/2004 03/08/2004 LA-1704 Show on Map
I000010437 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE ELIZABETH 21/10/1985 LA-0607 Show on Map
9089 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE ELLEN GERTRUDE 18/11/1966 7A-333 Show on Map
I000004556 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE ESTELLE CATHERINE 21/12/1981 A3-10-53 Show on Map
4444 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE FRANCIS 01/07/1958 A3-10-53 Show on Map
I000005380 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE FRANCIS JOHN 15/12/1929 B-48-02C Show on Map
13840 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE FRANCIS MICHAEL 08/01/1954 A1-04-69C Show on Map
I000005130 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE HELENA LOUISE 04/03/1991 A4-K-797 Show on Map
18-96 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Henry Thomas McNeil 11/09/1917 22/01/1996 24/01/1996 LA-1704 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Boyle Irene Priscilla 28/08/1925 04/12/2017 06/12/2017 Contact Office
I000011017 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE IRENE MARGARET 12/05/1993 LA-1485 Show on Map
1826 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Iris Rita 09/06/1912 11/10/2001 16/10/2001 LA-0444 Show on Map
5422 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE JOHN ALFRED 17/04/1959 A1-03-64 Show on Map
4023 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE JOHN MICHAEL 18/10/1988 A1-04-69 Show on Map
226 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE LOUISA 11/03/1955 B-48-03 Show on Map
3930 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE MARY 11/01/1963 A3-10-54 Show on Map
2302 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE MARY ELLEN 27/09/1956 A1-03-64 Show on Map
I000001396 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE MARY MARGARET 24/06/1982 7A-333 Show on Map
9066 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE PATRICK 10/07/1984 LA-0607 Show on Map
I000005382 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE PHYLLIS JUNE 05/07/1924 B-48-03 Show on Map
1881 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Robert Lloyd 31/10/1945 28/12/2001 31/12/2001 LA-2110 Show on Map
I000012856 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Sr Mary Ambrose RSM 12/08/1927 21/05/1980 23/05/1980 SIS-MER-34-13 Show on Map
I000012590 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Sr Mary Colombiere RSM 18/12/1897 21/01/1969 24/01/1969 SIS-MER-11-07 Show on Map
6299 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Sr Mary Loyola RSM 09/08/1928 09/07/2017 13/07/2017 SIS-MER-34-13 Show on Map
I000013062 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Sr Mary Sebastian SGS 24/11/1933 25/11/1933 SIS-SGS-02-02 Show on Map
I000007859 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE THOMAS 25/09/1944 F-11-02 Show on Map
I000007857 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE THOMAS JOSEPH 01/07/1924 F-11-02 Show on Map
I000008171 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE VERONICA MURIEL 07/01/1922 F-15-34 Show on Map
4817 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Vikki Marguerite 02/08/1962 22/07/2012 27/07/2012 9A-686 Show on Map
7365 Nudgee Cemetery Boyle Vincent Conal 03/05/1906 02/11/1982 04/11/1982 LA-0444 Show on Map
I000004017 Nudgee Cemetery BOYLE VIOLET VERONICA 05/04/1972 A1-04-69C Show on Map
1713 Nudgee Cemetery Bozzi Michele 07/02/1931 24/03/2001 26/05/2001 CHAP-153-B4 Show on Map
5217 Nudgee Cemetery Bozzi Rosa Anna 20/09/1965 24/11/2013 29/11/2013 CHAP-291-A3 Show on Map
I000013283 Nudgee Cemetery BOZZOLI GINO 14/01/1971 V-0322 Show on Map
8368 Nudgee Cemetery Bozzoli Giovanni 25/10/1983 CHAP-096-A3 Show on Map
5420 Nudgee Cemetery Bozzoli Marianna 01/03/1918 14/08/2014 22/08/2014 CHAP-096-A4 Show on Map
17166 Nudgee Cemetery Bracanovic Paul 28/04/1919 05/03/1973 07/03/1973 V-0392 Show on Map
1788 Nudgee Cemetery Brace Carolyn Mary 02/05/1948 18/08/2001 21/08/2001 LA-2106 Show on Map
I000011343 Nudgee Cemetery Brace Howell Isaac 28/05/1902 10/01/1971 13/01/1971 OL-0280 Show on Map
2045 Nudgee Cemetery Brace Nancy Clare 16/12/1914 22/06/2002 24/07/2002 OL-0280 Show on Map
C01087 Nudgee Crematorium Brack Cecily Margaret 28/11/1957 12/01/2017 20/01/2017 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Brackin Graham Ernest 07/11/1946 07/07/2017 12/07/2017 Contact Office
I000009537 Nudgee Cemetery BRADBURN CORNELIUS PATRICK 04/10/1917 J-03-21 Show on Map
I000009538 Nudgee Cemetery BRADBURN KATHLEEN MARY 15/08/1978 J-03-22 Show on Map
I000009535 Nudgee Cemetery BRADBURN MARGARET 13/12/1906 J-03-21 Show on Map
3005 Nudgee Cemetery BRADBURN MARY ANN 09/03/1942 A1-02-45 Show on Map
I000009536 Nudgee Cemetery BRADBURN PATRICK 04/04/1919 J-03-21 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bradbury Albert Gerald 05/02/1924 08/07/2017 14/07/2017 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Bradbury Keith Charles 05/11/1940 21/05/2018 31/05/2018 Contact Office
3928 Nudgee Cemetery BRADBY BABY KAREN LESLEY 11/01/1963 K-2-245 Show on Map
9539 Nudgee Cemetery BRADFORD BABY 10/04/1967 K-2-446 Show on Map
9274 Nudgee Cemetery BRADFORD MARY 18/07/1949 A1-09-16 Show on Map
C01153 Nudgee Crematorium Bradford Maurice Lindsay 29/03/1941 18/03/2017 23/03/2017 Contact Office
13984 Nudgee Cemetery BRADFORD WILLIAM GEORGE ALFRED 25/02/1954 A1-09-16 Show on Map
I000011778 Nudgee Cemetery BRADICICH ANTONIA 12/02/1976 OL-0847 Show on Map
I000011779 Nudgee Cemetery BRADICICH FELICE 09/08/1990 OL-0847 Show on Map
C01185 Nudgee Crematorium Bradley Dianna Kaye 18/12/1952 06/04/2017 19/04/2017 Contact Office
3186 Nudgee Cemetery BRADLEY FRANCIS 26/06/1968 5A-513 Show on Map
C00471 Nudgee Crematorium Bradley Leslie William 22/02/1941 09/11/2015 11/11/2015 Contact Office
I000011652 Nudgee Cemetery BRADLEY MARY LAVINIA 26/08/1974 OL-0682 Show on Map
C00655 Nudgee Crematorium Bradnam Betty 20/11/1925 22/03/2016 29/03/2016 Contact Office
2481 Nudgee Cemetery Bradshaw Anastacia Veronica 09/05/1911 21/03/2004 29/03/2004 LA-1550 Show on Map
10865 Nudgee Cemetery BRADSHAW BABY 01/05/1968 A4-K-503 Show on Map
C00684 Nudgee Crematorium Bradshaw Clive Anthony 10/08/1943 11/04/2016 15/04/2016 Contact Office
I000002451 Nudgee Cemetery BRADSHAW HARRY MATTHEW 25/02/1972 9A-322 Show on Map
I000005514 Nudgee Cemetery BRADSHAW JEREMIAH 09/05/1922 B-51-12 Show on Map
I000011074 Nudgee Cemetery Bradshaw Kenneth Elliott 07/09/1915 26/10/1993 29/10/1993 LA-1550 Show on Map
1157 Nudgee Cemetery Bradshaw Sr Mary Joseph RPA 04/06/1977 04/06/1977 SIS-RPA-02-14 Show on Map
5576 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY ALICE 30/05/1945 A1-04-50 Show on Map
269-99 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY ALICE CATHERINE 07/12/1999 7A-057 Show on Map
9701 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY ANNIE 16/01/1950 A1-09-53 Show on Map
3755 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Baby Gary Joseph 09/12/1957 K-2-060 Show on Map
5525 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Br Terence Pius CFC 03/06/1928 02/03/1981 04/03/1981 BR-CFC-04-12 Show on Map
I000011529 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY CARMEL ANN 18/02/1994 OL-0525 Show on Map
4855 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY CHARLES 21/09/1963 6A-074 Show on Map
I000011761 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY ELIZABETH 09/07/1987 OL-0824 Show on Map
21278 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY ELIZABETH MARGARET 23/06/1976 7A-057 Show on Map
I000001240 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY ELLEN 05/08/1985 7A-129 Show on Map
3019 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY EMMA 30/04/1962 6A-074 Show on Map
3977 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Franics Joseph 24/08/1933 31/08/2009 07/09/2009 LA-2491 Show on Map
I000002152 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY GEORGE 23/06/1965 8A-404 Show on Map
I000003920 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY JAMES 24/06/1940 A1-01-23 Show on Map
17487 Nudgee Cemetery Brady James Francis 29/08/2017 04/06/1973 06/06/1973 OL-0526 Show on Map
4707 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY JAMES JOSEPH 27/04/1944 A1-03-50 Show on Map
377 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY JOHN 19/04/1960 A1-04-51 Show on Map
I000011528 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY JOHN JOSEPH 06/01/1981 OL-0525 Show on Map
3786 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY JOHN PETER 05/12/1962 A1-04-51 Show on Map
51-98 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY KATHLEEN ELIZABETH 06/04/1998 OL-0527 Show on Map
C00026 Nudgee Crematorium Brady Kevin Michael 21/08/1964 31/10/2014 10/11/2014 Contact Office
I0000000005 St Therese & St Anthony – Kedron Brady Lenore Phyllis 15/08/2000 01/08/2000 STCLARE-4-04 Show on Map
2732 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Margaret Camillus 24/06/1914 20/01/2005 24/01/2005 OL-0526 Show on Map
I000009187 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY MARY ANN 06/12/1921 H-03-17 Show on Map
14697 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY MARY CATHERINE 04/09/1954 A3-02-56 Show on Map
6231 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY MICHAEL 18/09/1964 7A-128 Show on Map
I000001025 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY PATRICK 28/07/1961 6A-400 Show on Map
2230 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY PATRICK 03/05/1978 OL-0527 Show on Map
6065 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY PHILIP PATRICK 15/08/1964 7A-057 Show on Map
6561 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Raymond John 14/06/1945 26/05/2018 01/06/2018 LA-2992 Show on Map
3491 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Rev Fr Thomas 21/09/1922 18/10/2007 25/10/2007 PR-NEW-10-08 Show on Map
I000012500 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Sr Mary Alacoque RSM 18/07/1865 28/08/1895 28/08/1895 SIS-MER-04-03 Show on Map
4846 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Sr Mary Nicola RSM 28/07/1915 23/08/2012 30/08/2012 SIS-MER-13-08 Show on Map
2449 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY STANLEY ARTHUR 12/11/1956 A3-06-49 Show on Map
I000001491 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY SUSAN JANE 25/01/1966 7A-460 Show on Map
993 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY SYDNEY JAMES 20/03/1986 OL-0824 Show on Map
3842 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Terence Philip 05/04/1930 23/02/2009 27/02/2009 LA-2298 Show on Map
4517 Nudgee Cemetery BRADY THOMAS 23/07/1958 A1-09-53 Show on Map
I000012283 Nudgee Cemetery Brady Very Rev Dean Patrick 25/03/1951 27/03/1951 PR-OLD-01-01 Show on Map
2195 Nudgee Cemetery Braidotti Augusto 14/04/1930 27/02/2003 04/03/2003 A3-14-58A Show on Map
6345 Nudgee Cemetery Braithwaite Bronwyn Mary 20/08/1960 18/09/2017 22/09/2017 LA-3016 Show on Map
6682 Nudgee Cemetery Braithwaite Michael Clarence 17/09/1949 28/05/2012 MG-03-22 Show on Map
C00875 Nudgee Crematorium Braithwaite Stuart 25/09/1919 31/07/2016 04/08/2016 Contact Office
10566 Nudgee Cemetery BRAITLING HENRY CHARLES 31/01/1968 7A-823 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Brake Therese Lucy 22/07/1931 26/11/2017 04/12/2017 Contact Office
I000012393 Nudgee Cemetery Bramati Sr Giannina FdCC 24/04/1978 24/04/1978 SIS-CAN-01-10 Show on Map
I000012392 Nudgee Cemetery Brambilla Sr Fiorentina FdCC 15/02/1978 15/02/1978 SIS-CAN-01-09 Show on Map
21-00 Nudgee Cemetery Brambilla Sr Luigia FdCC 22/01/2000 25/01/2000 SIS-CAN-01-18 Show on Map
108-98 Nudgee Cemetery BRAMBLES ELIZABETH FREEMAN 16/06/1998 OL-0045 Show on Map
108-98 Nudgee Cemetery BRAMBLES RALPH 16/06/1998 OL-0045 Show on Map
14835 Nudgee Cemetery BRAMPTON BABY 07/06/1971 A4-K-618 Show on Map
C00160 Nudgee Crematorium Bramwell Deborah Claire 06/10/1954 23/04/2015 29/04/2015 Contact Office
12095 Nudgee Cemetery BRANCA LEO 11/04/1969 8A-402 Show on Map
6720 Nudgee Cemetery BRANCATINI CARMELA 21/04/1982 CHAP-048-L2 Show on Map
1908 Nudgee Cemetery Brancatini Carmine 17/11/1924 31/01/2002 02/02/2002 CHAP-048-L1 Show on Map
1949 Nudgee Cemetery Brancatini Domenico 16/09/1933 28/03/2002 05/04/2002 CHAP-048-R1 Show on Map
I000006686 Nudgee Cemetery BRANCATINO MARIA MILVA 23/07/1976 CHAP-048-R2 Show on Map
I000001419 Nudgee Cemetery BRANCH ELSPETH 19/08/1985 7A-371 Show on Map
7881 Nudgee Cemetery BRANCH VALENTINE WILLIAM 24/12/1965 7A-371 Show on Map
I000005660 Nudgee Cemetery BRAND ALICE ANNIE 19/08/1940 B2-02-15 Show on Map
I000001688 Nudgee Cemetery BRAND ALICE MAUD 15/09/1982 7A-768 Show on Map
I000000825 Nudgee Cemetery BRANDENBERG BABY WILLIAM 14/02/1964 6A-241 Show on Map
I000011251 Nudgee Cemetery BRANDOLIN ANNA 02/07/1969 OL-0113 Show on Map
898 Nudgee Cemetery BRASCH ANDREW 12/02/1986 LA-0811 Show on Map
211-97 Nudgee Cemetery BRASCH CATHERINE EMILY 10/09/1997 LA-0811 Show on Map
4555 Nudgee Cemetery Brasch Edward Vincent 24/11/1930 30/08/2011 07/09/2011 LA-2711 Show on Map
6514 Nudgee Cemetery Brasch Iris Valma 10/12/1926 31/03/2018 09/04/2018 LA-2878 Show on Map
5522 Nudgee Cemetery Brasch James Arthur 19/12/1928 18/12/2014 31/12/2014 LA-2878 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Brassil Enid Mary 13/05/1928 23/04/2017 02/05/2017 Contact Office
I000003861 Nudgee Cemetery BRATCHFORD CATHERINE 20/05/1935 A-23-07 Show on Map
C00119 Nudgee Crematorium Braun Augusto 02/04/1925 06/04/2015 09/04/2015 Contact Office
I000001887 Nudgee Cemetery BRAY ANN BRYCE 17/01/1968 8A-164 Show on Map
4155 Nudgee Cemetery Brayley Ross 08/03/1932 22/04/2010 27/04/2010 LA-2596 Show on Map
I000004297 Nudgee Cemetery BRAYSHAW ANTHONY JOHN 29/04/1965 A2-07-08 Show on Map
5288 Nudgee Cemetery BRAYSHAW BABY MARK THOMAS 02/03/1959 A2-07-08 Show on Map
15076 Nudgee Cemetery Brazel George Alfred 04/01/1955 A3-03-28 Show on Map
6989 Nudgee Cemetery Brazel Hanorah Theresa 13/07/1982 A3-03-28 Show on Map
17019 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZEL STANLEY HAROLD 22/01/1973 OL-0466 Show on Map
I000011327 Nudgee Cemetery Brazier Helen Winifred 10/08/1902 26/09/1990 28/09/1990 OL-0259 Show on Map
I000011794 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZIER LAWRENCE BERNARD MAXWELL 20/12/1978 OL-0866 Show on Map
20938 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZIER MAURICE JAMES 06/03/1976 OL-0867 Show on Map
I000011003 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZIER SHIRLEY 22/07/1993 LA-1459 Show on Map
I000003671 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZIL BRIDGET 17/05/1928 A-15-25 Show on Map
I000003672 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZIL DENIS 07/03/1938 A-15-25C Show on Map
4824 Nudgee Cemetery Brazil John Alfred 19/04/1926 23/08/2011 03/08/2012 A3-03-28 Show on Map
5007 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZZANTE ISABELLA 24/08/1989 V-0967 Show on Map
I000013536 Nudgee Cemetery BRAZZANTE SEREFINO 03/03/1994 V-0966 Show on Map
C00793 Nudgee Crematorium Breaden David Ross 10/04/1940 16/06/2016 22/06/2016 Contact Office
6525 Nudgee Cemetery Breaker Keith Robert 31/12/1948 14/04/2018 19/04/2018 LA-2425 Show on Map
I000002936 Nudgee Cemetery BREARD ANNIE 27/09/1926 A-02-40 Show on Map
2538 Nudgee Cemetery BREDFELDT CECILIA 04/12/1956 A4-11-54 Show on Map
12609 Nudgee Cemetery BREDHAUER ANNIE JOSEPHINE 28/08/1969 7A-674 Show on Map
10001 Nudgee Cemetery BREDHAUER GEORGE 21/08/1967 7A-673 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bredin Brian Alexander 23/11/1957 29/07/2017 03/08/2017 Contact Office
I000005703 Nudgee Cemetery BREE ALMA MARY DOLORES 03/04/1987 B2-03-12C Show on Map
6128 Nudgee Cemetery BREE BABY PEARL MAY 29/09/1981 10A-013 Show on Map
I000005700 Nudgee Cemetery BREE JULIAN BERCHMAN 17/02/1941 B2-03-12 Show on Map
I000005497 Nudgee Cemetery BREE MARY KATHERINE 02/03/1922 B-51-05 Show on Map
I000005498 Nudgee Cemetery BREE MARY KATHERINE MELBA 07/12/1938 B-51-05 Show on Map
12175 Nudgee Cemetery Bree Rev Fr Bernard 12/02/2018 02/05/1969 06/05/1969 PR-NEW-03-11 Show on Map
I000005701 Nudgee Cemetery BREE WILLIAM HENRY JOSEPH 20/11/1941 B2-03-12C Show on Map
I000005702 Nudgee Cemetery BREE WILLIAM JOHN JOSEPH 02/11/1992 B2-03-12 Show on Map
I000005064 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN BABY 01/06/1971 A4-K-616 Show on Map
923 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN BABY CHRISTOPHER GERARD 29/03/1977 K-2-385 Show on Map
I000009988 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN BABY NORAH MARGARET 07/12/1965 K-2-385 Show on Map
I000003418 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN DANIEL 07/02/1948 A-11-12 Show on Map
I000007762 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN ELIZABETH 30/03/1912 F-09-20 Show on Map
I000002327 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN JOHN VINCENT 13/01/1978 9A-150 Show on Map
I000003419 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN JULIA 17/05/1930 A-11-12C Show on Map
357 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN MARGARET 29/12/1977 9A-150 Show on Map
I000006967 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN MARY 18/05/1936 D-36-05 Show on Map
4759 Nudgee Cemetery Breen Mary Dorinda 23/06/1989 5A-313 Show on Map
898 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN PAUL VINCENT 22/03/1977 9A-695 Show on Map
I000012315 Nudgee Cemetery Breen Rev Fr James Benedict 22/12/1916 22/12/1916 PR-OLD-04-07 Show on Map
5411 Nudgee Cemetery Breen Sr Mary Joseph RPA 22/03/1945 22/03/1945 SIS-RPA-03-11 Show on Map
I000013015 Nudgee Cemetery Breen Sr Mary Michael RPA 02/08/1907 02/08/1907 SIS-RPA-02-07 Show on Map
I000007761 Nudgee Cemetery BREEN THOMAS 06/08/1892 F-09-20 Show on Map
5942 Nudgee Cemetery Breene John William 04/01/1935 15/05/2016 21/05/2016 ML-04-18 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Breeze Glyn Richard 20/05/1950 03/09/2018 06/09/2018 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Breiteneder Karl 04/03/1934 10/03/2018 14/03/2018 Contact Office
I000005072 Nudgee Cemetery BREMNER BABY 20/03/1972 A4-K-650 Show on Map
C00420 Nudgee Crematorium Bremner Ian 09/08/1933 02/10/2015 13/10/2015 Contact Office
I000010664 Nudgee Cemetery BREMNER PHYLLIS MAY 16/07/1987 LA-0973 Show on Map
258-97 Nudgee Cemetery Bremner Sr Antonia PBVM 25/10/1918 29/10/1997 31/10/1997 SIS-PRE-NEW-02-04 Show on Map
I000012373 Nudgee Cemetery BRENETON BABY SB-103 Show on Map
5215 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Alton Golding 16/09/1926 22/11/2013 28/11/2013 ML-01-19 Show on Map
6357 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Anne 28/06/1930 28/09/2017 05/10/2017 A1-10-02 Show on Map
I000001540 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Annie Elizabeth 13/01/1967 7A-535 Show on Map
I000008544 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN ANNIE 07/10/1901 G-02-46 Show on Map
I000003332 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN BABY ARTHUR 27/04/1932 A-09-28 Show on Map
13325 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN BERNARD THOMAS 31/07/1953 A2-07-26 Show on Map
I000000400 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN BRIDGET 13/05/1964 5A-498 Show on Map
13313 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN CATHERINE 31/03/1970 A3-09-48 Show on Map
13491 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Claire Mary 18/05/1970 7A-535 Show on Map
I000009661 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN DANIEL 07/01/1911 J-06-10 Show on Map
25-95 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN DANIEL PETER 20/07/1995 OL-0787 Show on Map
3529 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Eileen Margaret 07/02/1928 06/12/2007 11/12/2007 LA-1937 Show on Map
653 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN ELLEN 29/06/1960 J-06-11 Show on Map
I000009662 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN ELLEN 21/09/1925 J-06-10 Show on Map
I000011106 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN ELSIE CONSTANCE 16/05/1994 LA-1589 Show on Map
I000006532 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN EMILY 02/03/1970 C1-10-25C Show on Map
6720 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN EMILY 11/02/1965 7A-187 Show on Map
117 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN FLORENCE ELLEN 27/07/1976 7A-767 Show on Map
263-98 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN FRANCIS KEVIN (KEV) 30/12/1998 LA-1937 Show on Map
I000001549 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN GEORGE HARDING 04/10/1966 7A-547 Show on Map
5888 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN GEORGE JAMES 11/07/1964 7A-010 Show on Map
353 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Gertrude Mary 08/12/1883 07/04/1960 09/06/1960 A1-10-01 Show on Map
3818 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN GLYNN MICHAEL 27/12/1957 A3-09-47 Show on Map
I000011736 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN GWENDOLINE ELLEN 26/02/1976 OL-0787 Show on Map
I000001289 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN HENRY JOHN 11/01/1971 7A-187 Show on Map
4975 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN IDA MAUD 27/08/1980 A-09-28 Show on Map
8161 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN IRENE AGNES 25/03/1966 7A-272 Show on Map
I000001342 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JACK HUBERT 08/07/1992 7A-272 Show on Map
8447 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan James Ernest 02/08/1948 A1-08-16C Show on Map
I000005240 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JAMES 23/03/1931 B-44-08 Show on Map
I000007223 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JAMES VERNON (JIMMY) 18/11/1935 E-06-03 Show on Map
8590 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JESSIE MAY 16/07/1966 C1-09-01 Show on Map
2165 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JOHANNA 28/08/1956 A3-05-33 Show on Map
6261 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JOHN JAMES 30/11/1959 5A-094 Show on Map
4773 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JOHN JOSEPH 30/09/1958 A-09-28 Show on Map
364 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JOHN JOSEPH REDRIDGE 27/04/1955 A4-07-07 Show on Map
5678 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JOHN PATRICK 27/05/1964 A2-04-11 Show on Map
I000006501 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JOSEPH 07/09/1965 C1-09-34 Show on Map
I000011498 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JOSEPH JAMES 14/12/1972 OL-0469 Show on Map
I000009664 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN JULIA BRIDGET 20/09/1971 J-06-11 Show on Map
5874 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN KATHERINE 11/08/1959 5A-008 Show on Map
3245 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Kathleen Gertrude 14/11/1908 15/11/2006 17/11/2006 A3-06-58 Show on Map
12297 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN LOUISA ELLEN 07/06/1969 OL-0155 Show on Map
I000004525 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MAGDALEN FRANCES 23/09/1988 A3-09-47 Show on Map
8440 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARGARET 10/06/1966 7A-012 Show on Map
I000004232 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARGARET ANNIE 29/01/1980 A2-04-11 Show on Map
1892 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARGARET MILLICENT 27/09/1977 OL-1014 Show on Map
I000004854 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARTIN FRANCIS 02/10/1957 A4-06-01 Show on Map
I000006500 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARY 04/11/1949 C1-09-34 Show on Map
13762 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Mary Helen 16/12/1953 A1-08-16C Show on Map
I000007918 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARY 16/08/1899 F-12-03C Show on Map
14340 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARY 22/12/1970 X-17 Show on Map
I000008546 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MARY 03/03/1939 G-02-47 Show on Map
13471 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MICHAEL HAROLD 13/05/1970 OL-0155 Show on Map
I000011122 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MICHAEL JOSEPH 25/11/1994 LA-1612 Show on Map
10472 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN MICHAEL JOSEPH 04/01/1968 7A-767 Show on Map
C00656 Nudgee Crematorium Brennan Monica Ellen 11/05/1922 23/03/2016 31/03/2016 Contact Office
C00656 Nudgee Crematorium Brennan Monica Ellen 11/05/1922 23/03/2016 31/03/2016 Contact Office
C00656 Nudgee Crematorium Brennan Monica Ellen 11/05/1922 31/03/2016 Contact Office
6052 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Norah Mary 13/02/1928 28/09/2016 05/10/2016 LA-2571 Show on Map
12004 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN PATRICK JOSEPH 25/06/1952 C1-09-01 Show on Map
I000011903 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN PETER PHILLIP 02/12/1986 OL-0998 Show on Map
143-95 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN SARAH ELLEN 08/12/1995 5A-145 Show on Map
132-96 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Sr Leo CSB 18/05/1908 11/06/1996 14/06/1996 SIS-CSB-01-12 Show on Map
I000012426 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Sr Mary Isidore OSF 15/07/1961 17/07/1961 SIS-FRA-01-03 Show on Map
I000012711 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Sr Mary Isidore RSM 25/03/1859 06/04/1925 06/04/1925 SIS-MER-20-06 Show on Map
12870 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan Sr Mary Vincent RSM 26/03/1908 14/03/1953 16/03/1953 SIS-MER-01-16 Show on Map
I000000401 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN STEPHEN 15/12/1970 5A-498 Show on Map
4017 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN STEPHEN JOSEPH 24/02/1958 A3-09-48 Show on Map
I000005011 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN TERESA MAUD 15/08/1960 A4-09-40 Show on Map
2153 Nudgee Cemetery BRENNAN THOMAS PATRICK 27/08/1956 A3-05-34 Show on Map
9327 Nudgee Cemetery Brennan (Hon Justice) Frank Tenison 06/12/1884 06/08/1949 08/08/1949 A1-10-01C Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Brennand Elma Joan 03/09/1940 19/10/2017 25/10/2017 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Brennand Peter 25/03/1937 04/05/2018 11/05/2018 Contact Office
5028 Nudgee Cemetery Breslin Fay Dawn 28/10/1938 18/04/2013 26/04/2013 LA-2792 Show on Map
I000001203 Nudgee Cemetery Breslin Martin Joseph 13/09/1964 15/09/1964 7A-076 Show on Map
2046 Nudgee Cemetery Breslin Sophia Lena 18/10/1911 20/07/2002 29/07/2002 7A-076 Show on Map
Nudgee Crematorium Bretherton Keith James 29/06/1920 11/11/2017 14/11/2017 Contact Office
2453 Nudgee Cemetery Bretherton Olive May 01/12/1912 02/02/2004 09/02/2004 LA-2229 Show on Map
72-95 Nudgee Cemetery BRETTELL ARCHIBALD JOHN 15/09/1995 LA-1682 Show on Map
I000011154 Nudgee Cemetery BRETTELL MARIE KATHLEEN 03/02/2000 LA-1682 Show on Map
C00945 Nudgee Crematorium Bretton Michael 21/08/1954 13/09/2016 16/09/2016 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Bretz Gregory Joseph 25/11/1954 01/08/2017 03/08/2017 Contact Office
I000010000 Nudgee Cemetery BREUL BABY 19/01/1967 K-2-434 Show on Map
4092 Nudgee Cemetery BREW BABY JANINE PATRICIA 18/03/1958 K-2-067 Show on Map
C01036 Nudgee Crematorium Brewer Marcella Vera 04/07/1917 09/11/2016 16/11/2016 Contact Office
Nudgee Crematorium Brewer Ronald James 27/10/1948 04/08/2018 21/08/2018 Contact Office
6135 Nudgee Cemetery Brewer Sr Mary Trea RSM 09/04/1923 06/01/2017 11/01/2017 SIS-MER-21-03 Show on Map
4882 Nudgee Cemetery Brezac Dinko 11/02/1932 10/10/2012 17/10/2012 10A-139 Show on Map
2599 Nudgee Cemetery Brezac Ivan 01/01/1930 24/08/2004 27/08/2004 LA-2242 Show on Map
I000000043 Nudgee Cemetery BREZAC IVAN 26/09/1989 10A-059 Show on Map
I000000042 Nudgee Cemetery BREZAC MARIA 20/10/1984 10A-059 Show on Map
I000004787 Nudgee Cemetery BRIAIS MARIEL JOHN 12/08/1958 A4-04-27 Show on Map
I000004788 Nudgee Cemetery BRIAIS MAUD 13/12/1971 A4-04-27 Show on Map
1699 Nudgee Cemetery Brice Baby Joseph Michael 25/03/2001 25/03/2001 04/05/2001 A4-K-903 Show on Map
I000004492 Nudgee Cemetery BRICKLEY JOSEPHINE MARGARET 28/10/1957 A3-08-01 Show on Map
I000011996 Nudgee Cemetery BRICKWOOD DOUGLAS HUGH 21/05/1990 OL-1118 Show on Map
I000011997 Nudgee Cemetery BRICKWOOD NELLIE SYLVEAN 11/05/1995 OL-1118 Show on Map
37-98 Nudgee Cemetery BRIDGE ELIZABETH MARY 11/03/1998 7A-132 Show on Map
I000006252 Nudgee Cemetery BRIDGE LEONARD 12/05/1944 C1-02-11 Show on Map
I000011419 Nudgee Cemetery BRIDGE MICHAEL JOHN FRANCIS 28/03/1972 OL-0372 Show on Map
I000006253 Nudgee Cemetery BRIDGE PHYLLIS 01/02/1974 C1-02-11 Show on Map
6200 Nudgee Cemetery BRIDGE WILLIAM TURNER 12/09/1964 7A-132 Show on Map
I000012484 Nudgee Cemetery Bridgeman Sr Mary Bega RSM 26/04/1850 28/11/1877 28/11/1877 SIS-MER-02-14 Show on Map
I000001908 Nudgee Cemetery BRIETY WILLIAM JOHN 04/10/1968 8A-190 Show on Map
2058 Nudgee Cemetery Brigante Francesco 06/10/1928 07/08/2002 13/08/2002 LA-0791 Show on Map
237-98 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGANTE NANCY 11/11/1998 LA-0788 Show on Map
I000000058 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGANTI DORA MAY 06/05/1994 10A-088 Show on Map
I000012047 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS ANDREW 01/04/1921 OLD CEM-040 Show on Map
2161 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS ANNIE 27/08/1956 A2-06-21 Show on Map
12985 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS CHARLES 30/04/1953 A2-06-21 Show on Map
C00711 Nudgee Crematorium Briggs Doris 11/01/1929 28/04/2016 04/05/2016 Contact Office
I000012086 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS ELIZABETH 14/08/1925 OLD CEM-078 Show on Map
I000005396 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS GEORGE 18/08/1936 B-48-12 Show on Map
I000010787 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS GEORGE ROBERT 16/12/1992 LA-1178 Show on Map
3647 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS JULIA 04/11/1957 B-48-12 Show on Map
I000005397 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS KEVIN FELIX 12/12/1925 B-48-12C Show on Map
I000004817 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS MARIA 10/07/1957 A4-05-12 Show on Map
I000005395 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGGS RITA URSULA 17/12/1924 B-48-12C Show on Map
I000010712 Nudgee Cemetery Briggs Shirley Maureen 15/09/1929 20/06/1988 23/06/1988 LA-1044 Show on Map
3883 Nudgee Cemetery Briggs Thecla Maria 25/08/1915 10/05/2009 15/05/2009 LA-1178 Show on Map
4955 Nudgee Cemetery Briggs Thomas William 24/11/1927 07/01/2013 14/01/2013 LA-1044 Show on Map
10332 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT BABY GWENDOLINE MARY 05/10/1950 A2-02-05 Show on Map
I000011224 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT BENJAMIN 15/07/1974 OL-0076 Show on Map
14844 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT BURNETT ALEXANDER 09/06/1971 A2-02-06 Show on Map
I000003938 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT CATHERINE JOSEPHINE 07/02/1945 A1-02-54 Show on Map
I000004194 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT CHARLES BURNETT 07/04/2000 A2-02-05 Show on Map
51-99 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT CLARICE AGNES 31/03/1999 OL-0912 Show on Map
I000001241 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT JAMES HENRY 17/09/1964 7A-130 Show on Map
4700 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT JANE 12/08/1963 A2-02-07 Show on Map
5055 Nudgee Cemetery Bright Kathleen Margaret 25/02/1931 27/05/2013 30/05/2013 LA-0243 Show on Map
I000010183 Nudgee Cemetery Bright Leslie James 09/07/1925 11/10/1988 14/10/1988 LA-0243 Show on Map
I000010184 Nudgee Cemetery Bright Marie Therese 28/10/1980 LA-0244 Show on Map
5341 Nudgee Cemetery Bright Pamela Mary 06/10/1937 16/11/2012 14/05/2014 LA-1741 Show on Map
5340 Nudgee Cemetery Bright Phyllis Mary 25/12/1912 07/05/2014 14/05/2014 LA-1741 Show on Map
148-95 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT PHYLLIS GRACE 15/12/1995 A2-02-06 Show on Map
4359 Nudgee Cemetery Bright Sr Catherine Margaret PBVM 01/02/1943 13/01/2011 18/01/2011 SIS-PRE-NEW-04-06 Show on Map
I000001242 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT TERESA ELLEN 02/02/1984 7A-130 Show on Map
98-96 Nudgee Cemetery Bright Walter John 30/01/1912 22/04/1996 24/04/1996 LA-1741 Show on Map
I000011225 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHT WINIFRED SUSAN JOHANNA 19/10/1979 OL-0076 Show on Map
11392 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHTON WILLIAM JAMES 10/09/1968 7A-210 Show on Map
7007 Nudgee Cemetery BRIGHTON WINIFRED 14/05/1965 7A-210 Show on Map
C00867 Nudgee Crematorium Brims Elizabeth Jane 12/06/1943 24/07/2016 01/08/2016 Contact Office
C00153 Nudgee Crematorium Brims John Sinclair 17/12/1933 15/04/2015 29/04/2015 Contact Office
2500 Nudgee Cemetery Brimson Rev Fr David John OSA 25/08/1916 17/04/2004 23/04/2004 P/B-AUG-01-09 Show on Map
1310 Nudgee Cemetery BRINDLEY JAMES 27/12/1960 A2-04-22 Show on Map
C00435 Nudgee Crematorium Brindley Kerilee 03/08/1957 20/10/2015 22/10/2015 Contact Office
12375 Nudgee Cemetery BRINGWOOD FRANCIS ANTHONY 08/10/1952 C1-14-05 Show on Map
I000001009 Nudgee Cemetery BRINNIG PAUL ANTON JOHAN 04/10/1962 6A-386 Show on Map
I000010609 Nudgee Cemetery BRISCOE AUDREY EDITH 11/02/1992 LA-0864 Show on Map
I000010608 Nudgee Cemetery BRISCOE FREDERICK LEON 02/12/1986 LA-0864 Show on Map
192-96 Nudgee Cemetery BRISLAN CATHERINE 05/08/1996 7A-659 Show on Map
13448 Nudgee Cemetery BRISLAN MARY 08/05/1970 7A-660 Show on Map
9227 Nudgee Cemetery BRISLAN MICHAEL JOSEPH 03/01/1967 7A-660 Show on Map
I000008692 Nudgee Cemetery BRISLANE JANE 19/12/1902 G-03-65 Show on Map
C00396 Nudgee Crematorium Bristow Dorothy Irene 18/09/1920 25/09/2015 29/09/2015 Contact Office
I000001577 Nudgee Cemetery BRITTAN ETHEL 30/12/1968 7A-595 Show on Map
254-96 Nudgee Cemetery Britten Rev Fr Clive Alfred 23/03/1911 05/10/1996 10/10/1996 PR-NEW-08-13 Show on Map
I000000822 Nudgee Cemetery BRITTON LILLIAN 09/08/1969 6A-239 Show on Map
5020 Nudgee Cemetery BRITTON REGINALD JOHN 11/11/1963 6A-239 Show on Map
3837 Nudgee Cemetery Brivio Sr Judith FdCC 16/02/1924 21/02/2009 24/02/2009 SIS-CAN-01-09 Show on Map
I000000022 Nudgee Cemetery BRNCIC DARKO 16/06/1983 10A-033 Show on Map
10899 Nudgee Cemetery BROAD BABY WILLIAM GERARD 28/05/1951 C1-11-04 Show on Map
3541 Nudgee Cemetery Broad Elaine Moira 30/04/1918 22/12/2007 28/12/2007 C1-11-04 Show on Map
6535 Nudgee Cemetery Broccolo Egidia 07/02/1946 26/04/2018 03/05/2018 V-1541 Show on Map
123-99 Nudgee Cemetery BROCCOLO RENATO 28/06/1999 V-1209 Show on Map
C00959 Nudgee Crematorium Brock Judith Bernice 19/03/1934 08/09/2016 22/09/2016 Contact Office
6979 Nudgee Cemetery BRODA MARIA 09/07/1982 LA-0434 Show on Map
I000002079 Nudgee Cemetery BRODERICK BABY RODNEY BERNARD 29/07/1965 8A-339 Show on Map
4146 Nudgee Cemetery BRODERICK JAMES EDWARD 13/08/1943 C1-01-02 Show on Map
I000006993 Nudgee Cemetery BRODIE DORA 25/10/1937 D-37-02 Show on Map
I000007346 Nudgee Cemetery BRODIE TERESA 07/11/1885 F-02-07 Show on Map
I000009036 Nudgee Cemetery BROE HELENA 19/07/1919 G-08-01 Show on Map